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  1. Yesterday I did a simple Gundam, as a warm up before commencing my MG grade. When my daughter and I went to Gundam Base Odaiba last year, we left with 3 Gundams (and some t-shirts, etc). She bought a SD, I bought a MG but the oddest one we got was free with our t-shirts - a Uniqlo/Bandam exclusive Gundam. It wasn't a difficult build, and I enjoyed putting it with its much more complex peers! I put on the Singapore F1 race from 2017 while making it (I really miss F1). If anyone's into Gundam, this is the one I bought - https://www.gundam-base.net/products/details.php?detail=2854 Today it's dry for the first time since Thursday, so I set up some ramps in my driveway, aimed at my neighbour's nature strip, and launched the 1/16 4x4 Traxxas Grave Digger for about 20 minutes. That felt good, so I'm charging up more batteries to do it again. @speedy_w_beans I love the G601 chassis, where did you get the portals? IIRC they are only in the Dynahead kit, not the Konghead or King Yellow (or even the new Volvo A60H). What is your intended style of driving with the King Yellow? Trail driving? Bashing? Jumping?
  2. I've been running my HPI Q32 on the pool table!
  3. We've also had almost 100mm (~4 inches) of rain in the last couple of days, so everything is just muddy at the moment anyway!
  4. I received 3 yellow bumpers for my GF01 Dump Truck, thanks to @berman Now if only I was allowed to go and drive it
  5. So I find myself "enjoying" my 2 weeks of annual leave at home. So I decided to set myself a 2 week project of improving my RC shelving in the garage, because the original shelves had been added to with various off-cuts leaving a decidedly average look, and install some LED lighting, hidden behind beading. I finished it in one day. Now I have 2 weeks left and no more DIY projects, so I'll probably just build some Gundams and install the clear chassis in my Konghead. I started to clear out the shelves before realising I needed a 'Before' photo! Putting up the beading yesterday morning. Some paint, no lights yet. Finished painting, time for lights. AUD$10.90 at Bunnings for each 1m long strip. First light installed - happy with proof of concept! No lights on, and you can see that even with natural light it's still dark... Not anymore! I think I need to make one more (essential) trip to Bunnings - one more strip of lights for the X-Maxx, and beading to put in front of it (and on the UDR shelf, too). My wife was happy, too, because the Mini only had to spend one night out of the garage!
  6. I ran my Konghead and Dump Truck at my little track, for one last little hurrah before 'Stage 3' lockdown. Thanks to some great members on here - @mtbkym01 & @berman - I have new bumpers for both cars, so of course last night the bumper mount started to snap on the Dump Truck! (part F 3 for those playing along at home). I have reinforced it with all the hot glue gun glue I possibly can so I'll see how that holds up (when I'm eventually allowed to). I did take the bumper off as soon as I noticed what was happening, and the car does drive around my track a *lot* better without a bumper, as the bumper tends to dig in on uneven sections. I'm really confused by our 'lockdown' requirements - I walk to the high school, do not go near anyone else, then walk home. I would argue that is very clearly 'exercise,' which is allowed. Either way, with the threat of a AUD$1,600 fine hanging over my head I can't imagine I'd be relaxed or enjoy myself... so just some tinkering at home and making a start on a very long (self-imposed) to-do list!
  7. Unfortunately, no! I was hosing plastic shavings (from some dremelling) away from the pool (I didn't want that stuff going in there) and went one step too far backwards! Phone (Pixel XL) is officially dead this morning - stuck in a boot loop. Using my old Nexus 6P until my newish (refurbished) Pixel 3 XL turns up later this week. My RC'ing yesterday was limited to some indoor running - the mini Lunchbox, and I FINALLY replaced the servo in the Dancing Rider so it self rights both ways!
  8. Walked the dogs with my wife. Did some gardening. Went for a bike ride with my daughter. Fell in the pool, killed my phone. Oops.
  9. I've been running my smaller RCs on my little track over at the high school - walking over with 2 cars, staying away from everyone, then walking home. I had to shoo away a child that came within 20' yesterday, which felt mean but this is the current state of the world. I have noticed that when out walking the dogs, people are very mindful to stay a fair distance away, but everyone smiles and says "Hello" more than normal which is nice. I feel awful for everyone else that is struggling, both financially and emotionally. I wish you the best of luck over the coming weeks and months.
  10. I thought the exact same thing, but I had glued one side of each tire originally and that was holding. I might try gluing both sides, but there's no harm in pulling apart the rear diff and checking it out :-)
  11. I ran my Lunchbox down at the local cricket oval. There were probably 5-6 very small groups of 2-3 people, some were staying well apart but every group was staying well away from the others. I was way more annoyed to see a dozen grown men playing cricket together at the local high-school. C'mon guys, that's just irresponsible. I think I might need to pull the rear apart on the Lunchbox though, it pulls to one side and kind of "crabs" but in a straight line under full acceleration - very weird.
  12. Looks amazing - I'd almost use the word "inspiring"! I do have to mention it looks like you've left a few batteries plugged in though...
  13. I drooled over the latest MST release - a new J4 Suzuki Jimny bodyshell for the 242mm wheelbase, to be released in Q3 2020 (hopefully). I'm not sure if it's lexan or hardbody, but I love these new J4 Jimnys, having been lucky enough to spend a fair bit of time with them. http://www.rc-mst.com/news_info.php?sn=219&rank=
  14. The postman brought me 3 wide bumpers for my GF01 and G601, courtesy of @mtbkym01 Thanks for your help!
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