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  1. Another day, another doggo (not mine) wanting to play with one of my Tamiyas. Dogs are the best.
  2. I run all my off-road "old-school" Tamiyas (WR02, GF01, GF06, CW01) on a Traxxas XL5 ESC, 2S LiPo and a 12T Traxxas brushed motor. It gives me somewhere between 30-40 km/h, which I find very pleasant in a smaller space, and it's enough to break traction for drifts (or pull wheelies) which is enough for me with a 1/10(ish) Tamiya. My bigger off-road stuff (Rustler, E-Revo, X-Maxx) is tuned and geared to run in the 50-60km/h range, enough to have a heap of fun at BMX tracks. I have a XO1, capable of 160km/h, which is just not fun, but at 90-100km/h on 4S (with a bit of TSM) it's very controllable and only used in an industrial estate that's deserted on a Sunday. TL:DR; I prefer wheelies and fun, to some ridiculous V-Max, but I 100% understand the adrenaline rush of high-speed driving and if that's your thing - enjoy it and be safe!
  3. This would go so beautifully with my GF01 Dump Truck! It's about time my Konghead got a new body, too...
  4. I ran my GF01 Dump Truck and G601 Konghead at my little "track" around a collection of trees at the local high school - I snapped the screw for the bumper mount in the plastic mount, so had to remove that, drill out the screw, then put longer screws in and put it back together.
  5. My Lunchbox wheels are never on the ground, so I can't see the point in upgrading the front suspension!!
  6. I would recommend the HPI WR8 Flux. It really is an amazing and durable car - not to mention it looks fantastic, too. Watch some reviews of it on Youtube, watch how it drives and drifts on all kinds of mixed surfaces. Listen to the all-metal drivetrain, too! Unfortunately HPI parts can be more difficult to find though, but I can't remember ever breaking anything on it.
  7. I took the Lunchbox and WR02 Tractor down to an (almost) perfectly flat cricket ground and enjoyed wheelies for days - both trucks run a Traxxas XL5 ESC, Traxxas Titan 12T brushed motor and 2S LiPo - and the WR02 has the Tamiya hop-up wheelie bar (pictured) while the Lunchbox has my little upgrade - a bearing instead of the wheelie bar "wheel" that comes in the kit! I also helped a lady exercise her dog - he struggled to catch up with the WR02, but he was a very cute puppy that had just recently had his "operation."
  8. Well I run a Traxxas 12T brushed with a 10T pinion and 2S LiPo and it hits 38kph/23mph, so an 18T pinion should easily get you over 50kph/30mph by my reckoning. Good luck!!
  9. That's perfect. Thank you for posting that.
  10. I would finish running a 1/10 scale brushless car on a NiMH and the battery would be ridiculously hot - I don't see how that's particularly safe. The thing that bugs me with NiMH is the constant reduction in power from the start of the run to the end - I much prefer the way a LiPo maintains voltage throughout the entire run, making driving more consistent.
  11. Electronic speed controllers & LiPo batteries are a wonderful combination, whether for brushed or brushless motors. I think the only vehicle in my entire fleet not running LiPo is a 1/32 HPI Q32. NiMH batteries are, like MSCs, a thing of the past. A little 2S LiPo will do the work of a big, heavy NiMH battery, run more efficiently and give consistent power delivery. Of course, there is a cost factor, and there is absolutely no need to upgrade if you are happy with what you have, but to actually replace LiPo with NiMH is surprising.
  12. Upgraded the stock silver can in the Lunchbox to a Traxxas Titan 12T, went from 20kph to 38kph! I then promptly broke a body post. Oh, and the wheel in the wheelie bar was gone so I replaced it with a bearing.
  13. That really is amazing - such dedication is impressive and the spectacular results are a credit to you!
  14. I think that the OP needs to clarify if they want a car for on-road or rally, speed runs or racing. If the intention is speed runs ("can't wait to start planning this project out and setting up for high speeds") then I would start with a basic TT02 because you'll replace a lot of the parts anyway. If @TurnipJF is correct and you plan on racing it, maybe look at the higher end TRF products. If you want to rally it ("an on-road/rally type of RC car") then I think a XV01 would make more sense. Whatever you choose, post pics and let us know!
  15. I'm thinking that the stock motor + 2S LiPo gives me enough speed to enjoy the car, but if I ever need to replace the motor...
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