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  1. This is a part that will keep snapping - before you start using your new one reinforce it with copious amounts of hot glue gun glue around the entire thing. Then, when it breaks again just buy part #54796 - a much stronger piece.
  2. @Willy iine I must admit I've been admiring every Willy you've been showing us, but I'm curious: what is special about the one that's in the glass case, vs the rest of the collection? My RC'ing has been pretty quiet since the Easter long weekend - with the end of daylight savings it's dark when I get home, I lost my RDO because of the Easter Monday public holiday and then it rained, hailed and was just generally miserable on Sunday. I did run some boats (they don't care if it's raining) but I doubt I'll see some wheel time for a few days... ** On another note, I have a Dump Truck (GF01 chassis, but heavy, hard plastic body) and a Konghead (G601 chassis, but light, lexan body). Would I benefit from having a GF01 Landcruiser as well? Is it a substantially different driving experience or just more of the same? I'm thinking it'll drive pretty similarly to my Lunchbox. But I really like the look of it...
  3. I (finally) installed lights in the Lunchbox on Monday (first 2 photos), but finally gave it a good run last night - it couldn't have been a more perfect evening for it! It was really interesting how the phone's camera would adjust the white balance, giving different colouring to each photo (none of these have been adjusted/'shopped).
  4. Didn't you know that's why they put stickers in the box? No-one's paint job is perfect!
  5. I think this is a very astute observation - as a model on a shelf they're not as nice to look at as a proper, detailed, scale model. As an 'RC' they can, understandably, have less detail and show wear. I feel like building, and subsequently driving that RC (even if only sporadically), creates more of a sentimental attachment to that RC, a kind of 'shared experience.' The cars I run the most, and give me the most enjoyment, are the ones I value the most, even if they're not worth the most on eBay!
  6. I've noticed a lot of you talk about not having cars in a running condition, and I was curious why? Is it a lack of availability of spares? A lack of time? The cost? Shelf-queens? Everyone enjoys this hobby in different ways, and all those ways are of equal value, but it seems odd to me to have a remote-control vehicle that cannot be run? As soon as one of my vehicles is out of action, I become single-minded in the pursuit of rectifying the issue!
  7. I know my Traxxas radio can remember up to 30 models, but I generally have each controller for a few cars (I have a system, it works for me). I've always thought the moment I invest in one of those big fancy ones with a colour screen I'd probably drop it, and it'd get heavy after a while, too. Plus, I really can't be bothered replacing over 30 receivers!
  8. I think it's because of the HCG chassis, but I would remove them. Looks good so far. I haven't Tamiya'd in the last few days, but the Bandit, Mini Z 4x4 and some boats have all been run. I finally got the 2 heatsinks for the Trail King last night and they'd been misshaped in transit, so they were bent back into shape and fitted.
  9. You say "hide," I say protects... If I'm driving it I'd want those bumpers, but they can easily be removed for shelf queen duty.
  10. I would like all kits to come with the appropriate engine position and driven wheels if they are based on an actual car. Obviously things like Kongheads, buggies, etc, are exempt from this rule! They are primarily a model company after all.
  11. Last night I tested the lights I rigged up on the Bandit - terrible photos, but you get the idea. The red lights are brilliant though - they illuminate the roost as I'm drifting around in the dirt! This morning I posted the Valvyrn - AUD$36?! I'm going to have to start charging way more for postage... or use someone other than Australia Post.
  12. The only Traxxas that needs it's aerial to protrude from the body is the Bandit. So yes, a shorter tube will definitely suffice - just don't fold/bend/damage the tip of the aerial.
  13. The aerial shouldn't be going that high - the new Slash has a 2.4Ghz radio, which means that as long as you have about 3 inches sticking out of the chassis, that's plenty. From https://traxxas.com/sites/default/files/58034-1-OM-EN-R04.pdf, page 17: "SETTING UP THE ANTENNA The receiver antenna and antenna tube must be properly installed before operating your model. Follow these steps to install the antenna and antenna tube: 1. Slide the antenna wire into the antenna tube to its full extent. When fully inserted, the wire should reach to approximately 1/2 inch below the tube cap. Do not leave any slack in the antenna wire. 2. Insert the base of the antenna tube into the antenna post. Take care not to crimp the antenna wire. 3. Slide the crimp nut over the antenna tube and screw it onto the antenna post. 4. Use the supplied tool to tighten the crimp nut on the post just until the antenna tube is securely in place. Do not overtighten or crush the antenna wire against the chassis. Do not bend or kink the antenna wire! Do not shorten the antenna tube. See the sidebar for more information." It should look like this:
  14. Sunday: Plenty of boating in the morning, not much in the afternoon, just some mirco crawling on my outside track. Monday: Ran the Summit, Konghead, Dump Truck and B5 over at my off-road track, then added lights to my (brushed) Bandit for some more evening off-road fun. Sold the Proboat Valvryn, too.
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