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  1. I agree with @Ferruz and @DeadMeat666, I can't stand body posts sticking too far out of my RCs - my rule of thumb is to chop them 2 holes above the holes I'm using, then smooth them off nicely with a dremel (I hate that "cut with plyers" look). That said, enjoy your cars however you want - run them, shelve them, use MSCs that burn your hand - we are just grown men playing with toy cars here. @Wetman funny you just posted a picture of that Hilux body, given I just sold mine on the weekend! It looks good, I can't wait to see the finished product.
  2. So, better late than never... I've ordered (yesterday) a pile of bits for the Bandit (and some other cars, but I'll stay on topic) and done a stocktake of what I already had put aside for it: 4 x AKA white wheels, 4 x Duratrax Bandito tires, RPM Traxxas Rustler (yes, I did the wide-mod years ago), front arms, RPM Traxxas Rustler rear arms, RPM Traxxas gear cover, RPM Traxxas Rustler wide front bumper, Traxxas 3678 adjustable wheelie bar, and A 120mm LED light bar to mount on the front bumper (I've previously had LEDs glued into the bumper). Here's the slightly embarrassing bit - I then did a stocktake today to see what else to fit at the same time (see if you notice any duplication): LED taillights, RPM front shock tower, RPM rear shock tower, RPM Traxxas Rustler front arms, and Traxxas Bandit front bulkhead (black). I'll also give it a very good clean, replace screws & bolts where necessary, but keep the original shell I painted a long, long time ago. The good news is I sold my Tamiya Hilux (lexan) body and a Pandora RC Lexus LFA body which paid for almost the whole list. In Tamiya news I was able to give the T301 Dancing Rider a very good run tonight, which is a car that always puts a smile on my face!
  3. @svenbYou can have the TRU-02 for £10, but to post it will be £12! Postage from Australia to the UK isn't particularly cheap, sorry.
  4. I apologise in advance for the photo onslaught you're about to receive, but for the first time in a very long time I was allowed more than 5kms (3 miles) from my house to "exercise," due to a change in the Covid restrictions from 5km to 25km. Luckily there are beaches 24kms away, so I was finally able to run the Trail King and the DT02! The Trail King is an unbelievable climber, too. This was at least 45° angle! The usual post-beach clean up was tiresome (and involved an air compressor) but totally worth it.
  5. @Kuper I have a TRU-02 if that's any help?
  6. Photographing speedboats requires someone else to take the photos - it is not something that can be done while operating them! I went with a 3D printed gearbox brace - I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I will be interested to see the improvement. Also, I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this:
  7. Happy to pay AUD$40, posted to Melbourne, Australia. This is US$28, €24, NZD$43, CAD$37, £22. I'm feeling impatient, and this is about 30% more than it would have cost if I could be bothered to wait for any of the HK stores to have it back in stock.
  8. The biggest battery drainers are boats - I'll go through 2 X 6000mah 3S batteries in 5 minutes in my Spartans or Sonicwake!! Water creates a lot of drag...
  9. Well this is interesting to look back on... I haven't updated my Bandit, I didn't go overseas so the Q32 hasn't gone very far at all, but I've bought a few cars... A Traxxas UDR, Kyosho Trail King, Kyosho Mini Z Toyota, Tamiya DT02 Kumamon Rover, and updated my Konghead and TT01 Volvo. Let's face it: has anyone's year turned out as planned?
  10. I love my LB, but I wouldn't bother doing too much to the front end - its front wheels are always pointing to the sky! I highly recommend the GPM Racing wheelie bar (a quality bit of kit). I'm going to investigate (again) the 5th shock mod though, those tiny bits of wire have started to give up...
  11. I'm doing well - I've approached the very strict lockdown in Victoria as a unique opportunity to enjoy a quantity of time at home with my family I would never otherwise enjoy. My work involves all the usual corporate buzzwords and pressures, so to have time off with those all gone (hard to be criticised for not making targets when almost everyone's forced to stay home) is very different to taking annual leave. I've been productive around the house, walked the dogs with my wife and exercised with the kids every day, smashed through a fair bit of my to-do list and spent as little daylight hours as possible in front of a screen. Plenty of RC'ing within my 5kms radius, too. I know I'm fortunate, and I know others out there are struggling and they have my deepest sympathies and thoughts, but I think it's important to share that there are positives to come out of all this, you just have to find them. Stay safe and healthy, and for everybody's sake wear a mask!
  12. Cars on stands? I understand how important it is, but most of my regular runners live in the garage where function outweighs form, so they're all on blocks of polystyrene from various deliveries over the years. This is solely to prevent warped A arms, compressed shocks and flat-spotted tires. There are a couple of exceptions: The MST CMX FJ Cruiser has one made from wood, and the Tamiya CC01 FJ40 which lives inside sits on one like @Nicadraus uses (which has atrocious build quality, sorry). All the other cars inside just rest on their wheels - the TT01 is on drift tires, and everything else that lives inside gets driven regularly, too. However all of my boats are on stands - after buying stands on eBay and having to chop them to size I made the next one myself out of PVC pipe and pool noodle - very satisfying.
  13. Finally received the GPM wheelie bar for the Lunchbox, which I ordered on the 10th of April (so a week or 2 shy of 6 months ago!). To be fair, they have been in contact with me due to HK's postal services not shipping to Australia. You can see all that was left of the stock piece!! I took it out for a quick test run, then did some crawling with my Kyosho. (the second photo is over-exposed because otherwise it was all just black and more black)
  14. I think something like the Lunchbox... iconic looks, interesting driving dynamics, but heaps of fun.
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