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  1. Well after a few weeks of poor weather and renovating our laundry the laundry is done (save for some painting that will need to be done when the weather finally improves). The gardening that has been neglected due to poor weather and renovating will need to be attended to in the next few days - hopefully the weather on my RDO on Thursday is agreeable... considering it's the first day of Summer it should be!! I managed to get in a bit of running larger cars on the weekend, but it ended with new tires being ordered for both the UDR and the E-Revo (even with 20% off specials it was still AUD$243 for 6 tires!). The boat club is still closed (the lake is full of algae) and every time I think the local cricket ovals will have dried out enough to run the Tamiyas, it rains again. @GeeWings will attest to the fact that Melbourne's weather of late has not been great for this hobby of ours.
  2. Hi @Nikko85 - firstly congrats on your latest toy, I love the Lunchbox. As per @GeeWings comment, I've invited you into our "conversation" in messages, I'm not sure how it works but you should be able to see the photos and 3D files for your reference. Good luck! (Also, I've often thought of doing alternate bodies, neither of which have been done before, but then I'd end up buying more chassis just to display them, which seems a touch wasteful!)
  3. Let's face it - if you want large, fast "bashers," proper "crawlers" or serious race buggies, you're not looking at Tamiya. Tamiya makes fun RCs (yes, I know they make TRF stuff, too, but very few of us actually race professionally). Fun RCs that are interesting (often flawed) designs and a comic appearance, with characters (Wild Willy, Kumamon, Vanessa) and big wheels. I suspect the chewed up M03 bodies are from them constantly being on their lids or understeering into things... but that's just my theory.
  4. I'm going to start with the worst, because for me it's easy - The M03. Understeer, excessive tire wear and just a horrid thing to drive. I kept the body and wheels when I sold it though, and just made a fake cardboard chassis to display it, which I suspect handles better than the original M03 chassis. I don't have a lot of love for the CC01 either, as someone pointed out already the flaws are numerous and kind of unforgiveable, but as a trail truck it is... adequate at best, as a crawler it is horrendous. I've kept mine just to display a FJ40 body, but it rarely gets driven. The "best"? I love my CW01, there's something about it that is ridiculously fun inducing (or even the SW01 if it's bucketing down outside). On that basis though I also l get a grin from the GF01 (Dump Truck), the WR02G (tractor) or the G601 (Konghead). The T301 is a clever engineering idea, and quite fun to drive, too. I like the TT01s, but on-road and drifting isn't an itch I regularly need to scratch. My DT02 (Kumamon buggy) gets run regularly, and there's also something about that bear that elevates the experience. So for just pure fun, the CW01 wins (but only just from the G601, because drifting a 6WD semi-truck looking RC sideways in the dirt is also a ton of fun).
  5. Minimal RC for me in the last week or 2 - we're renovating the laundry at the moment (the biggest "honey do" yet), the lake's still got a blue-green algae outbreak and is closed, and the weather has been atrocious! I'm glad to jump on here and see everyone's progress with their various projects...
  6. Please don't drill holes in that body - magnetic body mounts are so much neater, and no unsightly body posts!
  7. This is the 1/24 crawler track I built for my Mini Z during lockdown. This video is, well, slower paced... but shows all the obstacles I built for it.
  8. I'm very lucky with the LHS situation in eastern Melbourne. We have Metro Hobbies (about 15 minutes away), where I'll try and buy the bulk of my Tamiya and Proboat spare parts, and RC Garage where I try and buy my Traxxas parts. I've bought dozens of cars from them over the years, and am on a first name basis with everyone at RC Garage (not Metro so much, the guy who knew me there left but they're all very helpful). Both shops (like @berman said) are pragmatic about the availability of parts online, and that sometimes it just makes more sense to order from overseas. There's a couple more shops around here as well, but I'm happy with Metro & RC Garage. Also, I do occasionally take advantage of massive eBay Plus discounts to buy RCs from other bricks and mortar hobby shops interstate - Crazy Hobbies in NSW has some phenomenal eBay discounts, I've also used Hobbytech Toys in Perth for Tamiya items. I think brick and mortar hobby shops that use online sales as well, have done fairly well over the last few years.
  9. The weather in Melbourne continues to be miserable, and the lake continues to be closed. Most I was able to do was a bit of micro crawling on Sunday afternoon. I spent waaaaaaaay too long yesterday looking at every piece of media and content about the new Traxxas TRX4M. I've decided on a red one (or a white one), but there's a few things I'll need to do straight away. Performance wise it'll need weight low down up front (the weight distribution is 45/55 front to rear) but more importantly it needs an interior and a driver. They've gone a hard plastic, but it's the same colour inside and out and with clear windows it really ruins the appearance.
  10. I'm a bit confused - @Busdriver are you buying a TRX4M Defender, or a Kyosho Mini Z Defender? @Willy iine I assume, given you've just bought a new Kyosho Mini Z, that your Defender will be the TRX4M?
  11. You will have no problems with Mini Z electronics. I'll be buying a Traxxas TRX4M, for sure, probably a white Bronco.
  12. I may be biased, but I cannot recommend the Mini Z 4x4 enough. The 4Runner is way more capable with better approach and departure angles and ground clearance, but the Jimny can sidehill unbelievably with it's exceptionally low CoG. They both look way better than their SCX24 equivalents, and I wouldn't touch cheap off-brand RCs. These are capable out of the box, but can be made better with the right options. The reality is though that unless you have suitable, challenging terrain to enjoy them with you'll get bored with them very quickly. After more than 2 years of ownership of the 4Runner (and a year of the Jimny) I would imagine they've clocked up (quick mental maths...) 250-300ish hours? During our 263 days of Covid lockdowns in Melbourne most days were spent RC'ing, and each run with the Mini Z would be almost an hour (great battery life from the rechargeable AAAs) plus lots of other time as well (at least an hour per week during non-lockdown times). Looks? ✅ Performance? ✅ Longevity? ✅ Reliability? ✅ Options? ✅ Price? You get what you pay for.
  13. @Tamiyastef I haven't had to update it since this... except I can now turn the lights and the spotlights on and off from my remote with a 3rd channel switch.
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