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  1. I was given the 'Mini' Jet Hopper in 1986 (I was 7) - my elder brother had the larger, faster 'Jet Hopper,' but being the younger brother I had the 'mini' version. We played tag with them so much - still not sure what happened to them, I'm sure they'll turn up one day when Mum and Dad do a massive cleanup under the house! In the ensuing years I had a range of toy grade RCs - they'd be a laugh for minimal dollars, but they always broke and inevitably were thrown out. Toy grade RCs are only good for the occasional hard body, and landfill. Then, for Christmas 2012, my wife bought me a Traxxas Bandit. I think I enjoyed Christmas more that year than any other, possibly even more than my 2 children! Since then the collection has expanded, substantially, and many cars have come and gone, but I still drive that Bandit regularly. Only 2 of the original parts remain (chassis and upper chassis), but it is my most treasured car.
  2. So I got those arms 3D printed, and even though I've installed them I've got no rear steering. All I've done is ruin my truck by adjusting all the links, 'unlocking' the rear arms to swivel etc. An hour later my truck doesn't turn while wheely-ing and is poo. Bother.
  3. So, I always struggled with this car on uneven ground at speed (2S LiPo + a 12 turn brushed motor) as it got out of shape pretty quickly, and Willy is looking worse for wear! Yesterday I took it to a cricket pitch, and the central part of the ground was perfect - that tractor can pull wheelies instantly and the grass was smooth enough that it rarely tumbled over. I had an absolute blast! I've always maintained that the best RC is only the best if you have the right space to run it - different types of RC need different environments to enjoy them - and the high CoG and inherently unstable nature of the tractor (due to the ridiculously large rear wheels) have, until now, left me struggling. Not any more...
  4. I already thought of this - and I have a solution. Basically, have the battery below a fake "filled" dump truck, as per this photo: That way the sides come down, but the battery still fits under the "load." Also, I tried it in actual off-road conditions yesterday... it's ok, but I think it's more of an inside RC.
  5. LEGEND! I've sent them to a mate with a 3D printer - I'll be 4 wheel steering in no time!
  6. I'm really hoping they make a mini dump-truck... it would be PERFECT.
  7. Quick update: I LOVE this little truck.. @Kamika007z has put me off the 4WS kit though... especially because I'm paying AUD$30 for 2 pieces of plastic, almost 25% of the kit price!
  8. No! Get a MST CMX... It's exactly what this car SHOULD have been, and you can use your CC01 bodies!
  9. Yay. Phillips' head screws. C'mon Tamiya.
  10. I'm using an old 1500Mah 2S from a Feilun FT009 RTR boat (just Google 'Feilun FT009 battery'). My wheels seem fine - I'm nervous about the 4WS upgrade now! I think the fun will be finding a different body that fits, but doesn't look too small/big.
  11. Fun build: I think it clocked in at 6 hours (with a fair few distractions along the way). A few points to note: It steers way more to one side than the other (yes, my servo is centered, I've checked end points, etc etc, I wonder if it's a mechanical limitation), The Latrax Teton tires are brilliant (IMO) - slightly wider, slightly taller (only by 1-2mm) but the stance is 1000% better. I never even unwrapped the stock wheels & tires, This truck is slow, really slow, even running a 2S LiPo - I'm thinking I'll get the "sport tuned" motor and the 4WS kit at the same time, In hindsight I wish I'd dyed the chassis black - it really does look odd with a bright grey chassis, Make sure you put the stickers on the front bumper in the correct order - otherwise there's odd overlap, and Make sure your ESC doesn't have a very large footprint - I fit a Traxxas XL5 in there, but had to snap off the tabs on the side.
  12. Well it's finally arrived... at the hobby shop. I'll go and pick it up tomorrow morning.
  13. Interesting timing - I've been contemplating putting a new body, wheels and tires on my WR02G Tumbling Bull tractor, and just the other day I concluded that by the time I buy 4 new wheels & tires, and a new Jimny or Landcruiser body I'd be out almost as much as a brand new WR02 kit. The cheapest Jimny body on eBay is about AUD$60, and a set of wheels & tires is another AUD$60, so all up about AUD$120. OR I could buy a brand new WR02CB Grasshopper for ~ AUD$180. OR I could just enjoy what I already have... and save some $$$ and space!
  14. FWIW that's the 1/16 platform - which is VERY different mechanically (especially the suspension) from the 2WD 1/10 platform. (Side note: every 1/16 Traxxas came standard with 4WD, except the 'Grave Digger,' which had the front diff removed for reasons I've never fully understood. That said, it was a pretty straightforward conversion to restore the 4WD, and this is one of my favourite little trucks, which runs a 27T Tamiya motor from my CC01 with a 2S LiPo and is a pocket rocket)
  15. If I had to recommend a first Tamiya RC to anyone it would definitely be the GF-01 Dump Truck. Other than those screws backing out occasionally that thing's SO. MUCH. FUN. If anyone looks at that and doesn't smile they're clearly dead on the inside. Then, when the stock Tamiya motor gets boring put a 12T brushed motor & a 2S LiPo in it... that'll pep it up!
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