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  1. The real 1:1 GR Yaris is going to be incredible - and it's 4WD. Why would they put it on a FWD chassis? Tamiya make some strange chassis choices. I would have ordered this immediately if it was on a 4WD chassis (MF01X, TT02, etc).
  2. I love the WW2 - I'm really regretting not picking one up before all the prices for everything RC went bonkers! On Sunday I finally had a chance to run my boats for the first time in 3 months, which was lovely. I then ran the Konghead (and my Associated B5) around my local "track," always fun (unless I break something). I've also done a bit more Lego - I'm still not happy with the Lunchbox (although it's slightly better), I am stoked with my WR02G tractor and the Kumamon DT02 sand buggy is definitely a very poor first attempt.
  3. I'm going to check the o-ring situation in mine now you mention this... I've replaced enough dogbones recently I suspect mine might be running with none at all! I've had little opportunity to do much running lately as winter has definitely settled in, but in an attempt to amuse myself last night I got out the Lego. My first attempt, the Lunchbox, is pretty terrible (I'm going to try again) but I'm pretty happy with the Konghead (attempt #2) and the Dump Truck (attempt #3). Eventually I might do the whole Tamiya collection (although this raises the question, how do I do the Lunchbox and the Lunchbox Mini?)
  4. The Comical Grasshopper (and Hornet) are 2WD, and run the WR02CB platform, which is on that page. The Comical Avante is the 4WD version, running the GF01 chassis. Although as @TurnipJF pointed out - it's a GF01CB variant that oddly isn't listed on that manual downloads page.
  5. Interesting! I referred to https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/manuals.htm and they didn't list it as a separate chassis.
  6. The Comical Avante runs on the GF01 platform - I'm confident that uses the 39mm dogbones. Have you done a wide conversion perhaps, and want non-standard ones?
  7. I think you're referring to part #50883. Tony's Tamiya Parts on eBay are showing 17 16 in stock (sorry, I just ordered a pair after breaking another one on the weekend!) I also had the monumentally stupid idea to run 2 laps without the tray on my Dump Truck, resulting in snapping the rear body post mount (the bit on the chassis, not the bendy black bit). Perfect excuse to buy the clear chassis, right? No-one has any in stock. No-one has anything in stock, I needed a new 18T pinion for the Dump Truck, too. All in all an expensive and unsatisfying Sunday. I have a substantial list of Tamiya parts I'll order when the world resumes some sense of normality. Which brings me to this quote from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' which I am currently reading to my daughter (mainly as an excuse to read it for the umpteenth time myself): "Five to one against and falling ..." she said, "four to one against and falling ... three to one ... two ... one ... probability factor of one to one ... we have normality, I repeat we have normality." She turned her microphone off - then turned it back on, with a slight smile and continued: "Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem."
  8. I got a run in with a couple this afternoon - the tractor had dust on it!
  9. Beautiful! The body posts though... @dannymulder Don't do it! Also, how much posted to Australia?
  10. I added some more stuff to my mini rock crawler course this morning, really enjoying the challenge and convenience of it (unfortunately it is outside so it is still subject to our winter weather). As the sun was setting I took the Konghead and Dump Truck for a run. I like the photo effects that my phone does, but as someone who enjoys photography almost as much as RC they do look a little over-processed. Still, better than my old phone.
  11. I run mine with a Traxxas 12T brushed motor, Traxxas 'ultra' shocks and a 2200mah 2S pack. Plenty of power and wheelies (to the point that my wheelie bar ditched the wheel and has ground down to a point!) The trick with the battery is I use a velcro strap to secure it to the rear shelf, rather than try and find one to fit the round slot.
  12. I've run my Konghead for almost 3 years. It would have literally hundreds of hours of drive time, all with bearings, 2S and a 12T Traxxas brushed motor. I have snapped a drive-cup and a dog-bone and broken 2 CVDs, all at the front. It is a very small price to pay for such an awesome truck. If you feel like shipping it to Australia, I'll happily take it off your hands!!
  13. @nowinaminute Loving the videos - I'll subscribe to your channel this evening. I put a pack through my Traxxas UDR yesterday morning (a very unsatisfying run around a lake, the track only had a few nice hairpins to practice drifting), then the same path with the Lunchbox was more entertaining... In the afternoon, as the sun was setting, I put a full 5200mah 2S through my GF01 & G601 at the local high-school. I got home, and did a bit of crawling with my micro-crawler. A good day.
  14. @Re-Bugged That looks brilliant - good framing really sets off any artwork nicely. I ran the Konghead briefly on Sunday, it snapped a CVD, I pulled the whole chassis apart (twice) and I must admit I was impressed that after almost 3 years there was no signs of wear (on the inside). It got another run tonight - I was a bit rusty (I haven't driven at speed for about a month) but it was great fun, as always. The Konghead really is one of my favourite Tamiyas.
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