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  1. This is the first time I've been able to log in for months. Hopefully I can try and catch up on everyone's activities. Any idea why the site is no longer accessible on my PC, and intermittently on my phone? I see the '200' error still lingers when uploading photos, too.
  2. I got out for a little bit of boating on Sunday morning, and some Traxxas UDR time on Sunday afternoon. More excitingly, I finally got my other 1:1 car back, after a little bit of work turned into a lot of work, and 75 days off the road! New lifters, slightly hotter cam, Invidia exhaust (to go with the 17% reduction pulley for the supercharger and cold air intake) and it makes the most magnificent noise (supercharger whine + cold air induction + exhaust). Such a fun car. No pic though - the '-200 error' is back!!
  3. Not only have I suffered the dreaded '-200' error, but now I can't even access the website at work... it's not blocked, just unreachable?! I went on a family holiday last week and of course a Mini Z had to come, too. The AAA batteries mean there's no stress taking it on a plane, but the tiny drill bit I took (just the bit) for the wheels for pinged and confiscated at the airport! Oh well. Hopefully these photos work... I compressed them to 292kb each and uploaded them directly from my phone. **Update, only let me upload some of the pics**
  4. I boated in the morning - another 5 runs of the Proboat Recoil, and some light sailing. In the afternoon I gave the GF01 Kumamon 'cruiser a proper run. TBH I don't love the way it drives, weirdly the GF01 Dump Truck with the heavier body drives better, but I love the way it looks. Only one photo, because I'm still getting the blasted '-200' error!
  5. Finally, someone else getting into boats! I started with a FT007 (the baby brother of the FT009 you have) and now have speedboats, a cruiser, 2 sailboats and even a hovercraft! The good thing is, even if it pours with rain you can still run your boats
  6. I fit the Traxxas Titan 12T to most of my Tamiya - I use a dremel to cut the shaft down, but you could use a hacksaw and then just sand it. Maybe next time...
  7. I got the 5B out for a run for the first time in over a year... it was underwhelming, then it stopped working when the spark plug was fouled. Hard to tune? No, it's impossible... but I'm stubborn and refuse to be beaten!!
  8. Unfortunately I couldn't fit this one in my suitcase!
  9. They have been dramatically shrunk and compressed. It's not that.
  10. This '-200' error is doing my head in! I had 7 photos to upload, it let me upload 3. Now I can't upload the other 4?
  11. I reckon this body, on a GF02 chassis with some monster truck wheels, would look the business!
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