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  1. Our local distributor in Australia for Tamiya is Southern Models, and they suuuuuuuuck. ETA is early September. My bearings for it arrived last night. I've got 2 pairs of this tire - I think it should be the same height/hub as the stock units, but better for loose dirt...
  2. RCMart posted this - http://blog.rcmart.com/rc-tamiya-new-cc-02-chassis-with-110-mercedes-benz-g500-body-coming-soon-58675/ Very light on details, sorry.
  3. Has anyone received theirs yet? I've ordered bearings for it - I'm curious whether they'll arrive before or after the car! In the meantime, RC Driver has done one of his usual reviews (I call him Emmett, because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!)
  4. I knew I'd been keeping the Hilux extra-cab body I bought for a reason! This new chassis is just the ticket. (I'm in Australia, too, and plan on building it as a Toyota Hilux Rugged X in the orange colour called Inferno that Toyota do)
  5. This is of course slightly off-topic, but you could buy 2 Dynaheads and convert 3 GF-01s to portal axles, essentially converting the Dynaheads back to Kongheads (G6-01, not G6-01TR). Back to the topic at hand, has anyone got any shipping ETA dates for the "Snack Box"? This will be a great addition to my indoors fleet as we head into winter in the southern hemisphere.
  6. My biggest issue is the polystyrene - I think it's my least favourite material ever. Whether it's a flatscreen TV, a kettle or the newest Traxxas monster-truck, why do they all need to be encased in polystyrene? Rigid cardboard would be a lot easier to recycle and make flat-packing the box for storage (am I the only one that does that?) much easier.
  7. latest picture from Tamiya: https://www.bigsquidrc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Tamiya-Lunch-Box-Mini.jpg
  8. Let me just clarify before I start... I get wacky Tamiya releases. I love them! I have a Kumamon tractor, dump-truck, Konghead, Dancing Rider, as well as 2 TT01s and a CC01. This thing is not wacky, it's uncharacteristically poorly thought out. The price is too high, the body too boring, the wheels don't match, I don't get it? It's not cute enough for a toy, and too toy-like for any serious scalers. I'm curious to see how those portals hold up, too.
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