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  1. I've bought most of my Tamiya kits from Metro recently, the exception being the CW01 Lunchbox from Hobbytech (posted from your part of the world I believe). That said, spares are inevitably coming from HK or Japan.
  2. Yes - I suffer this with you. Hard to swallow with Tamiya, way worse with Traxxas. I got into this hobby when our dollar was at "parity" with the USD, but of course now everything's 50% dearer.
  3. Well the Volvo body is now finally mounted up to the TT01 chassis, so hopefully I can get it out tonight to get some photos...
  4. I saw someone demanding AUD$150 for his poorly painted Lunchbox today - pretty rich considering they're AUD$152 BRAND NEW from a good eBay seller who I've previously used. Plus he's done a bad job painting the body, but applied the stickers anyway, so if you wanted to re-paint it you'd need to remove them and pay up for a new sticker sheet. I'll pass, thanks. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/heathridge/collectables/tamiya-lunchbox-new-built-never-ran/1241715412 In other news, my body magnets turned up today (third time buying them from eBay) so after 2+ months I can finally attempt to mount the Volvo 242GT body to my TT01. I have a RDO tomorrow but not really sure how I'm going to spend it - almost 2 inches of rain last night have left everywhere sodden, so maybe a trip to the beach with the DT02?
  5. I will say that watching the Traxxas UDR fly across uneven ground looks very similar to the real thing. Compare the UDR at the 1:03 mark, with the 1:1 at 37 seconds in (lower video)
  6. ...and they'd be correct, but that's not the point! I had a fantastic run with the Konghead and Dump Truck on Sunday evening around my little off-road course - I really enjoy those cars! Seeing a Konghead and Dump Truck drifting and powersliding around a dirt track makes me smile
  7. I'm worried about you lot - this is turning into DiamondDotClub instead of TamiyaClub!
  8. So I went to Bunnings (a big-box hardware store in Australia) and bought a storage container, with the right number of compartments, for $4. Then I printed off labels for each compartment. I cannot truly describe how happy this made me when it was all so neat! I'll be even happier when it's filled with bearings...
  9. After a summer of running my X-Maxx and E-Revo 2 fairly solidly I blew 3 bearings yesterday - not normal ones either, but weird sizes (eg. 20x27x4mm). So after seeing that just 2 of these would be AUD$18 at a local shop, or $10 posted locally, I went with the $10 option. I then got a complete list of all the odd sized bearings needed for my larger Traxxas trucks, and ordered 65 bearings of various sizes for AUD$98 from HK (listed below, confusingly in USD). I'll have to wait 6-8 weeks, but then I'm well stocked up for the next few years. SKU: Qty:5pcs,Model:6702-2RS 15x21x4mm, Item price: US $5.90 SKU: Qty:5pcs,Model:6801-2RS 12x21x5mm, Item price: US $4.99 SKU: Qty:10pcs,Model:6803-2RS 17x26x5mm, Item price: US $9.49 SKU: Qty:10pcs,Model:6704-2RS 20x27x4mm, Item price: US $12.90 SKU: Qty:20pcs,Model:6700-2RS 10x15x4mm, Item price: US $12.90 SKU: Qty:10pcs,Model:6802-2RS 15x24x5mm, Item price: US $8.49 SKU: Qty:5pcs,Model:6701-2RS 12x18x4mm, Item price: US $5.40 I think I still need to order some 5x11x4mm (probably at least 20), but I'll get round to that tonight.
  10. I think that was me? It's all good - let it dry and blow it out with a compressor!
  11. Let's check in 6 weeks later: A week after I posted this I bought a DT02 Kumamon Sand Rover. I had to have it - I collect Kumamon themed items. A few days after that I bought a Traxxas UDR. This is an RC I never really paid much attention to, but it really is an incredible truck. Then after a quiet couple of weeks I bought a brushed Traxxas Mini E-Revo (ostensibly for spare parts, it was insanely cheap), and The Bandit hasn't had anything done to it. The Nuremberg toy fair has allayed my fears that I would "need" to buy Tamiya's latest and greatest, because the Volvo 6WD G601 is insanely expensive, and the new SW01 is hideous.
  12. Yeah, that's exactly my point. Maybe it'll be cheap by the time I'm in Tokyo in September! (Plus I can save on shipping)
  13. So I'm really struggling with this. I "bash" my Konghead - it has a 12T brushed and 2S LiPo, it drifts around a small dirt track, takes jumps etc. My GF01 Dump Truck has the same running gear and does the same thing, so if I bought this I wouldn't want it as yet another truck for that same small track. So that got me thinking... should I build it as a 6x6 crawler with the optional 4WS? I never did that for my Konghead. Then I thought well at that stage I'll want the six portal axles, so by the time I add those and electronics, etc, etc it'll be pretty close in price (possibly a bit more than) a Traxxas TRX. It gets harder still - I don't think the portal axles are compatible with the stock wheels so that would also require 6 new wheels and tires. TL:DR; too pretty to bash, not capable enough to crawl. I still want it though!
  14. On behalf of every member of this forum, I think we all need to see photos of your wife's "two racing teapots," along with a build thread and specifications!
  15. I like the idea of having 1-3 cars displayed inside on a rotating basis - at the moment I only display my TT01 Volvo 242GT and CC01 Toyota FJ40 inside (because they are as close as I get to shelf queens). On top of some shoe storage I have a row of the micros - T301, SW01, 1/24 HBX crawler, Q32 and a static 1:24 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The 2 floating shelves in that room contain a combination of classic 'Space' Lego, current Lego, Star Wars Lego, a complete G1 Transformers Omega Supreme, some static car models and a dozen or so Gundams (MG, RG, HG & SD). My wife is extraordinarily tolerant (even mildly encouraging) because she knows how much I enjoy those bits of classic plastic!
  16. Stunning, but US$250? I wonder what it'll be in the real world.
  17. So at the same price as the Konghead I'd buy this in a heartbeat (especially now it's been pointed out the bumper is separate to that cab), but I feel like the higher price is not right. Tamiya justified it on the Dynahead by including 6 portal axles, but on this it seems like a money grab. My brain says don't buy this, but it's stunning! GAH!
  18. So Dynahead pricetag without the portals? I'll pass. Also, looking it at it more the scale look means that there no bumper, so every hit would hurt that gorgeous body!!
  19. ******! I HAVE to have that. It's so good looking I can't say "no"!
  20. Volvo 6wd looks awesome, but the SW01 MadMud looks SOOOO disappointing... Dozens of classic Tamiya designs to choose from and they come out with that? 😥
  21. I've PM'd you - I'd love to buy the "weird bear thing," as I collect Kumamon related merchandise.
  22. @Aerobert I would LOVE a Volvo 850 body - especially if it was the wagon! @WillyChang My mini Lunchbox needs a friend, so definitely would love something else on the same chassis. @TDanny That Volvo A60H is #1 on my list, as long as they get the look and price right (I don't want portals that are going to double the price!).
  23. Those of you who were concerned about my post-beach maintenance, I'll run you through what I've done. Please feel free to tell me what I did wrong. Friday PM (after it had dried) I spent 10+ minutes with the air compressor getting in every nook and cranny I possibly could. Sunday AM I pulled out the 8 wheel bearings and cleaned them (they already looked absolutely fine) with WD40, then gave them a soak through with sewing machine oil, let them sit for 1-2 hours. Sunday PM I pulled apart the transmission, made sure everything was perfect, re-assembled then re-inserted bearings and put car back together. Still totally worth it, and my proper beach tires should be getting here this week (shame I'm back at work tomorrow).
  24. Another day at the beach for Kumamon, this time at Mt Martha South Beach. The sky wasn't the clear blue we expect in the middle of summer, but it was a heck of a lot nicer than Monday, with the strong onshore breeze clearing the smoke haze.
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