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  1. Build thread dude or at least post up some pictures of it!
  2. Do these have completely sealed gearboxes? How do I need to check for dirt etc?
  3. looks like durga and i dont know other body
  4. looks to be a little taller than say a futaba s3004 but the dl3017 is a standard servo so should fit. hopefully you work it out. great build so far keep at it man!
  5. I think the td4 and the better looking td2 sell ok. If they didn’t it would have been discontinued by now. Also I think people buy them but don’t talk about them .
  6. 1 or these https://www.jcracingproducts.co.uk/tamiya/wild-one
  7. have more pictures of that slipper pinion fitted?
  8. So… did you ever get a Kyosho?
  9. i am super curious about these slipper pinions anyone using and could provide more pictures? what are the benefits?
  10. Don’t have an egress but don’t the front shock tower breaks easily I heard that some where.
  11. revive rc does a nice body. Clear Avante Style Body Shell and Rear Wing for the Tamiya TD4 by Revive RC | eBay
  12. i think it would look good in one color like ps30 blue. i recently saw a picture of a mad cap body fitting the td4 chassis posted below. there are 2 revive bodies on ebay if you want that route.
  13. I purchased from jteamhobbies website before it takes one month or so to receive your parts. They are gpm parts.
  14. The zoom room has good stock of Tamiya in new market Ont.
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