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  1. It’s available for pre order on towerhobbies at 255usd. Anyone know what’s the Bbx chassis made of? Td2 quality plastic?
  2. Wildone 2.0 i can dig it. well done tamiya! i wonder if it uses the better plastics like on the td4/td2.
  3. A must have I think is the slipper clutch and the carbon rear shock tower not so much needed.
  4. What time they start showing new stuff? Is it still 7 hrs for new tamiyas or is it more like 24hrs? Anyone know?
  5. You can use this gearbox on a super astute I think. Then just design new 3d parts in pa12 arms and knuckles or design parts that could use td2 arms and knuckles and hubs, maybe just an idea I had.
  6. EBay has a few from the states.
  7. They have nice bodies now like the defender and bronco.
  8. Mciracing is reproduction sticker company in Canada. Unless needs to be factory original then good luck won’t be cheap lol.
  9. Tblm-02s will be fine. for one hop up get the td4/td2 diff nut
  10. If you have tl-01b or madcap do those!
  11. Delete plans changed no froggy for this old foggy
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