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  1. He he! Forcing myself to write this up and explain the problem made me learn some of the correct terminology, which in terms led to some more successful googling. So I have just bought a GPM set of WR02 tie rods like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GPM-Steel-Anti-Thread-Turnbuckle-Tie-Rod-6pcs-Set-For-Tamiya-WR02-Hop-Up-Parts/112063880532?hash=item1a17871d54:g:h5kAAOSwsB9V-m7I Hopefully they will do the job.
  2. Looking for either a very cheap or very reliable fix to what seems to be a weak point on my comical buggies. I lose AN AWFUL LOT of the step screws that connect the N6 tie bars to to the shock tower. The screw is BA1. About one in three of my bashing sessions result in this breakage – on more than one buggy. No parts seem damaged, but the screw works itself loose and is lost in the grass. Is this a common issue for others? Anyway, I'd really like for it to never happen again! On one of my buggies I have the Yeah racing front hub carrier set, which replaces the N6 tie bar with an adjustable tie rod, and the BA1 step screw with an alternative hex screw that connects to a ball end nut on the other side, allowing the connection of the adjustable tie rod as well as a bit more lateral movement without straining the screw. This is the set: https://www.yeahracing.com/aluminum-c-hub-set-for-tamiya-wr02cb-black-tawr-015bk-00082654 . But's it's pricey, and not that easy to source in the UK. I would really love to have that kind of setup, but investing in the whole set seems like overkill for my needs. I guess I just need: 4 x ball socket ends 2 x tie rods of correct length 2 x hex screw 2 x ball end nut with a kind of hollow sheath? Identifying and sourcing those things separately feel like t might be a huge pain! So my questions are: Anyone know of a set that does all this? Anyone faced the same issue and identified a single seller who might have the bits? Do I need to suck it up and buy the yeah racing kit?
  3. Oh, and Racecraft looks like it’s worth a trip to Bath. https://www.racecraftrc.co.uk/short-course-wheels
  4. Loads of good suggestions here, thanks everyone! Will check out some tyre options first and try to jack up my ride height.
  5. Here in England it’s wet. Autumn is a damp time for most of the country. When I head out to the park for some bashing with my Comicals, the combination of wetter and slightly longer grass saps a lot of the fun. I run slower. There is plenty of wheelspin, but no fun drifting. I actually get stick sometimes Anyone like to share how they maximise (RC-based!) enjoyment in damper days? How can we optimise our setups? Tyres, ground clearance, wheel size, damper config? What works for you?
  6. With all these options, you’re really spoiling us. But as most of my visitors are high level diplomats from the 1980s, I simply INSIST on the best. Ferrero Rocher 8 piece boxes. Hard to see in this image, but the lid is about half a chocolate from the top, so you can use the bottom half to get a height of around 2 inches. RRp is around 4 quid. But it’s a discount retailers’ favourite so deals abound.
  7. Brick set, a Lego forum, displays a random Lego set everyday. Today, this: https://brickset.com/article/53982/random-set-of-the-day-blue-buggy colours, narrow bumper, curvy screen, coke bottle shape, air intakes next to screen... This is surely an Avante inspired model!
  8. Interesting! But as I'm just bashing, not racing, I think noosing teh rear end is part of the fun :-)
  9. hey @•Axle Alloy hexes seem a sensible upgrade sensible. A gyro you say? Please explain! Motor is 4000Kv. Pretty lively!
  10. Alright! Went out for a quick test run before shimming (but after wheel balancing). Results where indeed pretty freaking fast! 'Like a spear' is pretty accurate :-) The lack of grip from the slick tires means I only turned to over from one over-enthusiastic pinch of the trigger from stationery. It will wheel at the start of a run, but can also be coaxed into a wheelie MID-run, which was not previously possible at all. After 5 minutes of running I had a couple of pretty major issues that I wondered if anyone could help with. Both rear tires where coming off the wheels! I assumed the tires were pre-glued, but guess not! Recommendations for tire glue (I'm completely new to this) One of the rear wheels had a very loose nut. Another few nits and I think it would have been completely off. Perhaps I just didn't't tighten it enough, but what is this telling me about the setup up? Will the shims hep? Or do I need to do more to secure the wheels? Anyway, this is crazy fun and thrilling unpredictable from a standing start. You might get a log wheelie. You might just spin in a circle. If you've ever played a driving sim (Forza Horizon 4 = great fun!) and attempted to floor it in an overpowered car and watched it just start to spin in circles, you get the idea! It will nearly turn corners unless you tap the brakes to bring the rear end around, but that's something i quite enjoy any way :-) All in all, I'm satisfied, and I think with a bit of fine tuning I have a fun wagon on my hands! Next step, perhaps some grippier tires to allow use on grass and loose gravel trails. huge thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far, esp @•Axle
  11. OK! I have the Ez Run combo fitted, along with 24t pinion and the Yeah racing 34t spur. Have also done well balancing but my shimming is on hold (shim external diameter too great, causing binding). Will hold off on a run until shims are sorted. Want everything to be perfect.
  12. I’ve had good result recently just using Tamiya acrylics for small areas like roll bars. They don’t really get a lot of movement, so little risk of cracking, and the paint adheres very well.
  13. This makes sense! So it's not really taking any load at all, just a simple dust shield. Suddenly I see this as elegant, rather than cheap …
  14. Dumb question: Comical WR02s come with a piece of cardboard sandwiched between the motor and the chassis, which the manual describes as the 'motor plate'. It feels so cheap, and does it really do anything? Can I discard it? Is there bette replacement other than the £35 Tamiya WR02 Motor Guard? Feels crazy to spend so much on a tasty new motor and connect it to the chassis via a piece of paper …
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