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  1. Well, at least you have retained enough perspective to replace the box, not the wife. Tough call, probably the right one.
  2. New Comical Avante looks fun and I plan on getting one. But the original Avante is not so much fun as deliciously over engineered and all the more beautiful for it. It short, it isn’t — and never will be — a real Avante. But can we bring it closer? So it occurred to me that there is probably a list of upgrades and hacks that we could create to help transform this sheep in wolf’s (clown) clothing into more of a genuine beast. How much of below is possible, and what else could we add to such a machine? 1/ a Technigold, obviously. But is there a more modern gold motor as a substitute? The look is important in order to match ... 2/ Gold shocks. Will standard Avante shocks fit? Need two pairs of the rears? Or again, an equiv? 3/ Carbon fibre. What options are out there for this chassis? shock towers? 4/ some Alloy bits. Knuckles and uprights? Anything else? 5/ Cam locks. Any bubble tires out there that fit them? 6/ needlessly complex suspension set up. what am I missing?
  3. Interesting choices. But the correct answer is this ...
  4. You keep looking for excuses to post pics of your Dragon. It’s as transparent as lexan. But I wanted you to know that I never get tired of seeing it, so do keep it up! Such a cool riff on the look of the original. brrrrrrmmmmm!
  5. Will chime in to support end point adjustment on your transmitter. I got a fly sky gt3b for this reason and have been pleased with it. It comes with different sizes of grip to help smaller hands, too. Only downside is that I think kids might find sticks more intuitive than a wheel, and they can work a stick transmitter while resting it in the ground, which I’ve found useful. I spent loads of time researching transmitters for smaller hands, and nothing is conclusive, so if you can find a shop with a good range that your daughter can try out, that’s the best route. But EPA is a milust. Car? The comical range are huge fun and my daughter and her friends love them. You get a couple of bonus stickers depicting the finish model too, and you’ll know the value of stickers to kids that age 😊. Comical Avante not due til Autumn, and looks like the shell is pre-painted blue.
  6. Oh dear, you’ve given me an excuse to link to my Comical hornet 😁 I have a comical grasshopper too and love to take them for some park bashing with our daughter. They look so silly, people flood over asking what they are. So my advice is, get the one that makes you happy, and that you’ll enjoy talking about. Because you’ll be doing a lot of talking.
  7. There were loads of pics on tamiyablog. Of a silver one. Close enough to white to be an idea.. Here One key point is that this green parts are a very different green from the kit-supplied green wheels, which caught me out after purchase. They are darker and yellower. I am planning my version with these green parts and a black and white body. Hopefully get it sorted next week and will post.
  8. Seems like they are pre-glued. Gave the a pull ad didn't't get much give. I think they have foams in them, too.
  9. Mini 4wds need to conceal their AA batteries, so these kinds of camouflage are often employed when scaling down from larger models. The original Avante Mini 4wd has simple curves added. More recent model often chosen to pretend it’s about aerodynamics. As part of the unofficial rules of up scaling and already down scaled design (which I am making up on the spot), I’d say we could ditch those bits for 1/10, if desired!
  10. Well this is cool. Who will step up for the 1/10 scale-up challenge?
  11. Ok, I got this fixed so sharing it for anyone who buys wheels like this. The wheel adapters connect to the wheels with five little screws, which are not supplied with either the wheels or the adapter. I found the right size by by sifting through my box of spares. Turns out the little screws for attaching the power switch to the frame of my buggy were the right width, but 2mm too long. I ended up buying some FTX Cap Head Hex Screws 2x8mm from modelsport. Couple of quid a bag, needed two bags. They are the right length for the specific adapter I wanted to use, but some other adapter had other fitments, for example they needed little nuts as well. The screws I bought had a slightly larger hex fitting than the Alan key that fits Tamiya pinions, so I needed a set of Alan keys, too. My next jobs are to clean my hopper, start work on a new (shelf) shell and fit my new green pipe frame plastic bits. Thanks for everyone’s input. Projects start to feel great once the wheels are on, right?
  12. @MockTurtle, looming agin at your eBay link and zooming in on the images, it does look like I need a screw and a bit. will raid my mini 4wd stash for something appropriate, but I’m not gonna have 20 sets!
  13. Yup, those are the adapters. You get two tees like that as one ‘set’. I have two sets, so four trees. Only three of them have female hexes, so this obviously connect to the car. But there is no way to fit those THROUGH the wheel. And and kind of sandwiching attempt lead to an axle through that is too short. There are 5 holes in all the adapters that would allow me to screw or bolt the adapter to the hub. But I’m sceptical because none were supplied.
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