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  1. Nice. do you think the adapters available on that page are mandatory? Feels like you need them, right?
  2. I am planning a new look for my comical Grasshopper and aiming for something like this amazing beast from Blockhead Motors. I’m mainly into this kind of wheel and tire combo. Totally unsure what I should be searching for to find things like this. Stadium truck wheels? Short course? Or is it not that complicated? In short, i’d Like large iadmatre wide wheels with matching slicks. Wondering if anyone could recommend options and advise if I need to worry about offset of anything like that? cheers!
  3. Ok,cool! Anyone bought a whole know t from them? I’m worried about import duties to the UK. There’s a step in the buying process where they ask you for a percentage of the total cost under the heading ‘customs’ and you can also leave a ‘memo’. Feels a bit like they are encouraging you to make an ‘honesty’ based customs declaration, but I’m unsure. You guys know what that’s about? cheers
  4. No-one at all? They have some great deals that feel to good to be true. Perhaps they are.
  5. They have somethings I'm interested in (full kits, so expecting customs issues to the UK from Japan (I think)), so was wondering if anyone had had a positive or negative experience with them? Do they have a good reputation? Site somehow feels a bit off … Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Just to report that the GT-POWER-12 lighting set worked great, and I have it installed in my Comical Hornet here For some reason I thought could act as a brake light at the back, but I don't think that it does. Instead, the only viable option seems to be all lights on, all the time. The other options are a range of flashing settings that I suppose are useful for emergency vehicle, but not for me. I couldn't figure out how to neatly mount the rear lights int he rear light holders, so for now a bit of masking tape is doing the job (see pic). I've also bought, but not yet fitted, a Turnigy switch to let me control the lights from Channel 3 of my transmitter, so that I have some on/off options that way. Thanks again for all your help.
  7. Oh wait, just real life liveries? - Rothmans, Martini, Gulf - late 80s Williams or Benneton F1
  8. Yeah, I basically CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT AVANTES! Sometime I just google search to show all Avante activity in the past week. NEED NEW AVANTE PICS, ALL OF THE TIME. Yours is nice, Otty. Looks veeeeerrry clean.
  9. I’m just blitzing all the forums with my Avante pics 🤪 Sorry! check my showrooms here
  10. Last night I finally got my TC showroom up in order to post pics of my Avante TXR project and my new Comical Hornet. Showrooms with loads of pics here
  11. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133948&id=48472
  12. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133948&id=48472
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