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  1. Nice. Reminds me of two things. Firstly, Peugeot Quasar. Second, the wave of Tamiya Mini 4wds from the early 90 that all featured this kind of cab forward look.
  2. Hehe! Don’t think so. I think the choice really was a random one in the spot. Considered two tones of pink/purple but then choose the green simply as a contrasting colour — it must be near the opposite side of the colour wheel. I think I do have this guy floating round my house though, so possibly some subconscious influence there. 343F1C6B-ED5A-4EF2-80B8-347389F729B6.webp
  3. Working on my project to put an Avante shell on a widened G6-01, but am waiting for parts. So I painted the King Yellow shell that came with the lot, which I only planned to use as a basher. Went with random colours chosen by my five year old but then, when applying the decals, a concept emerged. The King Melon! Will add a spoiler (and maybe some pips) tomorrow
  4. Cheers @TurnipJF! Now have some some Yeah Racing front and rear shock mounts on order. Not sure what to do about the mounts on the middle axle? Perhaps they are less prone and will be fine ...
  5. Some progress... Gone super wide with the wild Dagger arms. Will write up a full spec later.
  6. Thanks @Mad Ax, this is good info. What a shame that 2.2' tyres don't fit. Options very limited! Might get a pair of 2.2" wheels and tyres and see whether they go on without fouling things at the back (looks like about 12mm between the model and back wheels with regular wheels and tyres). Cheers
  7. I know that most g601 and many wr02 models come with the same wheels in a range of colours. But the Tamiya tyres for these wheels seems very limited. There are the standard looking tractor tyres, the variant with extra pin spike (Heavy metal dump truck) and then ≥ what? Do Blitzer Beetle rear tyres fit? The wheels seem to be 2.2 inch diameter. Does this mean they will fit any third party '2.2 truck tyres' such as those listed here: https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/c/130/?cs={105%3A[394]} For my current project, I'm looking for a set of tyres for these wheels that are a 'buggy' looking as possible. Ideally like a classic Avante/Thundershot Super Gripper, or perhaps like an Avante 2001 / Manta Ray spike. Any redcomendations for something like that? Cheers!
  8. @TurnipJF, I'm being good and searching these forums for answers to all my dumb questions before posting them and embarrassing myself. You keep popping up and assisting me from the past like some kind of spectral 6x6 guru. Appreciate it! I guess that 'advanced member' badge is well earned. As a follow up to your solution to dog bones on a widened g6-01, did your O-ring solution last, or did you find longer dog bones in the end? Cheers!
  9. Well most, most of my parts have arrived now, and I'll start the build shortly … so a few more questions for G6-01 owners: Heard others talk about some kind of metal strengthening plate for the chassis. Like it's useful to prevent the chassis splitting apart? Is something like that recommended? @TurnipJF mentioned a steel pinion, 18t. Is there a part number for that? Or a non-Tamiya item? I have a 4000Kv EasyRun brushless combo sitting in an underused Wr02. Anything wrong with chucking that in this new G6-01? If I used the 20t pinion? Is brushless plus water a bad move? I'm not very mechanically minded and barely understand differentials! But I've read about people using diff putty in their G6-01 diffs. Is that a good move? Can anyone explain the benefits? Sounds like this locks diffs up (a bit? completely?) for superior traction on inclines or tricky ground, which sounds good! What's the downside, here? Problems with high speed cornering? Or risk of straining the gearbox? Cheers!
  10. Was going for super hot shot, but I’ll give you the points, it was rather oblique.
  11. I kind of stealthed this one in... no takers?
  12. I took a 1) REALLY GOOD 3) SCREENGRAB to a illustrate how 2) POPULAR this thread is. never actually seen that icon before.
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