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  1. Hi everyone, I've been stalking this forum for about a year and been really grateful to everyone for the accrued wisdom that I've been able to tap into to help me build my Avante shelfer (first RC car I've owned since 1993!). I wanted to ask for some help /inspiration for the next phase of my project. As this is fo the shelf, it's mainly cosmetic, so might not interest everyone, but, here goes … I've built my Avante box art, and I also have Black special shell and wheel tyre set to give it an alternate look when I feel like it. Just a visual flip, not all the mechanical changes. I thought I could use one more change of style to give me some options, and I went searching for nice custom Avantes online. I think the price point means not too many people have gone far from box art with these, but I did find some interesting things. I was especially taken with @neobrunox 1/10 Azente, based on the special edition Mini 4WD variants: . As you probably know, the 1/10 black special is also based on a Mini 4WD, which has me excited as I got interested in RC as a child having been weened on Mini 4WD. So, I wondered if I could do another Avante variant that stemmed from a Mini 4wd. The idea I've settled on is to do something based on one of the styles in the Avante Mini 4wd Dress-up Sticker Set (I'm thinking the pin stripe one): and here, alongside someone's nice Azente: So here' say vision for the car, and I wondered if anyone woud like to add any imaginative suggestions or give me some advice? VISION: Both the Azente AND this dress-up sticker set mention "TXR", which is spelled out in very small letters as "Tamiya Experimental Racer". I understand that the 1/10 Avante was the first effort by the tema that became "Tamiya Racing Factory", so I'm going to imagine that TXR is an early interpretation of TRF. The colour scheme here is also reminiscent of the white/cyan/blue/pink used in later TRF models. So I thought I would style my car with these things in mind, though I'm on the fence about using much pink. I'm seeing this car as like a development version of the finished Avante, before everything was finalised, but also aiming for a race spec, rather than the 'retail spec' of the finished machine. ARTWORK: I plan to draw the graphics myself and get them printed at MCI. Anyone have any experience of MCI custom decals? Anything I should watch out for, or any recommendations for another supplier? SPONSORS: For the most part, I'll scale up the Mini 4wd stickers, but I'll try to add in a few more details and small stickers, the same as how the original Avante and Avante BS decals are not simply scaled up versions of the Mini 4WD version. If anyone could suggest some additional sponsors or details that might add some flavour of Tamiya's experimental racing division c 1988, I'd be delighted! DRIVER: Well, Paranoid Perry I guess, but open to other ideas? I found this fun article the other day which suggests maybe one of the other Tamiya drivers. This is really just silly fan fiction, but i guess that's the realm I've descended to with this project! Here's the quote: "First, be aware that I was the one chosen for this project among almost one hundred drivers. Among them, the promising Albert Attaboy who remained stuck in Baja Buggy races, Evert Edwards who had relatives working at Tamiya and who couldn't get more than the Vanquish. Even Greg Martin, who was popular thanks to the Hornet, was in the list. The most pathetic of all was undoubtely Ricky Roop." COLOURED BITS: TRF stuff tends to have some anodised cyan/blue elements. Anyone recommend some avant compliant shocks I could try out in this colour? Or any other metal parts? WHEELS: In keeping with most TRF creations, probably white wheels, but I'm after something that might have felt experimental in '88 Or could have been donated from another car at the time, as part of the development process? Perhaps some white Thunder Shot rims? Like on the Terra Scorcher? Anything more interesting out there? TYRES: I fancied doing something a bit crazy, like some slicks? If not that, perhaps some more modern looking buggy tyres, to suggest the car was ahead of its time, but that ultimately Tamiya went with the more conventional option in the release product? (sorry, in fan fiction territory again!) REAR WING and OTHER AERO BITS: I was toying with the idea of a wing fro another car. I've not seen other wings that I think really look good on other custom Avantes (you often see an astute or Egress wing, I think). I was thinking maybe something more out there like a terra scorcher wing? Other thoughts? I hope some of you find this interesting and might be willing to chip in. Once I've got started properly, I'll try tout a build thread together. Appreciate your help!
  2. Time has a habit of getting in the way of this hobby, doesn't it? After many dormant months, I finally managed to finish of my decals and get them printed. Huge thanks to Nate at MCI. He was so patient and generous in helping me with some technical difficulties. Looks like I can get this project moving again.
  3. Ooh, just noticed that the Egress Min4wd dress-up sticker set ALSO has some TXR logos in Red!!!!!!!
  4. @Lee76, Ha! I was thinking about the black and white camo, but had never heard of 'flow vis'. What a cool idea. If I end up making more than one shell, I shall consider it.
  5. Ooh, just noticed that the Egress Min4wd dress-up sticker set ALSO has some TXR logos in Red!!!!!!! See PDF in previous post for full set. I was going not to have to buy an Egress …
  6. Some bonus scans from my Mini4wd Avante collection. Who's up for a Zenquish (lightweight Vanquish) or Proto Saber (Avante with closed wheels) at 1/10? avante.pdf
  7. @ruebiracer, Loving your Avante 89 thread! It's a wonderful opposite to my project (mainly technical rather than cosmetic, and a post-launch upgrade rather than a pre-launch alpha phase). Will keep an eye on it! Yes, Tom EG's site is such fun. I enjoy all his Kyosho stuff too of course, but I hope I'm not alone in waiting anxiously for Part 3 of his Avante XL long wheelbase project. I probably check in there every week in the hope that he's made progress. We're on the same wavelength on lots of things here. I did consider the fins for the air intakes not he Super Avante, which I could incorporate not he ground of 'excluded from the production version for cost/technical issues, but later because viable and included on the Super Avante upgrade. This kind of fictional logic has permeated my thinking on this job. At present, I'm unsure how to do do anything with the cooling thing. I did buy some Landrover air vent metal parts (all over eBay), but couldn't quite see how I would put them on the body without looking out of place. It needs more thought, and I think I need to do it with the stickers in hand. I'm also chewing on whether/how to include an F1 style cockpit camera of the period (this Senna shot is a little later, but you get the idea, side mounted, and like a wing tip). That seems like a useful development aid. Any advice/inspiration gratefully received! The graphic design bit I have under control. The rest, I'm less confident.
  8. Well, long delay, but just finished my artwork on this project and am expecting delivery of my custom decals from MCI shortly. Might find a window to finish the project before Christmas, but more realistically it will be early int he new year. It was very interesting measuring up the differences between the 1/32 Avante Mini4wd and the 1/10 RC original. Parts of it are a direct scale, but other aspects are deformed in ways hard to perceive unless you're looking for the them. 1/32 nose is longer, and the area behind the windscreen is longer, too. Wing is pretty much identical. Aside from sizing and shopping the decals to match, I've also tweaked the aesthetics in the hope of getting a better, more scale look at 1/10. Crucially, I've decreased the stroke on the cyan stripes versus the 1/32 version, as they just looks too dominant on the larger car (in my paper mock-ups. NOTE. Paper mockups are essential for this kind of project!). Hoping i'll get a more refined look. My other big change is evident from the fact I've got TWO sets of font pin stripe sticker on the sheet; one with a black background and one with out. The one without is designed to sit over the top of some scale carbon fibre sticker sheets, which I will also use not he read wing. I went for the HPI stuff from the bay: HPI Carbon Fibre Decal Sheet RC Stickers Car Body Decals Car Bodyshell 113361 Will post pics when I have more progress. And I'm happy to share my EPS file if anyone wants it.
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    Your favourite RC machine???

    Same for me! Too lovely to use!
  10. I'd like to fit some black Thundershot style wheels and tyres on my Avante project, but could use some advice. This is just for a shelfer, but I'd like to it could run if needed. I don't want to cripple it. I bought a pair of the Thundershot rims to test the fitment. At the back, things are OK, but there are very close to rubbing on the screws that connect to the uprights. They are a bit wider than Avante wheels, and have a significantly smaller diameter too. I think with a thing spacer in there, they will do. The problems are at the front. Here, they really do rub the screws, and the steering can't turn properly. There is not enough thread on the wheel axles to space them out enough for it to work. Once they steer, i think they'll just hit the screws again any way So on the front, I considered whether I could cut the wheel itself down to a narrower width, inspired by @TomEG's awesome thread about his Avante XL project. This throw up a few issues. Will it be enough for a comfy fit? How on earth do I cut the wheel effectively (In @TomEG's example, he says it was simple. Maybe I'm a bit simple, too . Finally, and I think maybe this is the really tough bit. If I trim the wheels down, is there a tyre out there than might still fit? Interested to know if anyone thinks this sound plausible, or if I should give up the dream. I lined up the rims on top of my current wheels and, with one eye closed to help me blur reality into fiction, they looked sweeeeet! Even better, someone tell me I'm being dumb and there is a narrow front wheel and tyre version of this awesome design! Appreciate your thoughts.
  11. Puzzled a lot of options and came up with a solution, though some of you may think this is all kinds of wrong. I went the Lo budget tuner route. Hub caps! Hack sawed the front lip off the thundershot wheels. They sit over the egress wheels really well, and the underlying three spoke design clicks naturally into place on top of the egress six spokes. The thread is just long enough to get good purchase, though can’t be sure they’d stay on for long on a run. They go just as well on front or rear egress wheels, and the standard egress colour options (white, black, pink) give me some cool pin stripe options. Hoping to use this on my TXR Avante project here
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    TXR Azente: Tamiya Fiction

    Been busy for a couple of weeks on other things and … well … I have some catching up to do! Great commitment @Grastens! I'll read when I have a spare hour. My project not moved, but not forgotten. Been finishing off my other two Avante bodies (regular and Back Special) and just got hold of the actual body for this project. FYI, it will be an Avante, not an Azente, really. But hopefully still worthy of your story!
  13. I’m a noob and recently bought an Avante. Even before finishing it, I got hold of another shell (and wheels and decals) to make a black special. And a third shell just arrived, for a more bespoke look. Project is a shelfer, so i’ll need to find some way to display it with the optional shell and wheel sets nearby, ready for a quick switcheroo. Anyone got experience of displaying a set up like that? Love to hear/see about nice options to make a cool looking display. So the short answer is: 1 chassis, 3 bodies.
  14. Couple of auctions here for some of these nice little replicas made by San-s about a decade ago. Boxed opened (and included), but model unbuilt and mint – as are the cute little leaflets. Buggy champ Frog
  15. Great! Loads of options for me there. Yesterday I came across the in depth reflections of someone who raced Avante back in the late eighties. In a wonderful echo of @Grastens writing, the author speaks of horrible Coolings problems, including finishing a race with his Vanquish on fire! Here’s the link: So it sounds like I might also need to incorporate this.
  16. This sounds interesting, but I don’t really follow the drift scene and a quick google hasn’t helped. And chance you could hit me with a few links @TurnipJF? cheers
  17. Yeah, you're right they draw from quite a limited set of fonts, but also had some kind of house style int he way that they treated them, so everything somehow seems homogeneous. People talk about how distinctive and consistent the box art paintings are, and I think the same is true of the graphic design generally. It seems more polished than most rival brands of the time (and waaaaayyyyy more refined that most current products, including current Tamiya work.) I really enjoy that fact that the Avante and Egress share the same font, given their shared lineage. And the idea that someone (probably in their second language) had the foresight to use a bit of Avant-Garde on a buggy whose name was 'Avante' (and which was designed explicitly to be 'avante-garde' suggests that considerable thought went into these projects. Huge respect to whoever did this work.
  18. Might not use all these, but spent some time identifying and setting the relevant typefaces form the Avante Jr Dress-up Sticker Set. Font geek! Useful facts: The font identification feature on is pretty great for this I hadn't' realised that the Avante and Egress use the same font (Tabasco Bold) for their main logotypes. The need a bit of tweaking, but definitely the right one. I think I might have seen it on other Tamiya cars too …
  19. Getting started on graphics …
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    TXR Azente: Tamiya Fiction

    Love it! A real sense of people who have grown up with this hobby … I mean … profession …
  21. Great work @Grastens! Things I think i might steal … Love the driver rivalries. As my car will be a development model rather than a final racer, I don't see why I can't list a small team of drivers names on the cockpit, based on the idea that they all contributed. i'll take Hinomoto Rikimaru from your story, plus Paranoid Perry. I also love the massive diss that @BaraToZ 's Perry dishes out to Ricky 'Shakey' Roop, so I think he's in. As a fourth wheelman, i thought maybe I could dig some more into Avante lore and go (slightly anachronistically) with Jamie Booth, legendary development driver for the later Egress / Top Force evolutions. That should be enough! Unless I can also shoehorn in Yoshiaki Sugiyama, the real driver who raced the Avante in the 1988 JMRCA … I enjoyed your referencing of all the exotic materials that went into the Avante. I thought I might try to bring some of these through to my body shell, perhaps with some exposed carbon fibre, or some rivets in a patch of metalwork. You mentioned some cooling problems? Perhaps I could simulate or cut some extra air intakes around the motor, to suggest that this was an issue in development? Other stuff I've picked out from the web and might throw in … The Avante was (genuinely) designed by by Fumito Taki (in Japanese, 滝文人). I'll get his name on it somewhere away form the drivers, perhaps near a chassis number and with a kind of handwritten signature The name 'Avante' apparently comes from 'Avante-garde' – wanting to be at the front of the pack. Seems very fitting. Maybe I can work this into he code number or code name of the project. I was thinking I might not use the word 'Avante', as something about the 'TXR' code suggests that it's at a phase before christening. Maybe some like TXR Chassis 001-AG, codename 'Avante-Garde' Incidentally, the Japanese wikipedia page (which google translates quite well) gives lots of info that the English wikipedia page leaves out. I'll keep puzzling this. Happy for further ideas!
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    TXR Azente: Tamiya Fiction

    Wow, what fun! This really did bring me back to that era of racing (RC, and 1/1) with some great details. I'll certainly steal a few little things for my build, @Grastens
  23. Bit of Tamiya porn here. This is the decal guide form the inside of item 15037, the Avante Jr. Dress-up Sticker Set. Each set comes with two designs, which feature far fewer decals than 1/10 versions. I'm going for the top one. Bottom one is nice too, but lacks the TXR branding.