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  1. Well, the type I'm looking for is the 1/14 scale Ladder Chassis seen in models like the Tamiya 1/14 Mercedes Benz Arocs. And just I looked up the chassis lengths for the 1/14 trucks and I've seen that there are 1000mm chassis frames out there, but it's too long for my project. I took a measurement of the underside for the chassis space and found out that it is 2' 10 5/8". So, I'm trying to find one that is close to that length. Though that one project you sent in the link looks really cool!
  2. Hi! I'd like to build a North american bus called the "Orion V" transit bus. I'd like to use Tamiya parts like a chassis and so on, but I don't know how to get started with it. The bus model's real life length is 40' long and 102" wide, so I'd like to know what tamiya chassis would be perfect for the 1/14 scale model I'd like. Another thing I want to know is if there is a tamiya 1/14 scale chassis that would allow a motor and gearbox to be mounted in the rear of the chassis. I think using the stock tamiya motor and a CVT gearbox might be good for the project, but I'm not sure about it yet. I already know what to get to make it an R/C model concerning parts like the motor, ESC, and etc. So if anyone has some tips or info that would make this project a reality, I'd really appreciate it. If anything, the only thing that makes this hard is money, so I'm gonna have to really start saving up to build this project. Thanks and have a good day. Sincerely, ,ANIME-AND-BUSES. Note: Here is an image of the bus in its building stage.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, It's expensive. But I'm gonna get it someday once I start saving up for it. Now, I'm wondering what are the dimensions of the crane itself to see if there's enough clearance between the crane and a tipper trailer I'd like to add.
  4. Hi! I want to someday buy a Mercedes Benz 3363 Arocs tamiya model and I want to add the Leimbach folding crane to the model. But, I'm wondering if it is even compatible at all for the truck to build one of those commercial crane garbage trucks found in European countries. (Note this is my first post, so I don't know exactly how things work on the site.) Thanks in advance!
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