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  1. Universal shaft set and stabilizer set are sold.
  2. Small package up to 100 grams to the UK is € 4,35 from the Netherlands, I will take € 37,50 shipped to the UK for the stabilizer set.
  3. Any reasonable offers wil be taken in consideration
  4. And again, we can discus the price. No electronics means with the silver can and original MSC
  5. Hope it gets more tracktime with you.
  6. For Sale FF-03 Pro Chassis without electronics. Needs some attention on rear suspension. With rear en front stabilizers, gear diff and aluminium spur mount. Manual en some parts left from the kit. Asking price is 75 euro plus shipping
  7. Due to overcomplete I want to sell the following parts for a Vintage project. The parts are for an M01 or M02. some parts are very hard to find and often for extreme prices. Bidding is allowed but please keep it nice. 53070 - Manta Ray Ball Diff Set € 25, = NIP 53157 - Alum. King Pins (4WD-TA02 / FWD Chassis) € 8, = NIP 53205 - M-Chassis 53205 M01 M02 Universal Shaft Set 1-Pr € 45,= NIP SOLD 53236 - M-Chassis bushing set € 9 = NIP 53237 - M-Chassis hollow carbon gear shaft set € 15, = NIP 53238 - M-Chassis quick-release battery holder € 35 new, opened but unused 53239 - M-Chassis front & rear stabilizer set € 35 probably used but complete - SOLD 53253 - M-Chassis aluminum racing set € 35, = NIP Will be sent in padded envellope or small package. Shipping costs depend on the weight, are for the buyer
  8. Price drop adjusted now includes shipping.
  9. For Sale 58217 Tamiya FF-01 New Beetle Newly build with ball bearings, did not see much action on the track. mostly shelf queen. Minor damage on the front of body shell Can be delivered as a roller or with the installed electronics. Asking price is € 120,= shipped without the electronics or € 145= shipped with the electronics.
  10. They where original Tamiya universals, with the screw in scrub screw. The scrub screw wasn't tightend enough i think. so the pin holding everything together was coming loose. Just discovered they have a "new" part to correct this problem item 54623 from Tamiya, it's the axle and clip on ring.
  11. Hey Gooneybird, we where there first endurance for us ever with a TT-02. Our car didn't make it to the end, broke down with the rear suspension broken. And didn't have replacement parts. Great fun but very exhausting. Now like you i have completely torn the car apart for servicing. We experienced a broken down front diff because of one of the universals failing, Second front diff was on the go to because we didn't notice the universal was failing. 2 bearings are done, not to be revived anymore, 2 bearings a little rusty on the outside because of the rain and the heat of the rotation. I don't trust the motor bearings from the carson 16 t brushless anymore, must replace them. the bearings in the aluminium steering set up suffered a great deal, have to find a way to replace them as they are press fit. Some plastic parts are need to be replaced as they soffered from failing universals. Maybe, just by a new TT-02 to get the needed parts Cheers
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