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  1. It has been a while but I have finally got an update for this build! I have finally upgraded the steering, using Lunchbox threaded shafts and Tamiya 5mm ball cups. Thank you Mark Bray for the advise, not sure if you are on here or not...... Next on the list is new servo and custom servo linkage/horn .
  2. Yeah I'm looking forward to the next little extras that I'm going to do. I will make sure I post pictures of the progress and keep the thread updated
  3. An idea for the decals to consider, if you are not sure that they will work with your colour choice would be a custom set from MCI Racing. You can change every colour and the quality is amazing. I would 100% recommend the company to anyone.
  4. Thank you, really enjoyed working on this. The original plan with the body was grey and red. I think the deep blue really sets it off and as you mentioned the white wheels and stripe makes it POP! Ill be honest the drivers are always my down fall as Iam not very patient, so I get them done in sharpies...... see below: The next plans are........ -Upgrade the steering. Which will include: Lunchbox Threaded Shaft's, Coloured M3 Ball Ends, Alloy Servo Saver and also a new servo - A new motor
  5. Very intresting build, I'm looking forward to seeing this complete and will be 100% following this thread. Are you doing this box art or are you going custom with the body?
  6. Thank you Alex! The shocks are spot on! A massive improvement, the car handles a lot better aswell.
  7. Thank you, the shocks are the below:
  8. An update finally!! Since the previous photos I have changed the tyres back to standard due to the fronts rubbing/catching the bumper and I have also changed the pojo stick shocks to some alloy fastrax!
  9. Wow, good job so far! Can't wait to see this finished
  10. They fit my white wheels that are currently on the car fine. (WR-02) Owain
  11. Thank you! The tyres are Austar 2.2" 125mm 1/10 Tires, they are actually advertised for 1/10 Axial crawlers. (Thank you Jason Lee, not sure if he is on here) I brought them of eBay for £9.61. The tyres also come with foam inserts, item number - 282598387234 Cheers Owain
  12. New tyres fitted last week! Driver also arrived, progress photos of driver soon.........
  13. Little update, installed: Tamiya silver can Hobbywing 1060 esc Receiver for my Trackstar ts4g I have also added a few stickers onto the body! Update pics and videos to follow!
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