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    Help ID unknown RC parts

    It's not copied, it is the B3 (TT owns AE) I do think that they look simmilar to my ThunderTiger DT-10 ball-ends (I was || this close to writing bell-ends at first)

    Name The Car Game.

    Fudge! I even have one...

    Name The Car Game.

    Ding, ding, correct you are! I actually realised that thec photo I cropped is in my showroom...

    Name The Car Game.


    Name The Car Game.

    Ok, I've followed this for awhile but haven't been able to guess anything in time...yet...and now it seems it's been 24 hours so I'll take the spotlight now...

    Name The Car Game.

    TT-02B MS

    Name The Car Game.

    Wild Dagger?

    DT-02 how is brushless proof?

    I think the DT-02 gearbox can take a V8, it's incredible...

    DT-02 Brushed Motor.

    You can drill out the motor mounting holes by 1/2 mm or so and fit a pinion with one less tooth if the 15t motor should prove to hot for the gearing...
  10. DCLXVI

    Songs of the Day

    This is a new band I discovered the other day:
  11. I can 100% agree that if you are replacing the motherboard, do a reinstall! I can't stress this enough, you will never get a good installation if you change the system to much for a installed Windows... If you want cloning, just download "Ultimate Boot Disk", burn it to a CD and boot from it and select one of the cloning tools in the HDD menu... Also, the benifits of SSD are quite large in the bigger picture, shorter boot times, load times, shorter wake from power save, quieter, cooler, less taxnig on PSU...
  12. A good quality soldering station is very nice to have but skill is also important, I had to take a five day course when starting my new job to be allowed to solder by myself, there's a ~400 page book we use to reference how the result sould be for different cables, connectors and other connections...<br /><br />A >40W iron and ~350-380 deg C with a tip suited for the task is the way to go (small tip for small connectors, large tip for large connectors).<br /><br />Always heat the material that shall be soldered, never the solder itself (it sould melt against the connector)
  13. DCLXVI

    DT-02 understeer

    It is, my Desert Gator came with threaded rods (not real turnbuckles though)
  14. For an external BEC you can just use 5 rechargable batteries or 4 non-rechargables (4 rechargables works to but lowers the performance of the servos) and connect them to the reciver...<br /><br /><br />Some ESCs needs to have the middle cord of the reciver cable removed (on a Futaba system, I think Acoms or some other manufacturer uses a different order for the servo leads) when using an external BEC/battery