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  1. Thanks. Yeah, no racing with the original body.
  2. Same as the RC car on the right but two years older.
  3. The Rims are from pargu-store, they can also be found on ebay.
  4. I have a new LF1100 + new charger for sale in the Trading section.(Bought from japan.) The LF1100 gave me good speed and time. later I remodeled my SS to fit my Nimh packs, (3000mah) these works well with the sport tuned motor and 105 esc...BUT I get overheating. Will try this weekend to go with the lower gear ratio and see if that helps. the two batteries you linked will work well (If you dont get overheating like me?), the overlander will fit easily, the wheelspin will need some modification of the placement of parts inside the box.
  5. The ball-diff was a success. Now the scorcher feels really solid in racing. I put a lot of screw-lock on the diff-bolt and after some races it still hasnt moved. So, finished with all my cars with this hobby-revival, time for some racing with my boys.
  6. Yeah, its a crazy good price as I bought it for three times my selling price just a feew weeks ago. Hope its still here when you are settled but its first come first served. Edit: Also, if you buy it I can hold on to shipping it until you are settled down again.
  7. Bump, $40 shipped worldwide
  8. Wanted to try the diff so got one of those ball diffs. Any tips when putting this together? How hard should I tighten it? Add screw lock?
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