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  1. Morris of course but I could do either
  2. If you want I could send you the 3d files used in Forza 5 for the Mini dash.
  3. Softer springs should be in the rear. I have a TT02 as well, and there's not much info out there on turning them into drifters. I found that 10 or 20 wt. oil all around works welln, with Tamiya yellow springs up front and red ones in the rear.
  4. In most cases they do not. Some older HPI foams are stepped but most SCT wheels are 3" all the way until the outer part where they suddenly step down to 2.2", so the foams are standard "tube" or "donut" shaped. Look at Pro-Line or AKA closed cell foams for reference. Also, if you're looking for a wider offset wheel to fill the wheel wells of the Silverado better, try RPM 2.2 wide rock crawler wheels. They're narrower than standard 2.2 stadium truck wheels and they fit Tamiya Street Rover tires quite nicely.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for the wing (2 pieces) for the TA01 Escort Cosworth body. It came molded in white or orange for the Michelin Pilot, Team Ford and Repsol Escorts. If you have the mirrors I wouldn't mind those as well. If possible, white is preferred, but really I do not care about the color or condition. Suggestions for substitutes are also appreciated. Part numbers (H-Parts sprue spare bag) 9005379 white 9005496 orange
  6. This sounds interesting! Sounds like it will be slightly less than 1/10th scale? Will you be using 1.9" TC wheels?
  7. Can't you just switch 2 of the 3 motor wires? Or try reversing it on your remote.
  8. I didn't have enough on hand. I'll probably order something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/22-PCS-Double-Metal-Shielded-Ball-Bearing-Set-FOR-TAMIYA-TA01-TA-01-Chassis/390524689605?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Then this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-TAMIYA-TOP-FORCE-Diff-Gears-RC-UE6/311925783625?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 to get rid of the metal gears that are disintegrating in the read gearbox.
  9. I forgot about that one,but I did some research and it's part # HJ060, I'll add it to the list
  10. After I finished disassembling all of the plastic pieces, I put them into an aluminum baking tray and soaked and scrubbed them in our wash basin. I scrubbed them with Dawn an spent about 30-45 minutes. I was able to get most of the loose dirt off, but with this being an Ohio car, there was some stubborn clay in the hex webbing of the chassis tub that was difficult to remove. In the red diff cases there was the stubborn metallic sludge that was evenly coated throughout. After doing my best to clean it, I reassembled it, confident that it was mechanically sound and ready to drive. For electronics, I used the stock velineon 540 brushless motor and vxl3s combo that came in my Traxxas Slash 4x4, and a Alturn Servo which is the OEM for some of the Hobbyking Turnigy Trackstar TS-xxx series servos. I also put on a set of drift rims and tires because I didn't want to curb the original wheels. The next day after work, I stopped by my LHS to see if they had any compatible parts. Since the TA01 was orignally the DF01 Manta Ray, the Hop-Up nomenclature can be pretty confusing for these cars, thus I assembled a list of parts to look out for. You can see the list I made here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/83561-comprehensive-list-of-all-ta01-ta02-and-df01-hop-ups-and-other-option-parts/&tab=comments#comment-680502 Anyways, my LHS is a family owned store and I have a pretty good relationship with the owner and his employees. So all I had to do was smile and ask, and I was allowed to enter the backroom where all the ancient Tamiya parts are hanging from the rafters. I managed to find several standard replacement parts for the TA01, as well as some Hop-Ups so I grabbed them. Many of the parts I found had been stocked 20+ years ago and did not have price tags. Thus I was able to talk them into using the yen exchange rate. That is how I was able to get all of this for all of $36 dollars. Losi Slicks (found in bargain bin as cheap replacement for decrepit rally blocks) - $4 x 2 pair = $8 53157 TA02 Aluminum King Pins - $5 83071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter - $15, (They cut me a deal on this one) 53098 Stainless Suspension shafts - $4 53079 Stainless Propeller shaft $4 It's kind of a win for both the hobby shop and me because I get a sweet deal on some rare old parts, and they get to move some old unsold inventory and make room for faster selling products. I immediately set to work installing my new goodies. I did the suspension pins first. This made me question whether or not it was really a Hop-Up, with all those pesky e-clips. You can also see here that I changed out the springs for of the Tamiya On-Road Spring set ones. Then I swapped the center shaft, the stock shaft was more like a rusty coathanger rod. I also ditched any junk related to the MSC. I swapped out the rear springs too. Now, onto the main prize, the Torque Splitter. After reading what it actually is, I realized it was a front one-way, so I decided to acutally make this TA01 into a drifter. Opening the blister package was one of the most satisfying experiences so far in this project. Here are the contents: Here it is all built up. It took me three tries because I accidentally put in the one way bearing backwards the first two times. Here's what it looks like inside. As you can see, the driveline still has many nylon bushings. When I installed the center shaft I added two small bearings from my stash. Unfortunately the Aluminum Kingpins did not fit. I thought they might work, but they did not, because the shoulder part was too short, and the thread part was too short. Oh well After taking it for a test drive, I must say this is way better than the TT02 I had been driving. Due to the TA01 horizontal motor layout with the offset shaft, there was absolutely no noticeable torque steer when drifting. The TA01 also had better steering angle out of the box, even compared to my TT02 after lots of Dremeling. While driving, the TA01 goes exactly where I point it, and I have never felt so confident when drifting. To improve it further I swapped the ball diff to the front, and filled the gear diff with hot glue to lock it, which I moved to the rear. This helped with breaking traction. I later discovered that the metallic sludge in the gear cases was bits of aluminum alloy dust from the two gears in the rear, as well as the pinion. It'll be a little while before I do anything major the TA01, as I will be moving up to Ithaca NY for college next week. However, next up I want to fully equip the car with ball bearings. I've had good luck with the cheapy metal shielded packs on eBay so I will go with one of those. I also want to exchange the rear metal gears for the plastic TA02 version. Lastly, I would like to get my hands on a Skyline Speed Gear set, as running the motor at higher rpms is getting hot and I have plenty of torque on tap, so it would be nice to make the motor run cooler, and give me more top end. If I can do it affordably, I would also be interested in swapping out the front suspension for the TA02 version, so I can decrease the scrub radius and adjust front camber. I'll get some pics of it drifting up soon. Total Invested in Project $22 (car) + $36 (Hop Ups) = $58
  11. @svenb Thanks for your feedback, I did some looking at the parts you listed and added them in.
  12. After spending a long time digging through threads, trying to find a comprehensive list of all the period Hop-Ups for the DF01/TA01 platform and its descendants, I realized there were none. So I decided to make my own. I used futureworks' list as a base and expanded it from there. It's still in progress, but its sorted by manufacturer, and I'm trying to get a link for an image of each hop up, preferably in original packaging for each item. I have used the exact terminology that Tamiya used for naming each Hop-Up. I hope this is helpful for people who want to make a "checklist" of sorts for their cars, or for others like me, who just wanted to see what was out there for this chassis. Please let me know if you have any additions or suggestions, or if you have any corrections. Period Correct TA01/TA02/Manta Ray/Dirt Thrasher/Blazing Star/Top-Force Hop Ups Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum 49068 Aluminum King Pins (Blue) (same as 53157) 49092 Aluminum Servo Stay (Blue) (same as 53308) 49096 Aluminum Servo Stay (Pink) (same as 53308) 49098 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (Pink) (same as 53310, but Pink Ltd. Ed.) 49099 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Blue) (same as 53280) 49100 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Pink) (same as 53280) 49101 Aluminum King Pins (Pink) (same as 53157) Limited Edition Plastics 49543 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Suspension Arms 49544 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Suspension Arms 49545 Fluorescent Green Adjuster Set 49546 Fluorescent Pink Adjuster Set 49547 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Gear Case Set (F & R) 49548 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Gear Case Set (F & R) 49549 4WD Fluorescent Gear Case (Pink) 49550 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Yellow Chassis 49551 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Orange Chassis 49552 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Green Chassis 49553 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Yellow) 49554 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Green) 49555 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Orange Damper Spring 49556 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Green Damper Spring 49557 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Damper Spring 49558 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Pink Damper Spring 49559 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Mesh Wheels 49560 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Spoke Wheels 49567 TRF Acto tuned motor 49572 TA01 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49573 TA02 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49574 FWD Touring Car White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49575 Manta Ray White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49576 Castrol Celica Chrome Plated Wheel 4pc 49577 CVA Mini Shock Unit Set II White 49578 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Super White Chassis 49579 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Fluorescent Orange Chassis 53024 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut 53029 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (2 pcs.) 53030 850 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) (for servo hinges on 53166) 53042 Ball Diff Grease 53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter (aluminum wheel hexes) 53068 RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor 53070 Manta Ray Ball Diff Set 53071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter Set 53072 Manta Ray Differential Ball & Plate Set 53073 Manta Ray Ball Bearing Set 53079 Manta Ray Stainless Steel Propellor Shaft Set 53095 3x10mm Titanium Tapping Screw (10 pcs.) 53098 4WD Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set 53099 Manta Ray F.R.P. Double-Deck Chassis Set 53100 Top-Force Carbon Graphite Chassis Set 53112 Top-Force Aluminum Pressure Plate Set 53115 Skyline GT-R Universal Shaft Set 53118 Skyline GT-R Hard Joint Cup Set 53124 3mm Tungsten-Carbide Diff Ball Set 53127 Skyline Speed Tuned Gear Set 53131 Skyline GT-R Aluminum Mesh Wheels 53140 Skyline GT-R Aluminum 6-Spoke Wheels 53141 4WD Touring & Rally Car Lightweight King Pins 53142 Touring & Rally Car Aluminum Motor Mount 53143 4WD Rally Car Skid Guard Set 53144 Touring & Rally Car Bushing & Ball Connector Set 53145 4WD Touring & Rally Car Urethane Bumper Set 53153 Acto-Power Touring Special Motor 53152 TA02 Short Type Hard Propeller Shaft 53155 Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set (Pink Std., Blue & Black Ltd. Ed.) 53156 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Hard Inner Sponge Set 53157 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Aluminum King Pins 53161 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Gold) 53162 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Black) 53163 On-Road Tuned Spring Set (4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car) 53164 Touring & Rally Car Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set 53166 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis F.R.P. Chassis Set 53167 4WD Touring & Rally Car Bearing Set (TA02 Chassis) 53172 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Universal Shaft Set 53189 4WD Touring & Rally Car Rear Stabilizer Set 53191 4WD/FWD Front Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set 53192 Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set 53193 FRP Front Damper Stay 53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay 53195 4WD/FWD Carbon Chassis Plates 53200 4WD Front One-way Diff Unit 53209 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert (1 Pair) 53216 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert, Wide (1 Pair) 53217 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Ball Diff) (replace 53267) 53218 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Gear Diff) 53219 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Pressure Plate Set 53226 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Front Hub Carrier (1 Pair) 53227 1/10 4WD/FWD Touring Car M2 Radial Tires (1 Pair) 53280 TA03 Super Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set 53310 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (same as 53172, except w/ blue anodized collar) 53325 TA03 Aluminum Knuckle Arms 53642 5mm Ball connector Blue 53596 Aluminum Servo Stays (Short) 58157 TA02 Special Chassis --- Aftermarket AR Products TA-06L TA-10 TA-14 TA-20 Tamiya TA01 Top Force King Pin Cross TR-15FP Strong Front Lower Suspension Arms Upper Links TA01 TR32 Suspension Arm TR32UF Tamiya TA02 Front Universal Shaft For Cross TR32 Susp Arm HPI 6124 HPI Front One way for Tamiya TA01 TA02 6400 Rear Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD 6410 Front Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD 8011 Tamiya 4wd fiberglass chassis set HJ060 Tamiya TA02 Chassis (longitudinal battery) Kawada TU-07 Tamiya TA01 Tie Rod Set TU-10 Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Rear Sus Arm TU-11 Tamiya TA01 Adjustable Upper Arm TU-13 Tamiya TA01 Turnbuckle Tie Rod Set TU-?? Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Front Sus Arm Kose K-0810 Universal Shaft. Long Suspension Arm (Tamiya TA01, FF01) K-1104 One Way Joint Cup (Tamiya TA01 TA02 TA02W) K-1552 Titanium King Pin (Tamiya TA01 Series) K-1902 Front One-Way Unit (Tamiya TA01, TA02, TA02W) MRE TA02 Nitro Conversion P&C Racing TA2048 Tamiya TA02/FF Anodized Alloy Steering Assembly Rainbow Products TC-010 Alum Rear Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01) TC-012 Alloy Spindle (Tamiya TA01) TC-014 Alum Front Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01) TC-016 Body Lifter (Tamiya TA01) TC-032 Side Protector (Tamiya TA01) Tech Racing TFF-14 Tamiya FWD FF01 TA02 Complete Rear Upper Suspension Links TSC-2F Front Universal Shaft (Tamiya TA01) TSC-9W Super Tie Rod Set (Tamiya TA01) TSC-11 Tamiya TA02 TA01 4WD Prerunner Front Strut Bar Brace TSC-16 Adjustable Upper Link, Rear (Tamiya TA01) Thunder Tiger 6118-A TA02 Gas Conversion Kit Tobee Craft Screws Other Tamiya RC CARS Bible Catalog TA01 TA02 4WD Rally & FF FWD 1995 Volume-2
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