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  1. catman79

    Yokomo GT1

    so is this yokomo's own gt12 car?
  2. 100% buy a set of magnetic post markers, makes it so easy. and they are an investment, you'll be happy you bought them everytime you get a new body!
  3. there certainly is, and ive only just realised this lol!! kinda might get the m08r, dont need one, probably wont use it, but i just want one lol
  4. hi all, im looking for a decent condition staduim blitzer. i want a car i can chuck in the boot and use as and when. lookes buying a new blitzer beetly kit, but really not keen on the body. if anyone has a blitzer or stadium thunder going cheap, please let me know. thanks,,
  5. so thought i would post a closing bit to this thread, we have just completed our race series and my little m07 won! when i originally bough the car i had a change of heart and planned to sell it, fortunatley it didnt sell so i built and raced it. have to say its so much fun, these are such underrated little cars, at the start of the series there was approx 8 cars, at the start of the next series we will have over 20! id recommend getting one to anyone who is thinking about it!
  6. Hi all, apologies to have to post a what’s it worth thread, but I have a terra scorcher which I’m looking to sell and wondered what I should advertise it for, I don’t want to rip people off nor do I want to give it away. Any help would be appreciated. It’s an original version, boxed, rtr and working.
  7. For sale Tamiya tb01, in good used condition. Ready to run, includes radio gear batteries and charger. The Ford Focus body has never been painted. Looks dirty but will clean up nicely. £80 posted, f/f or cover fees
  8. bought these in error, unopened brand new tamiya TRF shock absorbers for the m chassis cars, m05-m06 etc. part number 54000 £45 posted
  9. hi does anyone in the uk have a set of ride m chassis wheels part number 25401, as pictured. i have found outside of the uk, but with postage they are coming in at almost £30 a set!
  10. so just an update to this thread. did my second race last tuesday new hw speedo installed.. and the car was still cutting out! i still managed the win, but by the absolute skin of my teeth! new reciever installed for tomorrows trip so fingers crossed! was an eventful evening as the 415 i was also running fell apart on several occasions, the king pin came out of the hub, but still managed to finish, and for the final i had to gaffa tape the c hub to the wishone, somehow the car made it from lights to flag in 1st place. oh and for good measure the layshaft fell apart resulting in fwd only, might be time to retire this car lol
  11. i use the xr10 pro in my touring car and have never had an issue. sadly the cheap 1060's do seem to have issues, i had the fault with mine and a couple of people at the club said they had the same issue in the past with other ones. ive fitted another new one now, and will be racing tonight, so fingers crossed this one will be ok!
  12. it was so good out of the box, last experience i had was an m05 years ago, and this thing was soooo much better than that! cant wait for the next meeting!
  13. so i managed to get myself a new m07r kit all the way from austrailia. initially when the kit arrived, my plans had changed and i put it up for sale, but with no takers i decided to build it, and im glad i did. this was the first tamiya kit i had built in years, and the quality of the fitment of parts was amazing, i ran an m05 a few years back and this kit was way, way above that. i had to rush it a bit as i had a local club meeting on tuesday eve, and didnt start the build untill sunday pm. the car went together lovely, and didnt need any shimming, also looked pretty due to bing the r version with the nice blue bits. so tuesday came and my first experience with the m07 was amazing, i didnt have to change set up, and it drove superbly, very similar to a tc. i managed ftq and the win, despite my 1060 esc cutting out intermittantly (new on on order), so was very happy. and to complete the set i ran my old tamiya 415 in the 13.5 class, and managed to win that too, the old girl did very well! if anyone is debating getting an m07, my advice would be get it, great cars, and so much fun!
  14. well it hasnt sold as yet, so a build thread might be on the cards after all!!
  15. due to unforseen circumstances i have decided to sell my very rare new in box and sealed tamiya m07r. these kits were a limited edition and have been unavailable in the shops for some time. kit is sealed, comes with a new unopened blitz cruze m bodyshell and sealed hobbywing 1060 esc. £300 posted.
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