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  1. hi all, just wondered if anyone knows the actual difference between a tt01e and a tt01 drift car? basically ive been offered the drift version, but dont want to drift, i just want a basic tt01e for my daughter to race. is there much needed to convert?
  2. for sale, unknown reciever, came in a car i bought with no handset, really good condition, i have no way of testing it. just asking £2 postage. reciever itself is free!
  3. hi grumpy, can you pm me? system is saying you arent accepting messages so i cant send you one
  4. so having planned to take part in the iconic cup series for the last two years and failing, i finally gave the car the tlc it needed. i eventually found the missing enthusiasm after seeing various posts on here from people who had competed in the series, once i had completed a smash and grab on the ex wifes house to retrieve the car that is..! i didnt take too many pictures to be honest as i got carried away with just stripping and rebuilding it.. this is how she looked before it was in ok condition still, i completly stripped the car and gave it a good bath in some hot soapy water. one all the grime was removed i could see what was what. i replaced the bearings, rebuilt the diff with new parts, and had to replace some non tamiya and home mead parts from the past - my bad! so after a couple of days i had it rebuilt with modern electrics installed, and she looked like this. as i would need to run a spec bodyshell at the iconic cup next year, i decided to find the chaapest bodyshell i could to use to test the car, found this on sale at mb mobels for £7.49 i think it was, quick one colour wonder and she was ready.. and that was that, yesterday 3/1/21 i took it to my local club and managed a few laps with it in free practice, and i have to say it went rather well for a first run in 15 years. we have an extended race meeting next weekend to test and practice so ill give it a couple of hours of track time then and try to get the set up more dialled. here is a short video if its first few laps, amoungst the practice carnage! enjoy!
  5. let me know if you dont get a response, a friend of mine used to race there regulaly, i will get the low down!
  6. it says this on their cover page, though the last post was feb 2020 just before covid, so not sure if they are still going or not
  7. mainly tamiya minis these days, they have a facebook page. if you are on there have a look.
  8. so, thought i would share a couple of pics of my latest project a tamiya 415 msxx, i will probably do a full build thread on this at some point. i have restored to take part in next years iconic cup series, was supposed be this years, but work commitments woudnt allow! she's had a full rebuild, with some modern electrics fitted. it was in a mess when i got it, covered in dirt and had been used for some sort of carpark drift thing, so needed plenty of tlc. looking forward to getting this thing on the track.. i actually have another one of these but its currently held hostage at the ex wifes house! anyone planning on doing the iconic cup next year?
  9. looking for a pair of 46mm swing shafts of complete driveshafts for the tamiya 415 msxx. blue or black.
  10. great work as always alex, really interesting read. ive finally made a start on my first revival car for next years event, that should of been for this year! couple that with a 2wd to restore / rebuild and a 415 for next years iconic cup i need of serious tlc, i have my work cut out, but time is on my side lol. hopefully see you at one of these events next year!
  11. i quite agree, i was not referring to the title or even the initial comments in the thread, more the later content where people seem to have digressed in order to complain about others opinions, and some have obviously been taken out of context which is disappointing.
  12. it looks to me like some tongue in cheek 'british sense of humor' comments, which have been taken completely out of context by some people, who are possibly a tad too highly strung.
  13. interesting thread, and some rather bizzare comments i have to say. has someone said something offensive and i've missed the offence?
  14. SOLD decided to sell my new in box 2020 terra scorcher. contents have never been removed from the box. £150 posted within the uk. f/f or you pay fees.
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