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  1. aah, just noticed youve already solved it!
  2. you have to press and hold start once you select the nimh programme, then when i think it says something like run programme, press and hold the start button again and it will start to charge
  3. i got lucky with a couple of suppliers, bought pretty much everything they had. what parts are you after, i might be able to help regards chris
  4. hi all, looking for a tamiya hop up aluminium damper (shock absorber) for my f102, new or good used. i believe the same unit fits the f101 f102 and f103 thanks in advance
  5. hi, i have for sale a full set of ultra rare,new in packet spire spike tyres for the tamiya top force, correct fitment for the early tf's and the evolution. pair of front 53092 spire spike tyres pair of rear 53093 spire spike tyres (have been repackaged as original bag split) these are becoming very rare, new and unused. please note these are the early spire spike version, not the common square spike versions. £50 posted
  6. you can do pretty much what ever you choose, only advice i would give you though is if sanding, only use a wet and dry very fine grit sand paper. anything too aggressive will eat the wheel away in one sweep!
  7. hi, id be interested on the two pairs of diff out drives, how much did you want for those?
  8. You might find a yz even harder to get hold of than Schumacher I’m afraid.. good luck tho, great cars if you can get one
  9. Looking for a good spec vintage esc for brushed motors, Lrp quantum, nosram dominator etc. Anything considered.
  10. i would imagine this means they do not allow use of the track on non race days, how did you word your question?? i wouldn't for a second believe any club would turn away new members..
  11. im no expert, but i would abort the machine screws and go back to the supplied self tappers!
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