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  1. hi all, have decided to sell my terra scorcher to fund another project, its new unbuilt in the box. contents have never been removed from the box. £165 posted in the uk.
  2. hi all, i have a set of new in pack vintage spire spike top force evolution tyres, part numbers 53092 53093. these suit the original 90's version. struggling to upload a picture for some reason, will keep trying or email me and i can send you a pic. £75 posted within the uk
  3. looking for an old lrp ics speed controller, trying to make a replica of a car i had back in the day. please pm me if you have one
  4. i recently aquired these as part of a lot i bought, two falcons, would be great source of spares , or could possibly make one good car out of the two. the other is what looks like the remains of a blackfoot, which also includes an unpainted lexan monster beetly copy bodyshell. i dont know a price so am open to offers, will probably put on ebay tonight if no interest. postage wil be around the £10 mark
  5. 'looking for a vintage 90's race buggy, cat 2000, lazer zxr, cougar 2000 etc anything considered.
  6. sanwa are possibly the best transmitters on the market. having said that i know the exzes 2.4 model can suffer with range issues, if faulty. not sure if this also effects the mx6. i run an exzes and most of my club runs sanwa, without any issues. is your transmitter / reciever new or did you get it second hand?
  7. might be worth contacting these guys, they may be able to custom make in the colour you want https://mciracing.ca/products/1-10th-tam-58107-top-force-evolution-decals
  8. for sale, new in packet, genuine tamiya set of clod buster tyres. no longer needed. £55 posted in the uk
  9. hi all, looking for a vintage touring car, hpi pro 4, tamiya 415 etc. if you have anything that might be of interest please pm me..
  10. for sale, new tamiya rakiri gt body set. includes new unpainted, uncut body inc spoiler, decals and window masks. £30 posted within the uk. picture for illustation purposes only
  11. hi all, looking for a vintage mid 2000's 6 cell nimh race battery pack for a shelf queen project. muct be in good condition, doesnt matter if it no longer holds charge. something similar to this, please pm me if anyone has anything that might be of interest.
  12. So, first part of the restoration complete. New bumpers, new repel decals and it looks like a clod again. I’ve ordered some new tyres as the old ones are split, when these arrive I’ll strip and clean the chassis, then it’ll be just about done
  13. Wanted, lower front vanance for the clod buster. Colour un important but must be un damaged.
  14. hi, yeah the pen works great. I did have the odd finger print on mine from touching it, which I went over again. I think if you leave it a few days before you touch it they are fine. Just seem to take a while to fully dry.
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