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  1. Looking for an rc10 b2 or b3 buggy. Any condition considered
  2. Lol, blame the mrs... after several years of hinting, I’ve finally got a display cabinet! Only allowed in the spare room.. but it’s a start!!
  3. It’s been in the loft for years, but it’s finally made it on display in the house, one of my favourite Tamiya models ever, and the one I like looking at the most!
  4. Have you tried disabling reverse on the speedo and trying it like that? That’ll soon tell you if the speedo is knackered
  5. Hi, is there a setting on the speedo to change battery types? If so you could be on the wrong setting and a fully charged Nicad pack is actually below the voltage cut off settings on the speedo ? I may be wrong, but worth look perhaps
  6. Sounds like the battery, some cheaper Chinese batteries branded As say 3000 mah are in fact no where near that. what battery do you have?
  7. No problem, welcome to the club! Say goodbye to your money too
  8. bit of a long shot on here, but im after some yokomo yz10 spares, new or used. if you have anything at all tucked away get in touch.
  9. if there is a restoration on the go, we need pics! as mentioned above by ruebiracer, thats the way i would do it too!
  10. hi, looking for a schumacher cougar 2000 or fireblade, any condition considered.
  11. cool, well its glue your using so thats a start! try something thicker like a normal super glue. the tyre adhesive is really thin, and if your tyres arent a great fit on the wheel they may not stick that well. id get your tyres to stay on first then see how it preforms !
  12. do you have a picture of it? its not tire 'additive' is it?
  13. hi all, im trying to help a friend who isn't a member on this forum, to restore his fathers old tamiya racing special fw07 williams f1 car. he is in need of some parts, and i wondered if anyone here may be able to help.. hopefully if we can get what we need we can do a bit of a restoration thread on it! the parts needed are: front suspension uprights front wheels front foam tyres a bodyshell if anyone can help please pm me! thanks in advance
  14. hi, yes i have a comm lathe, and yes i can fit new brushes. all i would charge is the cost of the new brushes, if it needs them.. it doesn't take long and i like to try and help other members when i can, as they have me.
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