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  1. Looking for a Schumacher cat 2000 vintage buggy. Anything considered. Willing to pay top price for the right car. Please get in touch if you have one
  2. I’m looking for a top force evolution. Sold mine a few years back, desperately want another. If you have one you’d consider selling for the right price. Get in touch
  3. Looking for an old mrt transponder, the one which can be used with the old amb 20 handout transponder system. You could programme the transponder with the number 1-10, to work the same as the handout ones. Does anyone have one in a box somewhere??
  4. catman79

    wanted tamiya frog UK

    hi, I'm looking for a Tamiya frog to enter in some vintage race classes, original or re re I don't mind, complete or incomplete..but it bust be fairly cheap. thanks in advance.
  5. catman79

    wanted tamiya bear hawk body

    thanks for the link, I'm ideally after a used one.
  6. catman79

    wanted tamiya bear hawk body

    hi, I'm looking for a Tamiya bearhawk body. I did have one but I have a bad feeling the wife has thrown the one for my restoration away! if you have one please get in touch.