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  1. so today, i was lucky enough to pick up this vintage yokomo haul, from a chap who only lived 10 miles from me, consisting of a complete yz-870c, an incomplete yz-870c and a rather nice complete yz10. also came with lots of vintage goodies, and a couple of big bags full of spares. i bought the lot as i wanted the yz10 so have decided to sell the rest on, would love to keep them, but need to get some money in the bank. listed the 2 x 870c's on ebay and plan to list the spares once i get round to sorting exactly whats there..
  2. Looking for an hpi pro 4 car or parts. Anything considered
  3. hi tom, yes it would, however i suspect it might be out of my budget! pm me some info
  4. hi all, i have started a small collection of race buggies from the 90's. i also enjoy the restoration side of things so am looking for any 90's race spec buggies, complete or spares or repair, anything considered. if you have anything that might be of interest, please get in touch thanks in advance chris
  5. looking for a schumacher cat 2000 in any condition. thanks in advance!
  6. hi all, to cut a long story short im looking to bid on a car on ebay which is based in north dakota in the us, unfortunatly the seller will not offer postage to the uk, i just wondered if any of our us member may be able to help me? i get posted to you and you ship on to me.. if anyone might be able to help please get in touch. many thanks chris
  7. hi Alex, im pulling my old 415 out of retirement and entering the gt class, can only imagine how that will end lol. im hoping to do both days aswell, looks like ill be going alone though as my mate had confirmed he's dropping out. ill pop over and say hi at some point. i had thought about also doint the f1 class but as you say time dissappears when you try and do that, so i decided against it! just debating wether to camp or get a hotel for the saturday night!
  8. good to hear alex! im planning on doing all bar the carlisle one, i just dont fancy the drive! plus the guy i was doing the series with has had a change of heart so ill now be going it alone! which classes are you entering??
  9. hi all, just wondered if anyone on here will be doing any of this years on road iconic rc series?
  10. have you left a small gap between the pinion and the motor? if the pinion is crammed up against the motor, it will be stiff.
  11. to be honest, spring tension will make virtually no difference if any at all on a gt sport motor, i would just buy a pair of medium and replace both. these would be suitable : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202796522136?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=202796522136&targetid=1139674279667&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1006964&poi=&campaignid=12125464319&mkgroupid=118098890058&rlsatarget=pla-1139674279667&abcId=9300481&merchantid=119055790&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsLWDBhCmARIsAPSL3_39peHW60wT0WDNCjUrN21Wt8QSz6mOvOiWsEetNCUo6oOiW-5600YaAlBMEALw_wcB if you get stuck im sure i have lots of these springs kicking about in the loft from back in the day. pm me
  12. jon, when my lab was a puppy, she would eat carpet, door frames and even the artex from the walls... what you are saying above sounds completley normal for a puppy, the good news is this should only last 6 months or so! its always advisable to start them on some sort of puppy training, but as far as your concerns go, i wouldn't worry too much, your dog is not defective!
  13. another addition my cat 2000 collection, thanks @grizy for another pleasant transaction! on another note, if anyone has a cat 2000 tucked away they want to sell, get in touch!!
  14. Hi all, looking for a Schumacher cat 2000 or parts. I have a couple of these and want to expand the fleet. Big fan of these ! Thanks I’m advance
  15. looking for a vintage schumacher sst 99 or pro touring car. as a project, condition unimportant. if you have anything please get in touch. many thanks
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