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  1. Where is the club your planning on racing it at ?
  2. Looking for a twin detonator body shell, new or used
  3. my second tamiya car in a week, this time a rather nice f1, thanks again @grizy ! can anyone tell me how to make my pictures the right way up?!?
  4. Cheers mark, I did see those but was unsure if they were correct, I thought by the packaging they might be the fit the later bigger bore springs, not sure tho! yes let me know on the plastic ones 👍
  5. Hi looking for a set of blue alloy spring retainers for my Tamiya 415. Tamiya or aftermarket I don’t mind.
  6. glad you got it sorted.. sounds like the pinion has come loose again though!! with pinions you have to cram them up as tight as you can, if your just nipping it, it'll work loose in no time, looking good though, i do love a scorcher!
  7. not so much today, but last night i did a bit of fettling on my xray touring car, had only intended in replacing the diff casing, but got carried away, and ended up in a full re build and set up, started at 7, finished at 12.30! on a plus point the weight distrubution is spot on! apologies the pics on the wonk, i couldnt get it the right way up!
  8. it can be a bit of a problem with sensorless systems, unfortunatly there isn't anything you can do with your current set up to stop it. either take a punt on an alternative sensorless system, of buy a sensored one
  9. i wouldn't worry, it wont hurt it, just clean up any excess oil you can and you'll be good to go.
  10. no, looks fine as it is.. dont suppose you can post a video of what its doing can you? will probably be easier to help if you can
  11. is there a space between the pinion and the body of the motor, or is the pinion tight against it?
  12. have you used the correct motor mounting holes in the metal motor mount for the pinion you are using?
  13. hi, ive had a couple of conversations with andy, who has given me loads of advice regarding set up. my 415 finally arrived yesterday from the states, cant wait to use it, got everything crossed the event goes ahead next year!
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