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  1. if your running on high bite, you would need some form of slipper, as its not an option part on the t/f, ball diffs are a must, and running slightly loose give the transmission a little bit of give. id get you hands on a pair of ball diffs asap
  2. great vid! how do you get that title screen on your youtube videos? i need to invest in some editing software as currently dont use any!
  3. hmm, sounds interesting, can you post any pics? of how its set up and what its doing, might help
  4. Hi, im actually based in the U.K. but would still be interested in buying and paying the shipping to the U.K.. would you be willing to post overhere? Any ideas on a price? regards chris
  5. Looking for a Tamiya stadium blitzer, complete of incomplete anything considered
  6. Looking for 90’s race grade buggies, anything considered. Complete or not. Tamiya, yokomo, kyosho, Schumacher etc
  7. I’m amazed this is sanctioned, if I dared to bust out a new kit on holiday, my wife would chop my balls off! you chaps have done well !
  8. A good day today! After my previous yz10 runner project was too much of a mess to repair and had to be sold, it’s replacement arrived today! also my £10 non working Tamiya Qd landed, planning on a brushless conversion for that, and it’s also the same size as my daughters old toy story rc, so might rob the body off that !
  9. try thicker shock oil, it will slow the damping down, might be your issue. for the sake of a bottle of oil its worth a go.
  10. just to clafiry, you have tried winding the collars down towards the ground?, yours looks like its sitting ok, most seem to sit with the wishbones level. what shock oil are you using, next step i would try is thicker oil.
  11. its a tricky one, you can wind the collars to the bottom, but if the springs are too soft / car is too heavy you will just compress the spring as apposed to gaining ride height, do you have any standard tamiya springs you could fit to try, as these are pretty stiff.
  12. what car is it for? are you sure 60mm shocks are long enough? can you post a pic of the set up?
  13. if you had the motor in the wrong position for that pinion, it could of caused it to bind up a treat and cause everything to get hot. if you've sorted that bit, my advice would be to try the car again before you mess with other things.
  14. do they have adjustable collars for ride height adjustment??
  15. might be worth downloading the manual for the esc, and double check the settings are correct. sounds like its reaching some sore of temp or voltage cut off.
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