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  1. yep! Any 3x2.5 or 3x3 grub screw will work - they both screwed in place nicely - keeping the rear stabilizer firm. Not sure how it will handle - but has to be more effective now - not bouncing around. Did'nt use any thread-lock.
  2. nIce! so are you happy with overall speed/handing?
  3. I was thinking about trying the GoolRC 4370kv instead of the Castle Creations 4600KV in my Top Force (to save some money) - Ya think the the GoolRC will work well in the Top Force with 4WD?
  4. Success! - I removed the gearbox - and added the two grub screws to the M8 part.. and bam! it is nice and tight now! Not sure why they didn't have that key point on the instructions....
  5. Apparently you are supposed to use grub screws that tighten into the M8 part - in which will tighten that rear stabilizer down. It wasn't clear in the instructions - but you can see where on this pic (the red areas).
  6. Ok thanks! I may just take it off - as it seems to add no value - since it is wobbling around so much..
  7. I just want to confirm that i have it in the correct place under the gearbox - does this look correct?
  8. Yeah it seems the slot in the gearbox where the rear stabilizer sits needs some sort of screw to tighten it in place - or maybe that is how it is supposed to be installed just sitting there. Just seems odd that it bounces around about 8mm back and forth!
  9. Just added front/rear stabilizer kit to my DT-03. Do you remember if the rear stabilizer bar had some side to side movement? Mine is moving about quite a bit - and am wondering if i have it installed wrong. thanks!
  10. Love this build! Where did you get the white Top Force Decals from?
  11. Hello, I am restoring my Falcon (for the most part) and decided to go with a black and yellow color scheme for the new body I got. Anybody have any recommendations for the best yellow polycarbonate paint that matches the color of the stock yellow cva shocks and the yellow plastics? thanks!
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