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  1. Hi everyone, I'm another newbie, and I'm learning a lot from Kalameja and the rest of you. I have the same Futaba radio equipment in a vintage Frog: Rx FP-R2GS. The trouble with my Frog is that the MSC is shot (resistor failed and melted wires years ago). I'd like to follow Kalameja's strategy and install a Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC to replace the MSC. I see that I need at least one Futaba J to G adapter, and I think I found one on the Internet. However, my question is this: WIll I need two Futaba J to G adapters--one for the BEC to Rx BATT and one for the ESC to CH2? In other words, don't I need one to power the receiver and one to send power to the motor? (Photo attached.) Thanks so much! I'm excited to give the Frog a try again. It was my late brother's, and I just inherited it. Thought it would be fun for me and my kids. (And I like to tinker.) I also have a vintage Hornet that runs.
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