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  1. I really think we all underestimate how much tamiya cars are still being sold. Many of my local hobby stores often have 25-50 Tamiya kits in stock. And have done so for the last 4-5 years. You need to be quick to grab any of the more popular kits or you miss out. The stock is always the latest so someone is buying these kits. The stores have if course 200+ other rtr kits if varying brands but Tamiya are the only “kits”. i don’t personally see any reason for tamiya to try to join in the Traxxas / Arrma marketplace of big heavy powerful bashers. i’m happy for them to keep releasing new and interesting models as well as rerelease the odd ball stuff, even if some of the cheaper stuff is pretty crap and seemingly uncompetitive there is still something more enjoyable about Building a junker compared to buying something thats done.
  2. Total clearance of 20mm or so is possible with xv02, with the rs towers you can use gf01/cc01 alloy dampers and maintain the same travel/clearance of the stock setup. Using the 42102 will reduce your travel about 30% or so.
  3. New DB01 durga’s are readily available from Japan.
  4. Hicap short are same as cva short, hicap mini is same as cva mini. So yes the avante runs a mini/short combo same as a madcap/dt01/2/3 td2/td4/df03 etc etc the vanquish is a mini/short set. the DF01 (top force) runs a short/short setup, so the tfe set is 2 pairs of shorts. (It runs spacers inside up front). you can see the lengths for the hicap mini and short in the damper thread.
  5. https://www.rcjaz.com.au/tamiya-47455-vqs-vanquish-2020-hicap-damper-set-pcs-p-22874.html these would fit the stock towers. Since you get the mini front that you don’t get with TFE. Its highly likely these are the right hopups for it.
  6. If you get the tires i listed, you can put something pretty hot in there no worries (10.5t or 3500kv brushless if you like). But if you keep the stock tires and go rwd, the motor it comes with is probably too much.
  7. You’ll only need sticky tyres on the rear. The stock tyres are fine up front. If you put sticky tyres on front and back really that just puts you back in the stock position. The m06 comes with hard slippery tyres up front and grippy ones out back. It works well.
  8. If you plan to build it as a rear wheel drive, you’ll need 54995 rear tires and inserts (53204) that come standard on the M06. The tires included in the kit are fine if built as a front drive, they’re basically useless in RWD format. The other things you’ll want bearings obviously, oil shocks (54753). Beyond that 54559 x 2 is a good idea but not strictly needed. You could get some universal drive shafts, but it does work without them.
  9. The TD4 is heads and shoulders above either the TT02B or DF03. But i appreciate it has a polarising look. The Df03 is a good buggy but support in terms of aftermarket parts has basically dried up. If the TT02BR had a slipper clutch option then its a solid choice, but without it the total transmission struggles to hold together under the power of a stock class 17.5t race motor, particularly with high grip tires. The TD4 is a the better option if a modern ish Tamiya runner is what you want. But i think as with being silly and buying a Tamiya instead of any of the other stronger, faster and potentially cheaper non Tamiya options, the model you want is the one that appeals to you most, and in that case. They are all solid options. lets face the music here, if Tamiya is your thing, then how much money is involved doesn’t really play that big of a role in the choices available to you.
  10. With touring cars and off road buggys that have adjustable camber, a setup station that allows you to get left to right precisely identical suspension settings. This is a game changer in getting a neutral handling vehicle that feels the same and predictable regardless of direction you turn. Don’t assume having equal measured links means your car has equal left to right camber.
  11. Lipo’s don’t really naturally discharge that much, Nimh batterys and to a lesser extent nicads will discharge over time, you had to keep an eye on those in the old days. Notice when you buy a new lipo, its rarely more than 25% charged. These can be years old when you finally purchase them.
  12. I’m sure it was after the second fire!!! They were using batteries that were not properly tested/certified. Only makes sense it was going to go wrong.
  13. Its very easy to not have a fire, A. Never overdischarge any cell, just once and the pack becomes a risk. B. Never overload (try to draw more than the C rating. Again, just once and the pack is then a risk.) C. Never store flat batterys more than 48hrs D. Never store”fully aka 100%” charged batterys more than 7 days. E. Never overcharge any cells in a pack. (Eg: always balance charge “ALWAYS”). F. Only store batterys charged at least 20% but not more than 80%. (3.8-4v per cell) G. If the pack is remaining swollen at rest, dispose of it in a salt water bath for 30 days. The lithium is disabled, Then it is safe to put in the bin without any risk of fire. Do not continue using heavily swollen packs. The reason that cheap consumer products including real cars catch fire is generally because of abuse (such as over discharging) and because the battery management systems are not up to scratch either. Charging systems not sophisticated enough. In a car, its quite difficult to monitor all 4000 or so cells, i don’t believe they do manage every cell individually, and ultimately thats why fire comes before the BMS detecting a issue.
  14. DB01 - trf501x DB02 - trf502x DN-01 - trf201x I don’t think there is any other offroad vehicles, obviously there is the on roads TA0x vs trf4xx and TB0x vs TB Evo x
  15. Juls1


    Boats can be fun, i have quite a few. The one thing i will say if you are thinking of getting a rc boat. If you’re not prepared to go for a swim, (or at least get wet) rc boats are probably not for you. i have a few faster boats, but i find more scale stuff at scale (ish) speeds more fun and much less likely to result in needing a towel. There is lots of building kits for boat models but none of them are probably going to end up inside your price range. Kyosho did make kits in the old days but nothing these days.
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