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  1. Looks exactly like the 3speed gearbox bits from a tractor truck.
  2. They are great rally tires, but they a little on the large side, can mean some body trimming. Keen to hear how the FF03 goes on the dirt.
  3. i assume your talking on road rally? if not with the m chassis you’ll need very hard relatively smooth ground to run it on or you’ll just spend all your time bogged. The little tires offer so little ground clearance and so very little grip unless you have a perfect place to run you’ll be better jumping up to something on 1.9” wheels.
  4. The Tamiya units are much tougher, but a 14x2 brushed shouldn’t be a issue for yeah racing units at all. If you where putting a sensorless shortcourse 5660 system in I’d say the yeah racing won’t last. But what your talking about. No probs for the yeah racing units.
  5. I use quite a few of the yeah racing universals/CVD's. They have been very good for me, although they are not as good as tamiya CVD's IMO. Given yeah racing are 1/2-1/4 the price though...
  6. They where $95 AUD on RCJaz, rcmart wasn't far behind on the set i got off them 2 batches ago. https://www.rcjaz.com/tamiya-47358-top-force-2017-hicap-dampers-for-47350-p-90084118.html They are still heaps cheaper than buying the Modern Hi capacity buggy dampers (2 pairs of 54505 at around AUD$140 a pair without springs plus post) Remember the AUD sucks at the moment for hobby imports. They are very very nice shocks though, check my buggy damper thread.
  7. The MFC uses a heap of functions that require temporary partial trims, the MFC filters what you do while the truck is going so altering trims doesn’t effect what you think it should. Instead it triggers horns/latches/start/stop etc. the only way around it is by using dual rates setup in a digital transmitter. But it’s far from satisfactory. I use a GT power system for container trucks with my spectrum DX5R. And it works perfectly as it doesn’t require all these stupid partial trim crap. It’s also programmable through a app on your phone via Bluetooth and the Finally it’s half the price, and has essentially all the same features. Works perfectly with any 4ch + pistol radio that has basic programming features. It does not however work at all with less that 4ch connected. It’s also 2-3 cell lipo compatible, esc built in, and the truck sound can be changed by downloading new sounds from there website if your looking for a slightly different motor sound.
  8. MST also makes some 0.6 mod steel pinions. Yeah racing make hard coated aluminum 0.6 mod pinions. Ive always had good luck with RW racing gears.
  9. That sounds quite a bit more than a CC01 but someone in Europe might like to chime in on that. If it is a lot more money, then hopefully we can expect a lot better car.
  10. I’m hoping for a ground up redesign. Anything less I’ll be disappointed. I’m also hoping it’s not just a TL01/MF01X with the new reduction drives off the G601TR. In fact I’m struggling to imagine what they will do, cause it’s a market that’s well saturated, they need to make something different to everyone else, but it’s gotta be decent too not a cheap thingy. I would actually be happy with a completely rebuilt and modernized CC01, all new design, but keep the IFS/solid rear. Because the other options can be bought a million times over elsewhere. I would be quite happy if the CC02 was more expensive but a better quality kit. Let’s face it, there is plenty of other options out there that are double, triple and even quadruple the cost of the current CC01 kits.
  11. F103 or F104 is more fun, cheaper, faster, easier and cheaper to fix. Than F201. The F201 is a fantastic shelfer for its engineering traits. I have 3 of them.
  12. This might help with the Damper decisions
  13. I did this mod to one of my cc01’s. It was completely pointless as it reduced the potential travel and reduced the potential steering at the same time over the stock setup. (That is compared to doing a small amount of grinding on the stock parts. ) Adding clearance up front is necessary for sure. Juls
  14. It’s interesting they chose the Mercedes G500 as the first shell, did you know the 2019 G500 is the first Mercedes G wagon with IFS and 5 bar rear suspension. (All previous g wagons had solid bar suspension front and rear) It’d seem a bit ironic if Tamiya gave up the IFS yet the first shell they deliver is ment to be IFS!! A passing thought, if they keep the ifs, but improve the rear linkage, do some forward thinking with the chassis it’d be suitable for scale desert trucks and buggy’s in addition to scale crawlers. The chassis would also be better for modern midsize pickups (we call the utility’s or “utes” in australia) IE: Ford ranger, Mazda BT50 Isuzu DMAX Toyota Hilux etc. Juls
  15. You can get the lengths of all tamiya buggy shocks from my buggy damper thread https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89072-the-buggy-damper-thread/
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