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  1. I keep quite a bit of 10Wt oil in stock for various projects where I have access to smaller hole pistons, usually AE brand. The CST of oil weights does alter a little bit from brand to brand. However if I need less than 100cst/10Wt I typically reach for the bottle of 1/1 scale automatic transmission fluid. It’s a viable alternative if you need something super light, that won’t worry your silicon seals.
  2. Unsprung mass is going to make that worse not better. Generally speaking less unsprung mass is where you want to be. With crawlers it’s about getting traction and stability at super low speeds and the suspension layout better suits that application. Fact is your going so slow the detrimental effect of excess unsprung weight doesn’t exist for that application so the advantages of the extra unsprung weight can be found. the Traxxas UDR looks the closest to that full scale truck because it most accurately replicates the layout. The combination of weight, travel, properly setup sway bars and sophisticated damping allows suspension to work like it does in that video. rc lacks many of these elements but the vehicles need to operate in much harder conditions. If we can remove the high speed requirement then we remove the need for stability that firm, heavily damped suspension offers. Higher quality rc dampers offer much less bypass which allows you to run much softer damping settings while still maintaining stability. Cheaper shocks tend to have more bypass/flex in their damping to prevent the shock from leaking under momentary high pressure situations caused by the damping pack down. For that reason they need heavier damping to maintain stability, and low speed movement is muffled. Tamiya doesn’t really make anything with that particular 4 bar rear With IFS upfront suspension layout. To be honest that arrangement is kinda crappy on anything but scale rc cars, if you wanna go faster than scale speeds, gotta have front and rear independent suspension at the end of the day.
  3. So I tried to pre order CC02 at my LFS, they called the local Australian importer, to be told that they are not ordering any CC02’s at all for the first manufacturing run, meaning Australia won’t see CC02’s till June/July 2020. I always try to order my kits locally, but looks like rcmart or rcjaz will get the money annoyingly. im wondering if there isn’t a sense of it won’t be popular that’s why they are not bringing them in maybe. Who knows.
  4. My dt03 fitted with proline sand paddles and a 4000kv brushless, and firm putty in the diff is quite capable on the beach, never ending wheelies and rooster tails everywhere. really most kits fitted with the right sand tire will work ok. If it’s only 2wd you’ll want to dramatically firm up the differential so you don’t get bogged trying to get through car tire ruts. A fully locked diff is less than ideal as it makes it difficult to turn. My G601 basically stock runs on the beach well never gets stuck.
  5. The boss could easily be narrowed. It may be too thick overall though. If your doing that it gives you lots of wheelbase options.
  6. It was somewhat annoying that the TL01LA arms ended up being specific. Cobbling together the parts to make a proper LA setup is not cheap or easy. I paid $130AUD each (incl post) for the last LA conversions I bought. The fact that they come with the sway bar kit still makes it not that unreasonable. But when you consider the whole kit used to be about $50usd at rcjaz back in the day... but hindsight isn’t helpful if you where not in the market then. I wonder could the reversable arms be squeezed onto the TL01? I should look at that I’ve got all the parts. The pins are a issue because those arms where never ment to see a c clip pin. It could end up too wide though, and those reversable setups are not as good for rally application as the original TL01LA parts.
  7. I’m sure it’s possible to make the TB05 off road, but a XV01 is built for that, and it’s handling is way more fun than any touring layout. Gearboxes are sealed for off road use, slipper available if you want it. that being said if your hearts set on TB05 I don’t have any problems with you getting one and cutting it up for off road use.
  8. More likely so you don’t have to use those super short dampers should you have a need to use regular m chassis length dampers instead.
  9. We have the same problem in Australia. 2 days it’s packed in HK and arrives in Australia. Then takes 12 more days to travel 400km to me. (So 4 hours in a truck). what I’ve learnt is, if it’s got tracking from HK it takes 2-3 weeks no tracking 5-7 days. Obviously all tracked packages have to wait to be thouroughly investigated by customs.
  10. Well I guess we gotta start our CC02 pro wishlist then. no wheels and tires no body rubber sealed bearings CVD centre shaft all wheelbase parts alloy dampers high torque servo saver with alloy horn Front CV joints instead of dogbone. Carbon reinforced E parts Carbon reinforced F parts Carbon reinforced J parts Turnbuckle steering parts Alloy locking wheel hexes.
  11. I used these http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-53571-55mm-damper-fluorine-coated-p-4259.html?cPath=389_390 as they are the most old school looking of the currently available dampers. they are basically identical to the old TA03 dampers just have threaded body and a coating.
  12. I highly doubt we will get a top force EVO, even though I want them too. I guess you could look at this another way. Release the chassis and dampers for awhile, we all build replicas. Then bring out the whole thing and we buy that too. I mean, it’s not stupid marketing. A little infuriating but we will forgive them anyway. really, we want something new and interesting off road wise next year, this Xmas we get the cc-02. are we not due something else new in that middle range from Tamiya?
  13. Just wait for the comical hotshot or boomerang or manta ray or whatever tamiya decide is best 4wd comical option..
  14. I don’t have a hotshot so I can’t trial this, but there isn’t a shorter body that has “more” travel however CVA super mini can be fitted with a longer coated shaft that brings there travel up closer to that of the CVA mini damper. i believe it’s 53575. http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-damper-piston-4pcs-53575-p-14556.html?cPath=389_690 this shaft also lengthens the m chassis dampers. I think these shafts come standard in xv01 and TT02S with the super mini bodys. May be the case with other kits.
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