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  1. It’s possible the earlier packages where sent regular mail, they really only forced you to use courier as of start of August. My last 3-4 parcels all arrived in 4-5 days. Of course freight cost is double what it used to be. But regular mail used to take 14-17 days pre COVID. If I used regular mail now I’d expect 8 weeks +
  2. Racing fighter is not discontinued, just the black edition. The body and decal included in the black edition is identical to the original version just painted gunmetal not orange. I wish they would sell the black chassis though separate. I hate the grey chassis. The wings are terribly flimsy. I recently fitted up a generic proline wing to mine. Juls
  3. Most of the aftermarket mounts are designed one forward, one back. On a 1:1 vehicle many live axle 4wd’s will mount the rear shocks one side in front leaning forward and one behind leaning back. thus many of the hopup mounts give u the option to have forward and back leaning shocks so the rates stay similar left to right. So the parts you got, that’s how they are probably ment to be. even though the Tamiya mounts are made identical the manual clearly shows mounting one forward and one back. Of course unless your mounts are somehow made to sit in equal spots regardless of mounting position? My gpm mounts allow me to have quite a big difference in mounting angle.
  4. Either you succeeded in convincing the mrs you needed a ff04 evo, or you succeeded in convincing yourself that you needed it, bought it, and will beg for forgiveness when the mrs finds out... if she finds out...
  5. No that’s pretty normal for gpm stuff. You gotta look carefully at the design of each gpm part you buy. Some parts are ok. that being said they have started to make better quality parts in recent years, but that’s not much help towards any cars of old that still have poorly made hopups. I bought a lower arm mount for DT03 and the arms mounted up diagonally...... high quality? No junk. Lol the part looks fine until you put the hinge pins through. At first I thought the bushings must be a D so you mount them a certain way, but sadly no. It’s made like that from day one. The part will bolt on but make the car handle like poo sadly.
  6. If your DF02 still has the stock CVA Dampers (which are real cva's not ones with metal pistons), you could just get a new set of seals and rebuild them. This would make the most sense, unless you've broken or damaged them somehow, If they are stuffed, and you want a cheap fix, the DT03 Damper set (54567) will work, goes for about $15usd for a set of 4. Built properly these are reasonable dampers. They are not however as good as Tamiya Alloy damper sets. Kyosho Alloy shocks are usually equally as good as Tamiya Alloy shocks, but they also demand basically the same price, in some cases more. If your expecting that level, then you'll be totally disappointed in any cheap metal sets. I still have a set of original late 90's kyosho twin cap pro's, really love those shocks. But they where equally or more expensive than tamiya equivalent.
  7. Generally shocks are not a area of the car you can save money and end up with what you wanted. The issue is that shocks hold oil, under pressure, and most cheap shocks hold oil until you start using them. More often than not the shock shafts are made from butter and bend quite easily, the alloy may not be properly machined and finished smoothly. I usually recommend people avoid gpm and integy shocks and anything that made cheaper. yeah racing and 3racing make mediocre shocks, that are a step above the usual cheap Chinese shocks. fact is to get a decent upgrade on a Tamiya plastic oil shock there isn’t any metal options that cost the same or less than the stock Tamiya cva’s that are worth having. there is a lot of people who swear by cheaper shocks, I’ve been there and tried the lot, in recent times I’m in the position to afford genuine Tamiya shocks, and I’ve never had such clean low maintainence high performing vehicles till now. I know from my own experience if I can not financially justify a genuine Tamiya alloy shock there is few other Options I’ll consider, and usually that leaves just keep using cva’s. Cheap metal shocks for me is just pouring good money down the drain. A good quality plastic shock for the same money is often the better option. Juls
  8. Most ff03 hopups are still available, so it’s not a deal breaker to build one up. I can see what you looking at from a economic sense though. Not sure on ff04 parts but.
  9. Yes gpm is very mediocre, some stuff is downright junk where other parts are “ok”. this steering set seems to be ok. Works fine. I cannot promise all the holes to be ok in the one you buy, but the ones I have are good. I know exactly what you mean about the cc01 steering set, it was junk, I had multiples of them, 1 out of 3 actually worked somewhat ok. And yes the yeah racing version of that is great.
  10. Make sure it is for frp chassis if you have frp chassis. The yeah racing one I saw was for the plastic tub. gpm make a separate set for plastic tub. It’s quite different.
  11. This is the unit https://www.ebay.com/itm/ALUMINUM-STEERING-ASSEMBLY-B-TAMIYA-TA01-TA02-TA-01-02-FRP-CHASSIS-ALLOY/401982716163 It's made by GPM. Sadly it's only available in Blue these days. I have a few of them in my parts trays but all blue.
  12. My FF03, Couldn't quite stretch to a FF04 sorry.. lol These are all shelf queens.
  13. Here is my FF02.. No... I still havn't painted the body.. lol
  14. Ahh, sorry my bad I should have looked for the part you listed!!! I think 19444360 should be compatible, rcmart have these in stock. They are not identical to the df03 units. But the the thread specs I think are the same maybe. did you lose your stock ones or damage them? Juls
  15. Welcome to the rabbit warren... don't go looking for hopups, at least not period correct ones!! cause they are darn hard to find! I mean the chassis is only 28 years old.... At least the diff is still current and can be bought brand new (53070) replacement universals are CC01 Jobs (54608) Hopefully the front gearcase is in good nick, they are not easy to find now, often $$$ for NIP. The heatsink motor mounts are still around, they must have been gold pricing at the time, because they still seem to be quite readily available, although they are still gold money now. Forget about the blue one, that only came with 58151 and 58190 I don't believe ever sold separately.
  16. If your trying to set the High points, make sure that the throttle rate is at max, and that the Throttle amount is set to 100, and that the throttle trim is perfectly centred. If any of those are out it may not do it’s setup correctly. in the case of digital radios, often the epa settings need to be well above 100% to work properly. (Many radios can be set to 150%)
  17. And the day after you post off the spare chassis you had you’ll snap your original..... worse than that, instead of buying the new chassis parts you order a carbon or alloy tower. Put it on, 2 minutes later break your chassis... 😂
  18. There isn’t really a cheaper way out, the carbon tower is almost as expensive as the new chassis and you only get 1 tower not both as with the chassis parts. id only use the alloy towers on a dt03t because I know 1 upside down landing on a buggy and they will be bent. Mostly because you can’t get alloy towers for the dt03 that use a high quality material. They are all made of very soft alloy sadly. at least with the truck, the body gives some protection. Juls
  19. The weak part in most Tamiya gearboxes is the aluminium pinion, which wears quickly and then starts cutting the rest of the gearbox up. that said if the pinion is kept fresh or replaced with steel then the hornet gearbox is pretty much bulletproof assuming you don’t put huge heavy monster tyres with loads of grip on it, I can’t imagine you’d ever break the gears themselves. the limit will be more how fast you can go without constantly cartwheeling it which for a hopper chassis usually isn’t all that fast.
  20. It’s pretty common with many motors to need to trim the shaft for DT03 and DT02 so it doesn’t surprise me you’ve come up against that with the zahak. many 550 motors come with shafts you need to lop off about 4-5mm. so don’t feel bad if you have to trim a bit off the shaft I’ve done it many times. This is why we have a dremel on hand lol Juls
  21. It continues to amaze me that there is still new in packet FF01 chassis parts. Particularly the front gearbox. I tried to restore my old FF01 I had when I was 13 about 3 years ago but ended up building a new FF01 from parts and hopping it up. Consequently it ended up being a shelfer. I should really rebuild the original as a runner one day.
  22. I tend to build cars, then decide I don’t want to run it cause it’s too nice or rare or otherwise. I’ve been known to buy a second of said vehicle either second hand or new and kept stock then run that. So I end up with 2. My shelfers vary, from retired (and tired) cars, to old restored models to modern fully bombed (hopped up) models. Often cars that are getting hard to find parts for are shelved when they are new. While some of my shelfers are there for their chassis and their body is tolerated for reasons that Tamiya says they belong there, where some shelfers are mearly there for the body, and what lies beneath is not relevant. Be the shelfer there for personal reasons, for the sake of collection, for the sake of completion. Each has its own mixture of reasons to sit on the shelf. For those that are not yet on the shelf, this is because they are still NIB. I’m not one for keeping unbuilt kits, I’d rather build and display them. Yes I’m one of those people that buy kits someone’s been sitting on for 10-20 years NIB, potentially pay... quite a bit. Then rip it all open and build it.. sorry...not sorry. My hobby is not an investment.
  23. Annoyingly they will come loaded with Avante springs which will be too heavy for most 2wd buggys, particularly up front, and they won't re release the original spring kits. Lucky Gmade XD 19mm springs fit. The only springs tamiya make that might fit are the Big Bore Aeration damper sets. 54506/7/8 but I think the fronts might be too long. Either way I'm happy to see these on the horizon with them re releasing the avante again. I'll certainly be picking up some sets, whats the bet they don't make enough!
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