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  1. Hi All, I have a clod with both the rear mounts snapped, I wonder if anyone has a set lying around they want to sell me? Cheers
  2. Morning all, OK so I have just acquired a vintage Clod buster, which actually seems to work OK. However does have a couple of small issues. The front steering is rubbish, it sort of moves but the chassis twist more than the wheels turn any ideas? The MSC is very tired I would love to keep it but I am thinking will need to be upgraded to a ESC, will keep the MSC to the side. This OK for replacement? https://ebay.to/2O35gFt
  3. A CC-01 needs new body steering is screwed and the gears sound awful looking forward to stripping and rebuilding.
  4. Hi All Thought some of you may be interested in this, my wife is selling her Life Size chucky doll from Bride of Chucky check out ebay link below! https://ebay.to/2XunZNC
  5. Hi All So ebay has 20% off on selected stores at the moment with code PURE20 and Euro Car Parts sell Tamiya stuff, including paint! Also includes free delivery! Go here https://ebay.to/2Fzw1ux search Tamiya and try to not buy stuff!
  6. Nice to see I am still on the list with the TNX! I need to pull my thumb out and do something else
  7. OMG! that looks amazing! Love that!
  8. Checking out my new Arrma Outcast 2018
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