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  1. Yeah it is a bit pricey, however it's built by a 1 man band and such good quality. It makes loads of difference
  2. Love my clod, I got the axle conversion kit here https://ebay.to/2AlbJoV
  3. Hi all, I am currently running a competition on my channel to win a Wltoys-144001. What to get involved follow instructions on the vid below
  4. Great stuff, would you mind me sharing on my Facebook page and website when your done? tomstc.co.uk
  5. When I get a chance to test will let you know
  6. Fitted the new bits the the CR01 much better than the 1060 Esc and silver can
  7. Hi All I wonder if this will be of interest to some of you?
  8. RC4WD 45t motor and crawler ESC used but pretty much new. This will be going in the Tamiya CR-01
  9. Wait what? Have I missed something can you buy this?
  10. Made a course for the CR-01 and had some fun
  11. Ohhhh and the Pound is strong against the euro
  12. Has anyone gone ahead and ordered this? If you change the Shipping to ES (which I assume is SPAIN) you get 3-5 day lead time
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