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  1. I'm really proud of myself for not ordering anything!
  2. Sorry if already posted Might interest some of you eBay have 20% off on selected sellers with code PRIZE20 and that includes Euro Car parts who sell a few RC bits like drones FTX and Tamiya >>>>https://ebay.to/2r2xjtE
  3. Currently waiting in project limbo so made a start on getting the willy sorted! The body and driver are a bit beyond me so just cleaned up Will just strip rebuild with decent bearings and leave brushed
  4. Thanks I have ordered some! In the mean time I was lucky enough to get some cool wheels from a local chap on facebook, so I put in the new GPM steering as well last night and moved the suspension at the back. It sits too high at the back though, probably because of my bodge!
  5. My clodbuster body mounts kept snapping off and they are not cheap so I brought these https://ebay.to/320Higv Needs some adjusting and the body holes need to be made bigger, but feels so solid and love the ARRMA type body rests
  6. Thanks for the comments guys I didn't get a chance to look at the rear axle diff but did install the GPM 4 link. Trouble is the GPM 4link does not come with Suspension mounts as standard, so i improvised/ bodged, I cut the ends off the original links and opened the hole up a bit allowing me to locate them. Then I used some cable ties to fix them in place, they are pretty solid and the suspension moves well, if it doesn't work when running then will get proper mounts but will do for now! Please don't judge me!
  7. A couple of bits for the Clodbuster and CC-01 Ordered from China last week here yesterday, has anyone noticed things getting here from China a bit quicker lately? Clodbuster Body mounts looks good but might mean making holes in the body a bit bigger Body Mounts https://ebay.to/2pzXoPY 4 Link CC-01 https://ebay.to/2kZIIHJ
  8. Hi All Just saw this last night on ebay a poorly labeled I have made a couple of silly offers because I cant really afford it but I think they are looking for the full asking price which to be honest is not bad! Great project for someone https://ebay.to/2nPamrY
  9. Not sure just trial and error will look when I have it out next
  10. And now this just arrived, needs a good clean and rebuild but looks OK
  11. It's actually for my son, he wanted a proper crawler for his birthday. So had a look around and saw this, he is going to be so happy with it. Hopefully will have my CC01 finished by then and we can take them for a walk in the trails!
  12. Sat down and used some spare ball bearings to rebuild the rear drive and lock the diff with some obligatory blutac, also removed wobble with plastic bushings.
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