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  1. Thanks tamiya monkey, I like the fact that the springs are incorporated into the shocks like modern models and those metal ball ends, is there anyway of getting those in some sort of well known brand that could offer spares and the like instead of a generic shock set up. Any idea if shocks from a modern model will fit the scorcher? P.S. I know its never gunna be a race buggy but i just wanted to make a few worthwhile upgrades to make it look better/ drive easier and better.
  2. Cheers Fuijo, Will the diff make the scorcher any worse to drive in the sand due to one wheel able to slip and that.# Ive also seen some youtube vids of these cars on the beach in slow mo. Looks amazing!!!
  3. Hi all, I recently acquired a Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 re release and have set it up with a 3350mah battery and torque tuned silver can (i thought any more powerful would be overkill with this chassis). Everything else is stock and I've just built up the chassis a week ago and have tried it out a few times on varied surfaces. (even in Britain's march snow). i find it great but i have found a few problems which as an inexperienced R/C driver/ builder I don't know how to solve. First off is the steering linkages, these seem to have an awful lot of play in them and i have bent them a few times. Next is the shocks which seem to leak like there's no tomorrow. I've also seen some lovely aluminium centreline wheels for the SRB online but haven't found any for sale. Lastly is the aluminium chassis worth it? I'm just asking as i have limited experience in this field so not sure if these are one off jobs or if they are available to buy anywhere. If anyone has any advice or pictures of their own work it would all be appreciated. Regards, Ned P.S. the blitzer beetle has a seemingly good stance and strikes me as something that would actually be pretty capable once Hopped up. Has anyone had any experience with upgraded blitzers and is it worth getting one or just investing in a modern buggy/truggy?
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