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  1. As for the driver figure it would surprize me BIG time if it is anything else than the Hilux driver tree ?? Since there are just a partnumber for wheels ( rims ? ) I guess they will be same size as original. I had hoped for some smaller ones. At least narrower..
  2. http://tamiyablog.com/category/future-releases/ From Tamiya Blog today. Seems interesting !!!
  3. I managed to get some tyres ,decals and other stuff but no bumpers or interiors Did you buy them all ? I believe if Jason sold ALL parts for complete gearbox or axles they would have gone to !? ( in a package I mean )
  4. Think I saw this , 1499 $US. Thought it was gonna fly away in seconds , but no it´s still there
  5. I too saw this on ebay but decided it sounded "too good" to be OK. Especielly since shipping were included Maybe a mistake to not hit the buy it now button but I would kill myself beeing robbed on$ 580 I would REALLY like to see a Bruiser 2012 build manual !! ( if that´s allowed? )
  6. Got info from reliable sources : Third channel will make his ears flap
  7. Well how about that ?? Will keep my eyes open at Jason´s in the future
  8. The silver gearboxes would be NICE . And I,m with you : I would also buy it just for the blue gearboxes. Guess we are a bit crazy
  9. I´m also curious about the colour of the gearboxes as someone in another thread tought they were molded in blue ???
  10. They´ve done it before with the Taisan body / decals so let´s hope they do it again
  11. Don´t know if anyone posted this ? Just noticed that F-parts ( Blackfoot 1 grill and rear bumper ) had a minor price adjustment on a well known auctionsite : US$ 112 ! I guess original decals will have a new pricetag too
  12. I just read this thread and if this is true I must say that a big part of my Tamiya soul just died. I think it´s SO petty of "Mr T" to act this way At least give us the chance of buying the stuff !!
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