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  1. Saabman

    Nikko Super Sprint

    Well done for displaying such good humour! I had wondered if the caption should be 'play and pray' this time around?
  2. Saabman

    Nikko Super Sprint

    Perhaps three years ago I was given three RC cars including a Tamiya buggy (2wd), a Subaru and a Nikko Super Sprint. All had parts missing or needing attention. My son used to race his tuned-up Manta Ray, so he was keen to have first drive of the Super Sprint. I had incorrectly positioned the drive servo, so he had to remember the reversed controls. Result? Broken front floor pan on that first outing. These things can be repaired well, so the car was ready next time his family visited. The grandsons had a turn but the outcome was even worse, with a broken suspension pivot and lost front driveshaft. There is a fix for that, too, but it takes patience and a tubular section remodelled with several coats of Araldite. I have dispensed with the slow acting mechanical speed controller and replaced it with an electronic one. Plug and play, no setting up at all. Brilliant! Now three more grandchildren have arrived and are keen to try their hand. The car is fast! Play or sell?
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