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  1. I'm looking for the 2 parts Wing support for orignal F1 Ferrari 312T3, or a least the lower support https://tamiyabase.com/images/stories/models/model_58011_04.jpg[/img]
  2. hi, I picked up parts to recreate a JS9, on the rare optional CS FRP chassis upgrade (different than the one of the JPS79) I got the lexan body, the lexan decals, the driver head, body supports... but I lack the rear wing and its side. Can you help me ?
  3. I've also a working MK2, but why don't you respect the original rear steering patern ? Which glue did you used for the tires ? How long they last ? I still have the original one's but they are too fragile to be used.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a TM-4 Muffler and FS12SW carburetor or a complete FS12SW to restore. Thanks,
  5. Hello, As I received some TGX, I'm seeking for Engine identifications. How can I can I recognize the difference between a FS12-LT / FS12-SD / FS12-SS.... And the same about OPS-15 / OPS-15-VR / FS15-SS/ FS15-R / FS15-LT ? For exemple, I got 1x OPS mark on a side and 15 mark on the other, and the other engine got a FS12 on the recoil started and a 12 mark on it... I've seek a bit on the manuals I found over the net, and saw differences in carburetors, top cylinder head, and exhaust manifold, very few differences about the "case" itself. Thanks for you help.
  6. The postman brought me 2 nice Tamiya TGX 1/8 ! 1x Opel Calibra "White DTM" 1995 body 1x Opel Calibra "Black CLIFF" 1996 ITC Winner Body 1x just got rear suspension axis upgraded with a FS12 (which kind I don't know...), standard tyres, The other one : got a OPS15 (which kind I don't know...)., adjustable front & rear turnbuckle, bearings, adjustable steering rods, front stabilizator, slick tyres, universals shafts at front... but it miss the recoil starter.
  7. Hello, I'm looking parts to finish the retoration of my Tamiya Ascona (common with the Audi parts) : Metal Body retainer (in the middle of the picture), front and plastic retainer (white on the picture) and by miracle a resine copy of the car rear... Will pay with paypal.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for Tamiya 53326 TA03 Alu Steering Arm, if you have some in stock for sale, contact me. Thanks, Chris
  9. Hi, I'm looking for the decals to build a new Calibra Cliff (1/10), or a good scan of them. Thanks, Chris
  10. Hi, I'm restoring a Tamiya 58037 Opel Ascona 400, which lack its pilot/driver doll. If you have one for sale, or trick, let me know. Thanks,
  11. Hi, I'm sure you had already sold them, but in case you still have them, contact me
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