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  1. Just after the benefit of your experience before pulling things apart. I've a 2nd hotshot which I've rescued for my son to run. Driving it gently round the house was fine but yesterday we went to race round the garden and, when it's under load, it was slipping. I assume that I simply need to slacken off one of the motor mount screws and reposition it? Any particular tips to use so that I get it right this time? In all the time I've been fiddling with these cars I've not had to deal with the motor/gearbox, I've spent so much time fixing broken/worn out suspension!
  2. All sorted now. Fitted new ball ends, a couple of orings, and sleeved the suspension arm mounts as they had a huuuuggge amount of slack. It's much better now. Thanks for the tips!
  3. Oh, I hadn't realised. Those yellow shocks are a different construction to the CVA's I've got. I don't think the parts I shared will fit.
  4. Actually this is a cheaper way of dong it, and there's one in stock in Bristol. Might be worth double checking the fitment though. I don't work for them BTW, it's just I'm off work sick and bored!
  5. Tamiya do a spare parts kit for the CVA shocks, Antics have it cheaper than on ebay here. Only in black but if it gets it running maybe that's good enough? You never know they might even have it in their Bristol store and it'd save the postage!
  6. I used a DT-03 CVA kit on my Madcap. IIRC it had both 'long' and 'short' end fittings. I used the long ones to get clearance on the lower wishbone.
  7. Aha, the ball joints are quite slack. I hadn't considered it might be them that's at fault. Thanks.
  8. I've a vintage Hotshot that's used for bashing around the garden with the kids. It runs pretty well but it often drops the front right drive shaft out the 'socket' on the wheel. It then get's stuck there and I have to remove the top suspension arm to free it and relocate it. I think it's happening as there's a little too much suspension travel, but I can't see a way of restricting the suspension movement. Any tips?
  9. Like this one? I can't work out how it reduces the slop. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp?t=&id=img33435_26M57_1.jpg
  10. Excellent, thanks. Glad to know it's been done before. The stuff I've found is 0.5mm wall thickness, and 3.0mm ID. I'll see how I get on.
  11. I've a couple of vintage buggies, one of which is a Hotshot. It's not, and never will be, a shelf queen (I don't have the time or the patience!). It's just for having fun with with my boys. The two top front suspension bushes have a load of slop in where the plastic has worn over the years. I was considering drilling them out and inserting a phosphor bronze bush, but thought I'd see what the conventional wisdom of the forum is. I realise I might be able to buy a replacement diff housing, but even if I could I'd rather make a repair that increases the durability rather than put in a rareish part to get worn out. Any pointers?
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