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  1. Hey, Has anyone got a copy of the body paint instructions. Can't seem to find one online. Cheers.
  2. Hello All, I know this has come up before. But I am at roughly the end of halfing my collection. I have sold a lot of cars and have to admit it is a weight of my mind. Some how, over many years the collection expanded to a point I didn't know what I had. Whilst the initial thought of losing stuff was hard to take, I don't miss a single one of the cars I have sold. Hairy Edit: some are still on ebay.
  3. Brilliant. To ebay it goes. Cheers.
  4. Hey All, Anyone know what this is from? I'm guessing a battery stay/ heat sink, but for what? Cheers.
  5. Simple really, my mental health. Needed a hobby, a get away and stumbled on my original Clodbuster at my parents house. Really felt that this was the thing to occupy my mind. And have loved it ever since.
  6. Finally completed the motor holy grail with my boyhood clod in the background.
  7. That should be OK. Send me a pm with your address.
  8. Send me pm and we can sort something out.
  9. Is any of this any use to anyone? Mostly TA01, TA02, M03 and TL01. I don't keep msc's so there are alot if their fixings.
  10. Hey, @xray mark that was the original intension but its not always possible.
  11. Finished my Sand Viper, or as I'm calling it the Metal Viper.
  12. Hey, So I recently picked up a top force, but have decided it probably was a bad idea. It is NIB and has an unopened set of Hi Caps, plus I can throw in the box art PS green paint. The downside is I'm not going to post, so its collection only from Weybridge in Surrey. If your interested make me an offer. Cheers, Hairy
  13. Sold ... and no one noticed the first letters of each line. 😁
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