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  1. Hey All, I'm looking for the servo parts in grey. The parts that attach to the servo, not the stays. Cheers, Hairy
  2. This is intriguing so went searching. Found these, only two sadly but they look to be the same.
  3. Hey all, Looking for a mint example, let me know if your selling. Cheers Hairy
  4. I had exactly the same yesterday.
  5. No worries. I have never had so many messages.
  6. OK, not a post I really wanted to make. But I have had three people in the last few weeks offer me the cars/ parts I have been searching for and posted about in the sales pages. All three individuals had joined the Club within hours of sending the contact message and had no feedback/ rating or posts. None of them posted on the original message, they all sent direct pm's. I'm hoping it's coincedence and if those individuals would like to prove me wrong that's fine. Anyone else have the same experience?
  7. The site keeps adding extra lines and random stuff. Been like this for over a week. That's the issue? Example A ......
  8. Looking for a mint example. My second long shot of the day. There is one on ebay but £300 is a bit punchy.
  9. Hey, is the BMW in mint condition? If so I'll take it. Edit: Sorry watched the video and it is not so ignore me.
  10. These any use to someone. I think they are M03 stabiliser bars. So would work on a FF02. I don't have any of the other parts.
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