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  1. Hey All, Looking for standard Tamiya hex buggy wheels. Need a set of four in practically any condition. Cheers, Hairy
  2. Hey, the idea is that if you have stuff you want rid off you offer it here. Anyone who accepts the offer, should then try to offer another item in return. My first post kind of explains. There is no need to 'match' values and we ask that if you take something its not to gain a profit and that if multiples are offered you don't take them all. Its based on trust which to my knowledge has never been broken. 'Sellers' may ask for a postage contribution or might not. Enjoy.
  3. Hey all, Looking for a set of rear wheels and tyres. Or all four. Trying to get an old buggy working but missing the rears. The fronts I have are white so that would be ideal. Cheers, Hairy.
  4. Hey @BP2411 thats some nice stuff. Thanks to everyone who has partaken in this. Its always nice to see threads pop up. Hairy.
  5. Hey All, Looking for any white FF01 parts especially the front and rear arms. Cheers, Hairy
  6. Hey all, Looking for a mint condition chassis. No need for a shell etc but will look at anything. Cheers, Hairy
  7. Hey All, I brought these and I dont know why. I'm sure you have all seen them. Free if they are of use. Cheers, Hairy
  8. Hey All, Two complete transmitter sets for sale. £65 each including postage in the UK. Cheers, Hairy
  9. So ... following the start of this thread a few months ago, I am now wondering whether to get rid of my whole collection. For some reason the hobby doesn't have the draw it once did.
  10. I had a Hermes delivery that they photographed outside of my front door, only it wasn't my house. They had no idea which house they had left it outside. After 3 days in the rain the home owners noticed it and brought it round.
  11. I always use Royal Mail/ Parcelforce. Costs vary but £12 - £17 would normally cover it if it weighs over 2kg. Just be careful with insurance. You must take photos as you pack it to prove it was packaged correctly. There is a guide on their website somewhere that's worth checking out.
  12. Hey all, Looking for an M03 rolling chassis. Nothing special just complete. Let me know what you got. No need for a body shell. Cheers, Hairy
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