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  1. Hey. Looking for 3 new TA01/ TA02 bumpers. Could buy them but really dont need the other parts. Cheers.
  2. Hey. I dont run it. It just sits on a shelf. To be honest it needs some work.
  3. Had a look and no luck. I have a handful of belts but none appear to be the right length. Below is a photo of the belt on my TA03FS, are those numbers the indicator of the length?
  4. Hey. I think I might have one. I have a few belts not sure if they are for the RS chassis or not though. Will look tomorrow. Do you know its length?
  5. Hey. Thanks. The thing about these is the switch is different to normal.
  6. Hey. Thanks for the replies. There is no interest in them. I have 16 so probably gonna sell them as one lot or bin. Cheers.
  7. Hey. I have these listed on Ebay but to be honest they are really odd. I have never seen them before. Are they of use to anyone? Happy to do deals on multiples (I have 16 of them). Cheers.
  8. OK ... so does anyone know what parts you need to change to make a standard TA02 chassis the TA02W version. Cheers.
  9. The holy grail, finished today, with white wheels.
  10. On the parts hunt for these two.
  11. Thanks. No use to me. So I guess I'll ebay it.
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