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  1. Hey, Anyone looking to off load the above chassis but the cars not the F1 bodies. Cheers, Jon
  2. Hey, are these any good? I have 5 for some reason.
  3. I'd never really thought of it like that. I kind of feel that there is safety in the club.
  4. I have two TA03 short (R-S and F-S) chassis tubs that I cant sell. Free to a good home. I will have to charge postage this time though (I guess £6).
  5. I was thinking today that it would be cool to know if the offer you received on an ebay item was from a TC member. I have had a few examples were someone has sent an offer and I have recognised the name. Maybe we need a codeword, so when you make an offer you type it in the message. What about 'Tamiya for Life' (you might be able to tell that I'm bored).
  6. I seem to have a habit of buying bodies and the required paint and then deciding to sell the unpainted body leaving me with loads of paint I do not need.
  7. So ... who's cleaning the man cave?
  8. Hey, there yours. Send me a PM with your address.
  9. Hey, the motors yours. Send me a PM with your address.
  10. Hey All, These last few days have had me thinking about trying to help others. Anyway it has led me to offering the two items below for free (universal shafts 46mm/ 42mm and a re re dyna storm pink motor) and I hope we can start a pay it forward type arrangement. I like many of you know the joy of getting something in the post and with cash tight I thought this might give us all a smile. I will pay postage etc (UK based, maybe we need a separate US thread?). All I ask is that you offer something to the TC members in return. Stay safe, Hairy.
  11. Update .... there was a queue of about 150 people waiting to get into the shop !!! So didn't bother. Madness.
  12. Hey, sorry, I'm no longer looking. Cheers.
  13. Thanks buddy, I will let her know. Not all heros were capes.
  14. Agreed. I'm heading out tomorrow morning to see if the early opening for NHS staff is any better (wifes a doctor). She has had people steal boxes of masks that the doctors use to stop themselves from catching it, because if that happens we are really f#@ked.
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