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  1. Hey All, Finally got round to restoring a TA02 chassis and found this in the front gear case. Anyone know if its official Tamiya or anything else about it. Cheers, Hairy.
  2. @mud4fun sorry to hear your situation. There have been some terrible stories over the last year and we are likely to see more in the coming months. The mental health cost of the pandemic is yet to be truly understood. However, hopefully you will believe me when I say that it is not overhyped, it really is as bad as reported.
  3. Sorted out 8 for sale. Further reduction in the collection. Needs must. They are on the sales pages if interested. Will ebay them when a selling fees deal comes around. Luckily for me, I enjoy having different chassis etc for a while, working out how they work and then selling them off. If I could just stop buying TA01/02 chassis I might find other things new.
  4. Hey all, The following are up for sale. You will need to add postage and PP fees if applicable. Happy for collection (covid safe of course). I'm located in Surrey, UK. 1. King Cab 2. Midnight Pumpkin 3. Boomerang 4. Lunchbox 5. Ferrari F310b 6. Vanquish 7. Manta Ray 8. TA02 Skyline Cheers, Hairy
  5. Was just thinking about this and then came across this thread. I decided to leave all of the Facebook groups earlier this week after a number of idiotic moaning toddlers just couldn't keep their opinions to themselves. Its funny how everyone (not really everyone but...) on there seems to be an expert.
  6. Finished of my Top Force/ TA02 BMW buggy thing. I kind of like it, going to bash it to bits.
  7. You could suggest he gives you a full refund and relists the item under the current £1 seller fees deal. You then buy it again for the same price. If the purchase price was £100, he would make £9 extra. Of course that is assuming it wasn't on a deal in the first place. I'm also not entirely sure how ebay would view that, but someone has done it to me before.
  8. Thanks. If I can find J4, the front mount part I might get away with it.
  9. Yep, a number are on the sold listings, but none around now. I'm sure they will come up again sooner or later.
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