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  1. Thanks. Seen a few around, going to build it so don't really want to buy NIB.
  2. Hey All, Looking for a mint condition Castrol Toms Supra. Only really need the shell but would take a complete car. Ideally looking for the GT version (it would seem to be very very rare), but would also consider the 2000 version. Cheers, Hairy
  3. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really like PayPal. It separates payments from your bank. I use it all the time. I have uber (definitely not like the old days) on it and loads of stuff. It's annoying that ebay now give me my money and I then move it back into PayPal.
  4. Agreed. It is slightly better, but a whole lot better when the £1 deal is on. Its a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK this weekend so I'm expecting a deal to come through on Friday. Got 12 cars to sell, so it better !!!
  5. You little tease .... let me know if it becomes available. I know nothing of the repro shells so can't comment. Should add a big thank you to @Turbotom for the high caps.
  6. A photo is always nice. Here's the chassis.
  7. Hey, no worries. Still looking for a shell and wing though. Finished the build yesterday, so just need the finishing touch now.
  8. Tamiya. Looking for an original or rere.
  9. Hey All, Looking for a top force body shell and wing in shelf condition. Can be painted or new. Let me know if you can help. Cheers, Hairy
  10. Hey, need to be black are at least silver/ aluminium etc. Cheers.
  11. Hey, Anyone got a set of top force dampers, new or nearly new. Would be happy with after market. Cant bring myself to spend £100 on hi caps. Cheers, Hairy
  12. Hey, its the small tube shaft I'm missing. I have one. Would be great if you had a spare.
  13. Thanks. Looks like I'm missing one of the one-way shafts, so thats annoying.
  14. Hey All, Anyone know what this is from? Cheers, Hairy
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