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  1. Awesome. Thanks. I’ve been looking at some replacement wheels for street tyres. Just some Absima’s to start with.
  2. Hey all, does anyone in the UK have an Avante or 2001 wing knocking about? I've got a 2001 body shell for my Egress rere, but it doesn't have the wing. Just wondering whether anyone has one before I order a TBG one from the states where the postage is more than the item!
  3. Ah brushless! Something I am going to have to read up on! I only just understood the original motors!! That said I was 7 8 when the Egress came out!
  4. It’s finally arrived! I have wanted an Egress since 1990 and the reissue was posted today. So before I begin the build, which I will document, what are the essential upgrades I should get? I’ve been told bearings, but I believe the Egress comes with bearings? Are alloy uprights worth it? Anything else? I’m going to be building to run on tarmac once in a while, but mainly a shelf queen and then building a rere Manta Ray as a basher.
  5. Thanks everyone. Hardened prop shaft and motor mount ordered along with some bearings. I’m going to get the Manta Ray out of the cabinet soon, although for £85 I am tempted to get the reissue and leave the vintage as a shelf queen. I’m waiting for my Egress to arrive this week!
  6. Thanks, I'm looking for bearings now. I'll have a look at Modelsport!
  7. Fantastic! Thanks for the advice! I need to chat to my mum to find my Manta Ray box and manual, but I’ll get on buying some bearings to start. I’m starting from scratch with the electronic gear, so any advice on a good set up, a nice balance between longevity and performance is welcome. Although i’ll probably ask in the electronics forum. Wheels and tyres, is there a good supplier / sizes I should note? thanks!
  8. Hi all Many years ago a friend at school brought a Tamiya magazine over from Oman and showed me pics of his Avante 2001. I loved the Manta Ray and asked my parents for one for Christmas, but the one I lusted after was the Egress. So much so that I 3D modelled one to get into Uni (back in the late 90’s) My parents actually bought me a Bear Hawk. It lasted a few years. Unbeknownst to me, my dad also had a Sand Scorcher. Anyhow fast forward 18 years and I managed to find an original, boxed Manta Ray which I built ran for a week and is currently a shelf queen. A few years ago I bought my Dad the Sand Scorcher re-release and this week I finally ordered a re-release Egress! But I have realised I know nothing about current tech and upgrades. Is there a guide anywhere on: What I can do to upgrade the Manta Ray, wheels ESC, Motor better parts. What I can do to upgrade the Egress? i’ve managed to get a Vintage Avante 2001 body and graphics for a different look and as a nod to my friend. But I would love to build it with some better and special parts. Any advice welcome.
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