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  1. Dear Tamiyaclubbers I'm lucky to own a couple of vintage transmittors (Acoms, Futaba, Robbe) but it seems the range is much shorter then I remember from my early RC day's (late 80's). After 30 -40 meters the cars (FOX, Hronet, Grasshopper) connection is lost and the cars just go wherever they want to. Am I doing something wrong? Tnx for your advice Walter
  2. Finished a basherbody for my Novafox in Foxcolors
  3. Cleaned up my vintage FOX and retired it on the shelf
  4. Found another example: painting stripes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fXfazftU8A
  5. Look at this example but with the Hornet body you'd have to work inside out: https://youtu.be/1LIM5s_L0kE
  6. Thank God fornthe postman. I ruined my Fox and have no time to restore it or start on the Novafox kit whichbis lying arround for a year. What am I going to run with my kids while staying at my parents? Time to get that Hornethopper running again. Needed some parts though.
  7. Curious how this works out. I'm running a Fox with vintage Futaba servo's and radio. The commands get flakey from time to time but a good maintenance of the MSC and fully charged radiobatteries seem to help. Are you running vintage servo's with a modern ESC en radio? Not thet this should be a problem (runs fine in my sons Hornet).
  8. I bought a 2n hand Hornet without motor. Could anyone tell me what the difference is between a Tamiya 540 motor #7435044 and Tamiya RC 540-J Motor (Johnson) #53689? tnx!
  9. In those Fox orignal days we brushpainted our cars so I can't remember any masks in the box
  10. Applying masking tape on a Hornet body in preparation of a camouflage scheme
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