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  1. Running Fox

    Few Fox Questions

    In those Fox orignal days we brushpainted our cars so I can't remember any masks in the box
  2. Running Fox

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Applying masking tape on a Hornet body in preparation of a camouflage scheme
  3. Running Fox

    Vintage fox gear box

    Hi saju_nyc When you turn the other rear wheel, is there te same slack? Did you check the bevel gears?
  4. Running Fox

    Orignal Fox

    Or race your vintage car with love and precaution. treat them like these rare oldtimer cars and planes.
  5. Running Fox

    Orignal Fox

  6. Running Fox

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Trying to brush racing stripes on my son's Hornet.
  7. Running Fox

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Took my two boys to the local BMX track and later on to the skatepark and had great fun. My Fox beats the Hornet by miles but when a group of kids came up the oohs and aahs were for the 'orange(duh?)' racing car.
  8. Running Fox

    Old Hornet To New Grasshopper

    The kind of treasures you rediscover when moving :). Nice body although I do like original yellow+black stripes one too. What kind of rear shocks are you going to use and do you think the front needs oil shocks too?
  9. Running Fox

    Your Current Fleet

    Whaw gents! I see some impressive lists here. Mine is rather modest: Myself: Vintage Tamiya Fox (MkII) Vintage Tamiya Grasshopper II Tamiya Novafox (in the box) My oldest son (11yrs) Re Re Tamiya Hornet - black metallic edition My youngest son (7 yrs) A Nikko Vaporizr 2
  10. Running Fox

    Best optional color for a Hornet.

    Looks great!
  11. Running Fox

    HotShotII blasphemy

  12. Running Fox

    Tamiya Hornet with lights

    @Dirt-540: that's a great looking Hornet!
  13. Running Fox

    Monster Grasshopper Conversion

    Correct. You only need it iff you have that moving axle. Looks like a fun project to me! Be sure to send us some pictures!
  14. Running Fox

    Monster Grasshopper Conversion

    You probably also might need to mount a ampro engneering transmission brace to get rid of the hopping behaviour of the car.