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  1. Cleaned up my vintage FOX and retired it on the shelf
  2. Found another example: painting stripes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fXfazftU8A
  3. Look at this example but with the Hornet body you'd have to work inside out: https://youtu.be/1LIM5s_L0kE
  4. Thank God fornthe postman. I ruined my Fox and have no time to restore it or start on the Novafox kit whichbis lying arround for a year. What am I going to run with my kids while staying at my parents? Time to get that Hornethopper running again. Needed some parts though.
  5. Curious how this works out. I'm running a Fox with vintage Futaba servo's and radio. The commands get flakey from time to time but a good maintenance of the MSC and fully charged radiobatteries seem to help. Are you running vintage servo's with a modern ESC en radio? Not thet this should be a problem (runs fine in my sons Hornet).
  6. I bought a 2n hand Hornet without motor. Could anyone tell me what the difference is between a Tamiya 540 motor #7435044 and Tamiya RC 540-J Motor (Johnson) #53689? tnx!
  7. In those Fox orignal days we brushpainted our cars so I can't remember any masks in the box
  8. Applying masking tape on a Hornet body in preparation of a camouflage scheme
  9. Hi saju_nyc When you turn the other rear wheel, is there te same slack? Did you check the bevel gears?
  10. Or race your vintage car with love and precaution. treat them like these rare oldtimer cars and planes.
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