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  1. Hi Golden Having two kids driving Hornets and driven a Hornethoppersparepartscar myself I tend to be in favor of the 'old Grasshopper Way' front suspension without those spacers and O-rings, or upgrade tot the Grashopper Super G way with mini oil filled shocks. Actually we also prefer the plastic flange nuts (A5 plastic parts) above the metal one to mount the shocks on the front arms (stage 17 in the manual), as we lost all for metal nuts while bashing. As for the rear tyres, see our video:
  2. Thanks! Received my Super G today and the front supension 'feels' better at the front with those yellow CVA's but the car isn't ready to be driven yet.
  3. Great to see this restoration. I have a G2 and a Super G is on its way (because of the yellow mini cva's and the fluo wheel rimms). What diffetence did you experience between the black and the yellow mini shocks?
  4. Yeah these orange wheels are very very wanted! Same here.
  5. Never saw that sway bar before! Sure looks better then the one that comes with the Nova Fox. Did you fit in the Nova Fox Dogbones/shafts? In what I read above I get a bit confused. The Fox shafts come with C-rings, Nova FoX shafts with E-rings but the c-rings do'nt fit the Nova Fox Shafts and de E-rings do not fit the Fox Shafts or am I wrong? Thanks for posting the pics and enlighten me on those rings! Walter ps: feel free to send me those c-rings if you do'nt need them
  6. Dear Tamiyaclubbers I'm lucky to own a couple of vintage transmittors (Acoms, Futaba, Robbe) but it seems the range is much shorter then I remember from my early RC day's (late 80's). After 30 -40 meters the cars (FOX, Hronet, Grasshopper) connection is lost and the cars just go wherever they want to. Am I doing something wrong? Tnx for your advice Walter
  7. Finished a basherbody for my Novafox in Foxcolors
  8. Cleaned up my vintage FOX and retired it on the shelf
  9. Found another example: painting stripes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fXfazftU8A
  10. Look at this example but with the Hornet body you'd have to work inside out: https://youtu.be/1LIM5s_L0kE
  11. Thank God fornthe postman. I ruined my Fox and have no time to restore it or start on the Novafox kit whichbis lying arround for a year. What am I going to run with my kids while staying at my parents? Time to get that Hornethopper running again. Needed some parts though.
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