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  1. hello, the color is tamiya ps59 4 or 5 layers backed with tamiya ps5. translate from french, i am french excuse my horrible english -Color ps59, backed ps5-Grid inox for front bumper and spoiler vent hole-Carbone wrap for spoiler tamiya 54646-Body lining, permanent marker-front light glass, Wrap Up Next REAL 3D Head Light-screw m1 fender from ali-Vinyles RWB gold hand cut -licence plate printed to waterslide stickers a4 sheet for home inkjet stuck to styrene plate ans clear coat.-exhaust muffler and wipe screen from ali-réa glass, detailled peinte on transparent vinyl -rims tamiya 50673 32mm and 50672 26mm for front, Center paint in gold-Paint Idlers in tyre hand made -light bucket tamiya 19115209-full ball bearings-Hex 6mm aluminium-spur ear 66 -Pignons 25-Servo futaba s3003-engine mount aluminium-tires radial 53227 front and 53231 rear-aluminium direction
  2. Thanks neverfollow and Shodog, The screw i used is M1 size from most popular china webstore
  3. Hi, I have finish mine, very nice to build a nice model like this what do you think? I was inspired by RWB royal ocean
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