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  1. Spoke to hobbyco the other day, as was interested in availability of some egress/super astute spares. Had some other stuff on order since feb so just wanted an update. Apparently what used to be sent by air freight is now by boat due to airlines pushing their prices up. 3-4 months shipping time and production hit hard in Philippines due to covid infections, so no real timeframes available. Factories etc rightly closed to protect their staff.
  2. Hi all, I wondered if anyone had a copy of the above, and wouldn't mind sharing a scanned copy of the super astute article. Interested in what the conversation entails? Thanks in advance
  3. Juls1 damper thread may help with the question of interchangeable parts
  4. Plastic X parts and most other egress parts are available from tamiya distributors. TonysTamiya parts has some listed on Ebay at the moment, likewise seals are listed by another seller, as are damper rods.
  5. Wera stuff also nicely designed to not roll around, ie off the back of your workbench and down behind the immovable tool store!!
  6. Laser do some nice mini spanners, also available in halfords I believe. Cant remember where I got mine. Another vote for Wera too, the hollow shaft nut spinner set is good for the 5.5 and 7mm. Plus all the others can be used for the usual plumbing/house jobs so easily justified. Micro nut spinners also available for 3mm down.
  7. Also more recent front mini high cap cylinder anodizing appears to now match the rears (for a time the fronts were lighter for some strange reason)
  8. All the parts are still available online or to order, will set you back about 120 with all the necessary mounting parts. I just used 2013 egress manual for part numbers to source a second set, then you just need the front shock tower adaptor which is a bit rarer but does get listed now and again. Tamiya legends vid on youtube recently mentioned someone on Facebook is considering producing a batch in carbon fibre to match the original frp part (think the short run of front avante 2011 high cap hop ups included this in cf too)
  9. Hi, The avante black motor, is it new or used, and regarding part ex what value do you put on it? Cheers
  10. I ordered 3 from TJD, so if they turn up and you still haven't found one let me know.
  11. Likely to be a special order only and even then you may be in for a long wait, unless someone decides to break a kit and sell on said well known auction site. I've had the same parts on order since February, and still no sign of them turning up anytime soon!
  12. Hi all, Wondered if anyone had a spare set of prop joints and propshaft that was surplus to requirements? Item number 19805901. Was about to order from tamico but last one went before I had the time to complete. Thanks
  13. Bought loads from Colin at RCBearings, really helpful guy and good service. Offers a good discount if you're a member of tamiyabase too.
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