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  1. Built this ages ago, but its the only thing I've actually managed to finish since covid started!
  2. Presumably the threaded collar is behind the damaged section, will running the threaded collar over it not correct the thread?
  3. For those interested the VQS hi caps are available, were in stock at tamico this morning!
  4. Others now on the well known auction site too
  5. Stadium blitzer sold. Mudblaster II due to be sold.
  6. Price seems correct. When the rere topforce hicap set was released they were around 50, before demand overtook supply and everyone pushed their prices up to between 60-80. VQS availability suggested for November now so hi cap damper sets should follow soon. Alternatively build an egress set from parts?
  7. NIB Neo fighter, re re Manta ray, Mudblaster II, and 2010 Stadium Blitzer (still shrink wrapped) still available. Open to offers. Prefer collection from Gravesend area, alternatively periodically travel around M25 so happy to meet.
  8. No problem, I'm hoping to escape the house today and post the ball connector too
  9. Rear damper shaft is 19805917, ~£5 per pair. Sorry can't advise on the ones in the link, if the picture is of the actual item rather than a generic photo they look to be too short.
  10. Hi there, I could do with a pair of these if that's ok, my SA had an altercation with a kerb not so long ago and lost!!! I also have the 6mm ball connector you need, pm me your details, UK?
  11. Hi all, Have come to the realisation that I have too many unbuilt kits sitting on shelves, am rapidly running out of storage space and will likely never get the opportunity to build or use them, so am looking to part with the following: Mudblaster II Dt03 Neofighter Manta ray Would prefer collection from Kent. Open to sensible offers. Pics to follow !(unhelpful I know, but each pic currently exceeds the limit)
  12. Avante (2011 version) is due another re release ~November time so if you can wait there will likely be spare bodies and stickers at normal shop stock prices soon after
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