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  1. I may have some A tree parts, will check this weekend
  2. Thanks for the info, have ordered a few A parts for the spares box. Anyone come up with some ingenious bracing to prevent it?
  3. Hi all, Apologies if this has been raised and answered before, had a quick search but please redirect where necessary. I've almost enough spares to build an egress/avante hybrid, ie egress chassis and locked centre diff parts but not the front or rear ball diffs, however I do have a pair of avante gear diffs. Questions are: 1. Will they work in harmony or will the egress locked centre diff result in early wear/destruction of the avante gear diffs? 2. Any thoughts/experience of how well this combo will run or is it better to wait and source egress ball diffs? 3. Centre diff options, what's better and why- avante ball, egress locked or one way torque splitter? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, just a query, what are the weak points with the front gearbox halves you mention? Have an egress bitsa project on the go and wondering what I should look out for. Thanks
  5. Looking at the show pictures, looks to have adjustable turnbuckles over originals plain threaded rod, and gone are the blue 6mm rod ends. Wonder what else may have changed? Maybe just preproduction differences.
  6. Hi all, thanks for the advice particularly the high gloss option on decals
  7. Hi all, Anyone own both, if so is the undertray the same considering they are the same chassis? Wondering whether I can reuse my egress one for an avante 2001 body (yet to buy) or if I'll need the whole body kit? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I've been in touch with Trish at TBG enquiring whether a bulk order would qualify for a discount, they are willing but would like to know numbers and what body shells we are interested in. I've made a note of the Saint Dragon, but please all let me know what your interested in and I'll get a quote. If we get as far as concluding an order I'm sure we can find some way of minimising onward postage costs so we all make some saving! So things don't get lost in comms, please feel free to mail direct. Dave
  9. I wouldn't expect them to undervalue the order, and to be honest I'd rather have the insurance for the correct value. But if the orders big enough, could potentially make a small saving on each shell, never know till we ask. Will definitely save by splitting shipping, import duty and RM handling fees vs individual orders though
  10. Hi All, I've been slowly amassing all the parts to built from NOS or from used the kits I couldn't afford as a kid, however like many have hit a roadblock with body shells and stickers. Would any UK members be interested in a group purchase from the above 2 companies, splitting the handling and customs charges, and where applicable the shipping fees accordingly (mci free shipping above $50)?
  11. Rere includes bearings for gearbox and trans. This should help identify those not included and sizes: https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/47381.pdf
  12. I went for the closest measurement Schumacher ones, as couldn't find 42mm tamiya ones
  13. 42mm front and 38mm rear. Steering rods are 50mm.
  14. Great thread, thanks. Since all the shafts are 3mm, could the gold ones be retro fitted to the V2 highcaps to further improve their responsiveness whilst also making them look more 'factory racing'? Guessing a few spacers would be required at the piston end as the distance between e clips looks longer, but possible?
  15. Also what's people experience with MCI, speedy service, high handling fees uk end? Saw they post free for orders over $50, but need to check if this includes overseas or within Canada only
  16. Hadn't considered that. I'd certainly be interested in a few of their repro bodies, so a bulk buy with others should be more cost effective. Of those who have purchased from TBG before, what's a typical customs and handling total? Do they just list the product total or add the postage to the declaration their end? Where do people think a new topic to gauge interest would be best placed, general or vintage section?
  17. Thanks both, one will be a shelfer only so will investigate the Super astute springs for the right look. The other a runner hopefully so from the advice above will investigate an uprated spring rate set. Any pics with the gold DF03 springs, presumably I can match the rears aswell?
  18. Thanks both, will check Kamtec and Penguin first. Considered TBG, but following the customs and RM charges I had to pay recently for a diff rebuild kit I may just have to make all my TS series chassis 'fire dragons' of various spec!
  19. Hi all, I'm restoring an original fire dragon, and other family members, but have hit a brick wall trying to source damper springs, particularly the front ones. The originals are corroded beyond repair and are no longer available from Tamiya UK (9805130). I've scoured the manuals trying to find equivalents with the same coil count. Does anyone know if there are springs from another model which are a suitable close replacement, alternatively any suggestions of which ones would in fact improve handling? Many thanks
  20. Hi all, Does anyone know if there are any UK or EU producers of this body shell, or out of production body shells in general? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi All, I'm looking for some rear monster racer wheels #50429, the neon pink ones. I believe they are the same ones as used on the original Bush Devil. Does anyone have a new or good used condition pair they would be willing to part with? Many thanks
  22. I went down the restore route for one vehicle and the super astute rere TCC for the other. The difficult parts to obtain for the restore option are the thrust washers with the hexagonal centres, and if badly pitted I don't think the sanding option will work. Mine would have been half thickness!! Got all the parts in the end but it took a while and cost almost as much as an SA upgrade. Almost nothing from the original gearbox is reusable if upgrading to the rere SA TCC, including the A parts gearbox case.
  23. Also check the alloy diff housings, if the 3 screws joining the halves are over tightened they can deform. Place the flats across a piece of glass or similar to check. These are known to be quite soft! If deformed once rebuilt the diff will still slip badly, adding more washers and further tightening will only worsen the issue. Madcap metal parts bags have been on a well known auction site recently (includes diff housings). I had this issue on a used king cab I purchased, in addition to pitted washers due to over tightening. All the best
  24. Tony's tamiya had them online up till about last week, may be worth dropping them a message and see when they'll be back in stock. Seems like a regular stock item as I've purchased several over the last few months, none spare at the mo though, sorry.
  25. Hi GTodd, The 6mm balls for the turnbuckles on the hub carrier ends are the same as those used in the egress and topforce to mount the high cap dampers, readily available online. These same balls and small spacer section can be used at the gearbox case end to replicate the brass one piece originals if you can't find any of these (from recollection this is the only model I've seen these on, but could be wrong). All the best
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