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  1. Now sourced - thanks Jon please close.
  2. Hi all, does anyone have one one of these going spare as I’m missing one and buying a while C Sprue seems a bit OTT Based UK Ta
  3. Sorry to jump on board, but I’m curious about the M series chassis. How much are you thinking for the m03?
  4. Hi All, I nabbed this photo from here a while back to act as inspiration but now have no idea where I got it. Does anyone recognise it?
  5. The only aftermarket one I can find is the penguin RC one and they want 35usd in shipping to the UK!!! do you know of any others? ta
  6. Afternoon all, I have a broken front shock tower on my TB01 and the stock parts are somewhat thin on the ground. Does anyone know of any compatible ones that could fit? ta
  7. Funnily enough I stole your idea for it, i just love the Brat shell! Am based in the UK for the purpose of this thread cheers
  8. It’s a Lancer Evo 6 - intend to use it for Rallying on loose gravel paths I’ll start a thread for it once it’s arrived. Looking forward to getting started!
  9. Well looks like I have joined the club - just won the eBay auction. Next step, full strip down and rebuild. Any tips?
  10. I actually already have a 4WD Brat based around a TA01 / 02 mix so would pass on that shell. Thanks for the offer though ta
  11. Hi, thanks. Body shell would be nice but not essential as I am probably going to fit something a little different to it but having something to play with originally would be good.
  12. It seems I have inadvertently entered an “arms race” with my brother regarding number of Tamiyas we are buying. Next on on my list alongside the TB01 I’m after is a CC01 - ideally short wheelbase, but not overly bothered. Anyone have one they want to ship out? ta
  13. Thanks - I’m watching the eBay ones, just keeping my options open. Its a nice chassis, have wanted one for a while
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