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  1. Thank you, i found the C parts but I was hoping to just buy C4 instead of the whole parts tree. Does anyone make an aftermarket upgraded part for C4?
  2. i highlighted the part on the attached image. The "upgrights" slide through it and are held by it
  3. I am not sure actually what it's called, in other cars like Traxxas stampede, they'd call it a Caster block..
  4. Looking for part C4 for Stadium Blitzer , anyone have one they can spare? Hard finding it thanks,
  5. Check this classified : https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3342501-Brushed-Motors!!!
  6. so I have three Tamiya stock 540 motors (not pictured) and then a helion 21t 540 and a Traxxas 12t 550
  7. i have at least one new or like new tamiya stock 540 motor (used in lunchbox etc). Where are you located? Message me if you are interested. I have a few others too, but I dont remember the specs off hand, I can check tonight.
  8. Yeah the servo saver that comes with this truck is pretty terrible.. I'll look into kimbrough, thanks!
  9. my aluminum servo horn is too big. can anyone recommend a nice one that will fit?
  10. thank you. I ordered these for my lunchbox but the tires are way too narrow for it. so I am repurposing them on this truck
  11. right now I'm using the crappie stock one. I have a nice aluminum horn, I may try to use that
  12. lol. sorry. I was hoping maybe they'd fit
  13. I finished putting her back together. She looks awesome with the trencher tires and rpm wheels, if I do say so myself. she drives great except for the insane steering slop. she could probably use a new servo.
  14. I think I am going to do the same and drive it until something breaks haha
  15. does it make that same kind of rattling noise?
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