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  1. Oh no problem ! I will keep those parts a little big longer... just in case Let me know if you need help.
  2. Hey thanks for reply... I hope my english is good enough You are right, all these cars above are new and never driven (shelf Queen), but I have a lot of spares which are in good used condition. Actually I wanted to scrap some of these parts because my space for spares is limited, and then I saw your post here. If you would like to have some of these parts, please let me know, you can have some parts for free to finish your project
  3. Hi Graemevw I'm Mark from Germany and a collector of tamiya RC Cars since 1984. If I read your post correct... you are searching for a tamiya terra scorcher in good condition, am i right ? How about the Fire Dragon / Thunder Shot / Thunder Dragon which have same chassis? I have a lot of spares for such cars... Please let me know, if you need help for your project Mark
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