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  1. Anyone have any pointers or thoughts on an interior that would fit the D90 body well?
  2. Having lots of fun modding this chassis. Going to hit the trails tomorrow and see how she does.
  3. I'm in the middle of a slow CC-01 Defender build and am having an absolute blast taking my time with it. I think I'm going to enjoy building it as much as running it in my daily walks. If you do pick one up, I recommend ordering up a set of bearings as well so you can install them during the build. But beware the "mod" bug. I too started with a humble desire to have vehicle that could trundle long with me... and yet I've ended up ordering a good number of parts already. Good luck with your decision.
  4. Great thread. I love Land Rovers, even though I have a full scale one sitting in the yard that needs much love. Thanks to you all, I couldn't resist the current sale on Tower and ordered one last week... should arrive in a few days. I'm really looking forward to building and modding this one. So far a full bearing set, YR steering kit, and softer barrel springs are one route as well.
  5. Looks great... love the Red Bull theme.
  6. Very tempting! Looking forward to hearing the reviews from folks on this thread once they get their kit. I'm especially curious to know how it compares from a capability/drivability perspective from the Top Force.
  7. A timely thread! The rules for racing at my LHS suggest: "190mm maximum width. Realistic F1 front suspension. Rubber Tires with purpose made Formula 1 Rims. 21.5 or Silvercan Motor and any electronic speed control with no timing or ramping programed" I assume this means that "W? chassis are not an option. I'm actively searching for something inexpensive to start with since I'd like to see if it really is as fun as it looks before investing in a more competitive kit...
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