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  1. Actually, the Ultima Pro (3117) had 2 different versions. The first version you mentioned above and the 2nd version had an frp (I believe) main chassis (along with the frp upper deck).I had one when they first came out in the U.S. and mine didn't have the aluminum chassis. I think the flat aluminum chassis was a (partial) non U.S. thing. Not sure exactly what countries had the aluminum chassis and which had the frp chassis (other than the U.S.).
  2. It's not a Raider. the Raider is mid engine and different shock positions (pretty much a totally different car). It looks like a Kyosho Outrage or at least a car that shares most parts. The suspension arms are different from an Outrage but everything else looks the same. It's probably an offspring of the Outrage (the suspension arms have me confused). An normal Outrage has Ultima suspension arms.
  3. I know this post is reeeeeaaaally old but i thought I'd ask anyways. (I tried emailing your yahoo but it no longer exists apparently). Hopefully you still check your posts. Would you happen to have an Ultima Pro frp/graphite main chassis or an incomplete car with that chassis? Thanks.
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