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I'm not too much into running rc cars anymore but I do own one rc car currently. I used to have quite a few but sold them years ago. Below is my Turbo Ultima Pro (a Turbo Ultima in the process of being upgraded to an Ultima Pro (shelf queen quality I hope). The last part I need is an frp/graphite main chassis. I have Duratrax shocks on the front (didn't realize it until after I got them). You can see they are a different shade than the rear Kyoshos. My first high end rc was an Ultima Pro so I had to try to get another one. I chose the Turbo Ultima because it was the only reasonably priced car on ebay AND didn't take much to upgrade it to Ultima Pro specs. It won't be perfect but it will be close enough. Once this is done I might buy a newer rc vehicle to run around. Or maybe save up enough to buy a decent Ultima Pro or NIB and build it and shelf it. :)


Turbo Ultima Pro.jpg

Finally finished my Ultima Pro upgrade (below) last night (Dec. 4, 2017). It started out as a Turbo Ultima. I think the hardest part to find was the 7 slot graphite chassis (thanks to eBay). It's not perfect but close enough (eg: front shocks are Duratrax, would like to find some short Kyosho golds at some point). This was my first high end car when I was a teen. ( I forgot to put the old linkages in the left over parts pic) I might sell those parts after I find a repro body and stickers to make it like the box art.




Below are 2 rc vehicles that I used to own. I regret getting rid of them. On the left is a Schumacher Club 10 and on the right a restored Kyosho Ultima Pro XL.

ultima and schumacher 2.jpeg

Below is another vehicle i used to own. It's a JRX PRO.

JRX PRO .jpg

Below is an old drawing I did (many years ago) of the body I had on my Ultima Pro at the time. I don't remember who made it but I'm sure they're no longer in business. I would like to find another or something similar one day. Edit: I found out what this body is over on Facebook. It's a Proline Baja Bug Modified #3002.RC-buggy-transparent.jpg 

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