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  1. Well WOW... OK so I learnt some valuable lessons to day 1, My garden is not big enough 2, My age is showing thus reactions are slow to control my Mad Bull... So in conclusion the tires slipping on the rims had been masking the speed potential of the car. Glued tires and foam inserts = Lots more fun. never got the car past half throttle....
  2. Ok so i have some foam inserts thanks to Percymon on here and will glue the tires maybe even tape them. I keep looking at upgrades to front suspension but feel it is just a step to far for me, but i would like to have a go at improving the suspension at least limit some bump steer. so the first problem is try and fix the steering angle i need to crank the upright inboard by about 5mm where the steering rod connects then try and make the steering arms run more parallel to the wishbone. So will the LunchBox/Midnight Pumpkin/CW-01, 0555028/10555028 Uprights fit a madbull or is there another upright that has a cranked/dogleg upright that will fit? Many thanks (need to stop digging down )
  3. Thanks for the replies gents. Looks like parts are not easily had... (another reason for buying a 3d printer i do not need) Hmm strip for spares - repair - sell on?
  4. Hello et-all I need the power of the hive mind on this one. (newbie knowledge and google are not cutting it) Was given this 10+ years go and the first time we ran it managed to crack the front upright so assigned to the loft it went. As a chassis it feels fairly well built 4wd possibly belt drive? with old school mechanical speed controller. I think the body shell may be a red-herring as is feels cheap and flimsy for a tamiya one (sorry still assuming this could be a tamiya). And what is the possibility of getting parts for it hub/upright, bumper , front skid plate etc... Thanks
  5. Ok newbie question what is the difference between a cup/socket style vs eye/loop on a turnbuckle ends? And is thee a use case for one style over the other?
  6. Thanks ThunderDragonCy that link to the thingverse was where i was going with the addition control arm (not really dual wishbone but probably an improvement)
  7. Thanks All will order some inserts any recommendation on glue to use on the tires? just a thought its not dual wishbone solution but how about fitting an additional control arm? would i help to stiffen the lower wishbone also are there other hubs that fit the chassis with better steering angle?
  8. So a little background to set the seen. Ok so I am not a RC person per-se and could never afford a RC car in my childhood but did like to watch and dream at the local track.So (fast forward on 20 years) my children showed an interest in the RC club at school and my inner child saw an opportunity but the parent in me thought it will be a 5 min wonder then onto the next thing, but fate smiled and a friend at work mentioned he had an old RC car i could borrow to see if the kids were interested.To my joy it was a Mad bull (my all time childhood favorite) but the joy was short lived the first use children lost interest very quickly and to be honest I could not blame them. The car was slow when on grass often getting stuck and not much better on tarmac and the run time was in the minuets. I tried a different nicad and tried 7cell but nothing made much difference so to the loft it went. But the story does not end there ever so often I dust it off and have a play just to be a child for a while. Ok I know the Mad Bull will never be a great car but I love the look of it and feel like it just needs some tlc. So over the years I have made some basic upgrades:- All Ball raced, Li Pol battery, Upgraded steering to servo links, shrink wrap on the wishbones, CVA shocks and lastly 4 pole 3520KV Trackstar brushless motor and esc. For me it is a absolute bast to drive ok the steering is still poor it suffers from crazy bump steer and the geometry with respect to Ackerman? is far from ideal but this charm of the Mad Bull. But now the question is where do i go from here on the last run out i noticed the rims were spinning in the tires so should a fit foam inserts and glue the tires sorry know nothing about the pros and cons of gluing tires? Any ideas help gratefully revived
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