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  1. I'm not proud of this 'repair' to the chassis but it should do for now. Sorry about the dirt, not really got enough time to clean the thing! On the car's right side I used a side plate of a bicycle chain, bent slightly. Bolt through the front of the chassis. Drilled though the stay and put a self tapper in from the front. The plastic nut is to cover the sharp edge. On the left I drilled through the chassis and into the gearbox casing. I checked it clears the bevel gear first! It has already cracked the chassis around the hole (it's about 30y old) so I don't hold out much hope. After this, the front end feels solid enough. It's going to be temporary, at next failure I'll get a new chassis.
  2. Started a new thread as I didn't want to crash your dragon build thread. Glad to have an expert on hand. She was my pride and joy as a teenager c. 1991. Currently running a silver can with a lipo and a 1040 ESC. The suspension arms were warped after storage, but boiling them corrected it very well.
  3. She's had a hard life, but still going. To do list... try and repair front tabs on chassis Replace o rings on all dampers Install better swing arm pins Replace worn front axles Reinstate original tyres Repair or replace body Terra scorcher damper mounts front and rear. I'm looking into universal drives. Are the Tamiya df03 ones really worth £40? I also found these which I think might fit.
  4. At least new chassis seem to be available. I'm going to try something with steel plates. Had an idea about using the sides of a bicycle chain, will let you know how I get on. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the link Cy. After a bit of searching here, I came across the idea of inserting the threaded hinge pins in the reverse direction. Seems a reasonable idea and puts less stress on A5. A dab of cyano on the threads and I'll see how we get on. I'll order in the shafts anyway I think. New problem uncovered is the fractured top holes on the chassis where the front box mounts. Seems a very weak area that gets a fair load of stress. This is a vintage chassis. Any good ideas how to repair that area?
  6. Watching with interest. Need to sort out my vintage runner with hinge pins that don't back out every 2 minutes. Also prefer 2 front shocks and thinking of trying to get the terra scorcher mount for better geometry. My shocks need new seals. So much to do but so little time.
  7. Late 1980s I think. Looks like it's in working order output 9v on my meter, but don't have any NiCd battery to confirm. Free to collect from Bristol.
  8. Brand new, removed from kit. Incudes manual. £15 posted Pay Pal gift
  9. Big thanks to Futura for posting me this part gratis. What a nice person.
  10. Thanks, might do. But I have 380 motors in my box and I like to recycle!
  11. Hello, I'd like to get hold of the 380 motor mount for the DT02 Holiday Buggy. Part number H3. I want to fit a 380 in my DT03 for small children to use. Maybe someone fitted a 540 and didn't use the 380 mount? Thank for looking in your spares. Ben
  12. Cheers guys! I went and bought the A parts sprue. I found springs and damper rods in the spares box so nearly there. It can drive now but I would like to get hold of the C11 washers that support the springs under the uprights. My experience running 1990s Tamiya mini oil shocks in the GH2 resulted in broken uprights on the chassis. They might have been sticky or over -sprung/damped though. I wonder if the DT03 oil shocks might be better.
  13. Hi Doc, Thanks for the offer. I've realised the GH 1 set up is quite different to the gh2. I'll probably try and get the a and c parts online. Cheers Ben
  14. This is how the original is arranged. I can find a way to fit the more usual front shock eg from the later chassis DT range. They need next to no damping and a mild spring rate. I have the springs but missing the C11 part, and also the A2 attached to the swingarm. I'd be interested in anything really, although I have since found the DT01 front dampers at Tonys Tamiya parts if nothing secondhand surfaces. As an aside, I've got my friend to print this out for me (Thingiverse), might help fit any small shock: Thanks
  15. Any discarded items cluttering up your spares boxes after hop-ups?
  16. Hello, I'm refurbishing my 1991 Grasshopper 2 but have lost the front dampers. It's a runner, so I don't need the original part necessarily. I wondered if anyone might have some friction units to get rid of. I can surely get parts on ebay, but thought these things might be out there looking for new homes. I guess other suitable donors would be Grasshopper 1, Hornet, Rising Fighter, DT02 DT03 (non-oil) Happy to pay postage + a beer/coffee thanks for reading Ben
  17. I’m sure this is disgraceful, but I just leave the 2.4Ghz aerial loose under the shell, perhaps a little tape to prevent it getting snapped or caught somewhere. Much easier than the 27Mhz whips.
  18. Well, I was a kid at the time, and had obviously put the 540 and 7.2v battery in there...possibly even the Parma super stock.
  19. As I remember, the original grasshopper bumper snapped pretty easily. My early 90s example has an aftermarket bumper which was far better. a little off topic here, but has anyone tried fitting the grasshopper 380 motor to the dt03? I guess I’m a bit weird by wantin to go slower, not faster! But less mass and less speed = less broken stuff.
  20. I’ve found the alloy offerings that are a flashy copy of the stock bumper. Totally useless as far as I’m concerned. Agree that the hotshot bumper would be ideal. Disagree about aerodynamics though, I’d guess this is only relevant at far higher speeds than this little buggy can achieve. The DT03 bumper also serves to keep the hinge pin in place, so a replacement would need a bit of design work. Is anyone any good at CAD?
  21. Why have Tamiya (and all RC makers) stopped putting decent bumpers on their cars? I'm running a 1990 Thundershot with a lovely big bendy bumper. It helped the car survive some pretty bad treatment. My boy (6) has the Neo Fighter DT03. Running stock, although with 2s lipo. He has just broken the second chassis, on the nose where the last one went (to be honest, that time was my fault). Of course the model is "only suitable for over 14y" but he's a decent driver already and it gets me a chance to play too. I'm replacing the chassis, but wondering if there are any third party or 3D-printable bumpers out there that cover the front end better than the stock item? Is there a good way to reinforce the front end of the chassis? Thanks
  22. Hello, and thanks for such an informative post. I enjoyed reading it whilst deciding on a Neo Fighter. I've recently dug out my vintage Thundershot and Grasshopper with my 5y old boy, and we are having a great time. The GH chassis was quite damaged and eventually broke enough to justify a new car. The DT03 is superb, light years ahead of the Grasshopper. I like it as much as the TShot: great handling and plenty fast for us. I was expecting to change a few bits here and there, but so far no need. I'm running it stock with a 2000 mAh LiPo. I sanded the front edges off the output cups to help with clearance for the swing arm, fitted the cups into my drill and spun them up on some sand paper. I fitted ball bearings.The suspension springs need pre-load (with some yellow plastic collars from the late 80s) but then work amazingly well. Might fit some street tyres or just wear out the stock ones and get some new off roaders. My needs are not demanding, and this buggy did the trick more than well enough. If you fancy one, I recommend it highly. Ben
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