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  1. Hello I’m after one inner and outer rear wheel and this plastic part behind the servo saver as shown . prefer UK but will buy and where in world . thanks
  2. Does he make the plastic part I have circled also ? Thanks
  3. I have ordered the part where the steering rods bolt on but I don’t think the one shown is on shapeways ? ive got all the metal parts and yes seen it on eBay and didn’t want to pay £20 just for that old plastic part which may be split any way . thanks
  4. Yes the mating part was broke but they were on that shapeways so ordered one off there
  5. Can any one help ? Prefer to buy from UK but it’s only a tiny part so will consider any where in the world if you can help . thanks Steven
  6. Just ordered another set as was not happy fitting superglued tyres back on my M38
  7. Thank you quality on my Blazer ones are superb
  8. Hello afew months ago I bought brand new after market tyres off an eBay seller for my Blazer and now need a set for my M38 . Cant find him no more on eBay , any one have a set to sell or a link to the seller ? cheers Steven
  9. Shodog may be you should sell me the one that’s modelled on ur ex lol Surely you not want to keep her :-)
  10. Sorry not been on for abit . im not bothered using repro parts . im still looking for one :-)
  11. Can any one help , prefer an original bashed up one in need of love as not want to pay the earth . UK only cheers Steven
  12. Yes I love them too . in the summer I will run it lightly
  13. Lol ha ha years ago I put a can of Shultz body sealant on a radiator in work and forgot about it in our locker room lol well I had badword of a bollucking as it blew up and was over the ceiling and every where lol , it was stained for years until it was done out lol
  14. Or another idea would be to cut small heat shrink tube and cut like pieces off 2-3 mm and heat shrink them on at the Center point Put a dab of grease in there before screwing up and imagine they be lush :-)
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