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  1. The various Mugens I've had in the past. For nitro kits they are very easy to put together with Tamiya-like instructions and virtually bomb-proof quality.. And to be honest, anything that can stand being thrown together at the last minute and survive a full days racing the next day gets the thumbs up from me!
  2. Today I've washed the plastics of the 959, tidied up the workshop a bit, looked at the SCX10 wondering what to do to it next and ordered a FTX Ibex 1/24th scale, 4wd and 4ws
  3. There's some good stuff in here that I can relate to. I race 1/8th nitro offroad and the comments about marshalling make me wince slightly. Especially the ones about cars coming at you at chest height! I've had far too many close calls with wayward buggies and truggies but I have seen people get hurt. I also had a situation once when a car had come off the track. Just about to put it back on the track and he pinned the throttle sending it straight into my legs. Luckily I was wearing boots and Nitro motors don't have much torque so I wasn't hurt. But he was black flagged and lost his fastest time of the day. But yeah, drivers who aren't considerate of others are one of my pet hates about the track.
  4. I've managed to completely strip the 959 ready for cleaning and restoring. Those little clips holding the diff outdrives on are a sod to remove though!
  5. Finished installing the FX-10 kit onto the Lunchbox, replaced the roll bar and driveshafts on the SRB and fitted radio gear into the Escort.
  6. That looks amazing! You just need some crims to chase after now.
  7. My Dad's Sand Scorcher was the first Tamiya I saw and that was back in 1981 when I was 4. The first time I saw him run it was at a local club race and then I was hooked. It wasn't long before he bought a XR311 for us to share driving duties.
  8. Today the postman brought me this... :D This is one restoration I'm very much looking forward to!
  9. Today I've managed to complete my SRB restoration, it's quite peppy with a Sports Tuned in it! Also managed to finally install radio gear in the M-03 and started the restoration on the Super Sabre.
  10. Very jealous! I've just finished getting my 6T ready for a weekend of racing as well. They're lovely trucks, easy to work on and pretty much bomb proof!
  11. The postman was very kind to bring me this today The result of an impulse buy at 1am on a wednesday morning
  12. Yep, i'll be adding them to my showroom in the next few days I just want to tidy up the body a bit first
  13. Today i've completely managed to strip and restore my Falcon, it looks awesome now
  14. I finished converting my Dirt Thrasher into a TA01. All i need to do is stick some radio gear in it and paint the Mk1 Escort body and it'll be sorted then
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