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  1. I remember (i think correctly) Tarquini winning the BTCC in early 90's in a 155, or was it later than that? All a bit of a blur these days...
  2. Seems a shame, and perhaps a bit of a missed opportunity bearing in mind the high regard that most TRF models seem to be held in.
  3. Does anybody know if Tamiya have ever done a ReRe of a TRF buggy? If not, what do you think are the chances that they may do one in the future some time?
  4. Thanks, probably give it a go then. Was meaning to get the XLS but missed the boat on that one, so think a Procat will be next best as I doubt Schumacher will ever do a Tamiya and get into ReReRe's!
  5. Trying to decide whether to press the button on this one or wait for a (possible) Bosscat. Out of interest, was the Bosscat any easier / less frustrating a build than the XLS / Procat back in the day? Do you think this Procat will be any better than (certain parts) of the XLS build, or is pretty much identical other than rear suspension and adjustable belt tension etc? I've restored a Turbo Optima Mid and a few basic Tamiya's over the years, so I'm not a complete newb, but just a little worried the Procat may not be that enjoyable a build.
  6. So much criticism of a company (rightly so imo), yet when a new car hits the shelves, we all (well, most of us) go straight out and beg for our wallets to be emptied. For as long as that situation exists, I fear that Tamiya won't give a stuff what we all think about their cars, parts supply or their internal politics. Perhaps when fewer people are living the nostalgia dream, and they have to appeal to a wider range of punters, their models appealing on their own merits, they'll start to care more about providing a competitive model with decent aftersales support. Until then, just expect more of the same. It's the main reason I've stuck to Tamiya staples / core models thus far - Lunchie, Hornet, Blitzer - good simple, wholesome, fun rigs that don't cost the earth and for which you can easily get parts.
  7. I appreciate this is an old thread, but thought I'd ask anyway. When looking at Stadium Blitzer decals at MCI, there is an option called 'Enable Premium Colour Options', which attracts a 50% increase in price. Has anybody had any sheets from MCI with this option applied? If so, were they a noticeable improvement over standard, and do you think they were worth the premium? Thanks
  8. I was going to say, after watching various running vids of ReRe Tomahawk/Scorpions, I thought they ran great, certainly better than equivalent age (design) Tamiya 2wd buggies. Bought a Tomahawk based on these observations, though as said above front suspension setup/measuring is critical to get best performance.
  9. Just out of interest, is the DT01 gearbox like on the RF & MB much of an improvement over the gearbox in the normal GH & Hornet? If so, could you get a RF and just fit a GH or Hornet body to improve the looks a bit (personal I know!)?
  10. Yes, I'm probably not explaining myself properly here. All I can find on the TC forum site is the option to register/login for the free TC membership, like I currently am, ability to post etc on this forum. What I'm trying to find out is whereabouts on the website do I click to become a paid subscriber, which I want to do - can't see any links for this anywhere? Thanks
  11. Has anybody got any recommendations for a new clear body for a SB? Mine is tired at best, but a TBG one from Canada is over £60 delivered / VAT etc. Any other possibilities (other than a Beetle shell, which I also want)? Thanks
  12. Thanks, yes but how do you become a subscriber? Can only find reference to joining TC as a member, which I already am (obviously!).
  13. While I generally agree with you there - most FTX trucks are fragile to say the least, the Tracer is actually a badge engineered HBX 16889/90, so although like other FTX cars, it is a clone, it is a clone of one of the toughest little bashers on the market today. I have the HBX 16890 brushless version, and I have been extremely unkind to it during the 4-5 weeks I've owned it, entirely on concrete, mainly at skate parks though some kicker jumps at home, regular front/rear end landings from 5-6 feet, and apart from the wing, nothing else has broken. So I think a 6 yr old should be just fine with it.
  14. @TurnipJF Do you happen to know if LB wheels/tyres would fit straight on to a RF? Only I thought I read somewhere that LB wheels had different fitment vs the MB wheels? Or are they both 5 lug jobbies on the rear?
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