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  1. Yeah I know what you mean about pandemic pricing... A few months back a listing appeared on ebay for two Optima Mids + parts for a third, which turned out to be a TO instead. Cars are all resto cases, not sure how 'correct' they are from the pics, a lot of parts, particularly the TO ones look to have been 'modded' back in the day. 1650 GBP originally though recently reduced to 1300... I was reading an Optima Mid thread on Oople a while back where some guy was asking advice about buying an Optima Mid. The thread dated from around 2011 from memory. General consensus amongst the 'experts' was that he'd have no problem finding an OK runner for between 40-80 GBP... How times change.
  2. Don't lynch me for asking this but...does any other Tamiya buggy shells, thinking primarily Avante here, fit on the VQS / Vanquish chassis?
  3. Are you sure about the postage situation at RCJaz? It may well be different to the US, but to the UK, p&p kills any savings with RCJaz and RCMart (for kits anyway), while asiatees is not quite so bad. I was blinded by an 'amazing' price on an Avante at RCJaz a while ago and started the checkout ball rolling, only to find that postage was 106 GBP...!!! Add 20% vat and customs charges etc on the total price, and it was about the same as what some of the UK based sellers had been advertising it at before going out of stock. So you hobby shop at 340 usd may not be that far out after all.
  4. T2HR - Just realised no model memory either... may not be important to you.
  5. What about a Futaba T2HR? Looks a bit strange, but seems like a good radio by all accounts. Only problem is most places seem to be out of stock, and the RX are half the cost of the radio...
  6. Well, I'm probably alone here, and I appreciate, it's pretty unlikely, but I'd like a rere Cheetah. For no other reason than it was the first Tamiya RC I ever saw, I was about 8 yrs old when dad bought a kit back one evening and built it up. Running that thing around the back garden brings back many fond memories.
  7. Do you reckon it will come with the racing steering rack? Or is that likely to be an option still? Out of interest, does the racing rack have any other differences with standard rack other than being finished in carbon? Is it a different design, or have more bearings etc?
  8. Hi, yes I have some 2016 Optima bits already for the rebuild; rear dogbones, knuckles, and some CVD's will be ordered shortly as well as some rod ends, balls etc.
  9. Hi, thanks for reply. Tell me, is it possible that it isn't even a Optima Mid specific part? I mean could it have been an aftermarket steering assembly for another RC entirely? I'm not that clued up on steering components, and unsure if other make/model bellcranks etc may be a 'reasonable' fit? I mean I'm guessing as long as the steering posts are the same diameter, and the overall sizes are similar, then most assemblies could be made to fit? The steering link is usually threaded rod, so could be adjusted to length easily? I remember that back in the day, we used to come up with all sorts of ingenious (read cheaper!) fixes for things...
  10. When you say very fine wet & dry, do you mean circa 1200 or even finer? And would T-Cut do as a cutting polish? Thanks
  11. What the badword is that? Some sort of JDM Civic Type R Estate or poss even Accord Estate - difficult to gauge the size from those pics? Nice looking wagon whatever.
  12. thegorf

    first 4WD first run

    Your car...? Pretty car! Me likey very muchly, looks very good with the fluro 2.2's too. Are the chainlink tyres good on tarmac as well as hard packed dirt?
  13. I picked up an Optima Mid Turbo SE recently, with the intention of doing a sympathetic resto/refurb on it, and running it (gently) whenever I can. However, I think a combination of over excitement, impatience and newbie ignorance (to vintage Kyosho) may have coloured my judgement somewhat... It's fundamentally sound, based on my initial once over in the hand, but there are a few things that aren't quite right, or worse than they looked in the pics. Furthermore, on looking into things further, I realise I probably should have steered clear of the SE completely due to the ball diffs and the platinum shocks... Hey ho, in for a penny in for a pound! At least none of the shocks are leaking, and 3 of the 4 are actually pretty smooth even though I'm guessing they have been called on to provide damping duties for some while now. And the diffs appear quite smooth, with correct diff action F&R. Just not looking forward to rebuilding the ball diffs - all my other cars & trucks are gear diffs. So, just wondered if any of you seasoned Kyosho vintage guys have seen either of the following parts before? I don't recognise either, so I'm hoping to learn something here! First, there is some sort of non standard steering assembly / bell crank fitted. It's alloy, but looks old, not like a shiny new annodized part from GPM etc. And furthermore the tie rods appear to have been fitted incorrectly, above rather than below the steering link, such as the inner rod ends both sides catch slightly on the rear of the front diff case. Not sure if all will be OK when I swap them over, or whether I'll be on the hunt for an original servo saver / bell crank assembly in due course. Anybody recognise it? Is it a period hop up that's been incorrectly fitted, or does it look like a bodge of something that was never supposed to grace an Optima Mid? And the other bit is the spur gear. It's a kind of reddish/brown almost textured finish, and the teeth look a lot more like my 48dp gears on my HPI and ECX trucks than the 0.6m they're supposed to be. So, again, anyone recognise it? Should I be looking to swap back to a 74/76t 0.6m spur during the resto, or were these a period mod/upgrade? The teeth look in very good shape, and I have loads of 3.2mm/48dp pinions in my spares box, so would like to retain it if all possible. So, if anybody can help here, I'd be very grateful to learn more about these parts, or the SE model in general. Thanks.
  14. I'm guessing the chain...but it sure looks good tearing up that old dirt track!
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