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  1. I was given a ReRe Tomahawk by the wife for my birthday, and trying to decide which way to go with a motor for it. I like the look of the Le Mans 490, but wonder whether a Tamiya GT-Tuned may be a slightly faster option? Has anybody here put a GT Tuned in a Scorpion/Beetle/Tomahawk? I want to stay brushed with this build, and do have a spare 27T silver can as well as an HPI Firebolt 15T, but worried this might be a bit too much for this buggy... I also have a vintage Kyosho Krypton Krystal 14x2, but again, I feel this could be too much motor - thoughts? I don't want to start stripping gears and generally wrecking the drivetrain. I will most likely run it on 7.2v nimh. Thanks
  2. Before you bin the esc I'd try it with another BL motor, and/or try a smaller pinion (if poss on MP, not sure on that?). I have a GoolRC 3100kv in one of my 10th scale 2wd MTs, and even with an 80a Hobbywing ESC and high C lipo it still cogs a bit on start up. Doesn't actually bother me on a basher like that, would be more of an issue if finer throttle control was important to you as in racing, crawling etc, but I doubt you'd be using a cheap SL can in those scenarios anyway, so its a moot point really. Guess it all depends how bad it actually is.
  3. Well after further searching, not actually specifically on this subject (I was looking into the Xtra Speed Gold repros), I found a post by a guy who bought the ReRe red shocks for a vintage Optima, and he listed lengths as 65mm front and 92mm rear centre to centre. So, fairly similar to OG golds, which are 65mm front and 86mm rear, but quite different to OG Platinums which are 70mm/94mm. The other shocks I had in mind for a ReRe Jav are 74mm front and 85mm rear, so could be suitable with a bit of shock limiting and longer shock rod ends.
  4. Hi thanks for reply and confirming that, it is what I expected, but good to know for sure. Now I just need to find out the lengths of F&R shocks, as I have some other non Kyosho shocks in mind and want to know if they'll be suitable.
  5. To anyone with either a ReRe Jav, Opt or TO, can you please advise the centre to centre length, uncompressed of both front and back shock units? I'm guessing the gold ones on the TO are going to be similar/same as Jav/Opt red ones, just can't find any reference to this on the net anywhere. Thanks
  6. I agree with everything you say there, I think it would make a nice build at the 200-225 gbp level, but at 345, well it's nice but nowhere near that nice, IMO of course. I'd rather throw 15 quid less at a ReRe Optima. Or spend another 50-100 gbp and source a 2011 Avante.
  7. Now that I really like. When I get round to my Blitzer resto, I'd like to go Beetle shell, is that one a genuine Blitzer Beetle, a Scorcher or something third party like Kamtec?
  8. And as I said above, with postage thats 280 gbp, getting awfully close to the psychological 300 level.
  9. I'd be interested in this too, as I have an early ReRe Stadium Blitzer to restore and the tyres on it, particularly rears, are pretty much bald (and seem very thin too).
  10. If you can tolerate the slightly strange body shell, then how about a DT03 Aqroshot? Probably a little more suitable for road use due to tyres. Or a DT02 Sand Viper as mentioned above, can get them at the moment for 107 quid less ESC.
  11. So just under 280 gbp to the door (UK), useful saving over Modelsport, but to be honest, even at 280 this is a bit rich for me, I see it more in the 200 to 230 bracket.
  12. Crazy when you consider you can get a ReRe Kyosho 4WD Optima/Javelin for 40 GBP less, and I reckon most people would regard the Kyosho as the higher quality kit / build out of the box. Sad thing is, while most of us on here think the VQS is over-priced, it will still probably sell out in due course...
  13. Yep, crazy price IMO, its not even as if its a particularly high spec kit either. But then I guess I'm not the target market.
  14. I couldn't find it at 208 gbp? Tower are showing 337 usd, thats 255 gbp, but even at 208 gbp, shipping will be at least 60 gbp poss more, then you have 20% VAT and import/customs charges which can be up to 15 gbp, so even at 208, a VQS shipped to UK will stand you in around 340 gbp, pretty much what the UK sellers are charging.
  15. LOL Yeah that was my first thought too...or someone had been ripped off by Frank in a sale/trade.
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