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  1. Well, it appears Radshape do still have some chassis left! When I contacted them, I was advised they don’t have any and don’t have any plans to make any more batches. Then, within days, they are listing them on eBay! Thank you for all your replies guys, really appreciated. The Sand Scorcher will be up and running soon..pics to follow!
  2. Hi, thats odd, I did send one?? ill try again! Andy
  3. So, I rang Radshape as no response to my email. unfortunately they no longer have any of their SRB chassis in stock and there are no plans to produce them again. i have seen their chassis pop up on eBay before now so I’ll just keep looking...fingers crossed!
  4. Thank you both, really appreciated. PM on way Meakz!
  5. Hi all, Well after many years away from the hobby, I find myself with a new Sand Scorcher! I’m looking to upgrade the Scorcher to how my previous car was. So, first upgrade is either the Twinset (if any are still around!) or Radshape alloy chassis. Prefer the alloy chassis but the black anodised would be ok. Also looking for CRP shock upgrade too. I may have to go down the RC channel route if nothing available. Anyway, if anyone has anything please let me know. Many thanks.
  6. Whoops! Sorry, missed that!!!
  7. I hear there is a new Fox about to be released. Anyone heard or know anymore?
  8. I can only make the Sunday as I will be away for a few days from Monday. Only taking a couple of cars; TB01 Impreza, M01 Mini and maybe a FAV. 'Hats off' to Chris for organising the event, great job mate. Andy
  9. I think it's already sold mate, I e-mailed about it also!
  10. Hi all, Please see my trades for further info. Any questions please ask! Andy http://www.tamiyaclu...=108034&id=3371 http://www.tamiyaclu...=108013&id=3371
  11. Hi mate, Just realised, you bought it!!!! Sorry mate, it had been a long day! Glasd your chuffed with it. Speak soon.....
  12. Hi No PM Kingpin? Jeep body and wheels/tyres now sold. Thanks
  13. Please see link below. Any questions please ask! Many Thanks. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=107400
  14. Think i have some mate. I'll take a look and return to you.
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