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  1. The Go Pro body shell from Tamiya fits the M07 in it's 225mm setting very well... no need to re-drill holes. I just finished doing this one.
  2. Did a bit of reconfiguration of the set up, lost the fan and relocated the esc to the lower level, had to resolder just one plug and replace it at an angle (orange wire) also swapped sides with the receiver... some pics below... need to think about the oil used in the diff as the car is coming to a halt to quickly when the radio stick is released to neutral - it's not too sharp a stop but it would be better if the car coasted for a bit longer to make cornering easier - I have checked the pinion and spur and it's not too tight - there is no binding and I have checked the esc config and that seems in order (I have zero drag brake set) so I can only imagine that the diff oil is too thick? I used the oil that came with the kit and it was really thick! Any ideas of what oil to use carpet racing would be welcome...
  3. Hi, yes the esc will have to be relocated at the lower level, I was racing last night and had to just sort of get it on the track as it was - it ran well for a first attempt (I am a bad and old driver but did not break anything) picked up a few set up tips last night and I must get myself some additive for my tyres. It's a great car - there were quite a few M-07's wizzing around last night - great fun.
  4. Here is a shot of mine...
  5. Cheers for the battery info guys - I have ordered some from Hobbyking - will post some pics up of my M-07 soon!
  6. Really enjoying this thread... thanks for sharing. Do you or anyone have experience of using Lipo batteries in the M-07? I have just built my M-07 and I am wondering which Lipo batteries will fit - any advice or recommendations, especially web links to batteries that will definitely fit would be very welcome.
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