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  1. Many thanks for the comments. I had a lot of interest and it's now sold.
  2. Hi, Just got my hands on my Blazing Blazer (pics below) from when I was a kid. It hasn't been used in 20+ years where it's been sat in my parents garage. Needs some TLC and I haven't yet attempted to get it running. I also have the original manual. How much do people think it would be worth?, as it's not something I'm really into? Thanks
  3. Hi, Sure, let me give it a clean and i'll get some pics over to you this week. I'm based in Wiltshire.
  4. I've just got my hands on my Blazer Blazer from when I was a kid. Been sat at my parents and not used in 20 years. Needs some TLC but all parts are there. Is this something you'd be interested in?
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