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  1. finally got one...and second one. will need a few body parts but overall I am happy with the condition Willy´s brother is crippled. I will have to replace his arms asap.
  2. The aluminium parts look great. But I think they will put too much stress to other parts or joints. So I would prefer to print them.
  3. The files would be great to have! Please ask him.
  4. All Kits I bought here in Austria or ordered from Germay were sealed in shrink wrap.
  5. I may have one or two. Where are you located?
  6. great info! thanks a lot. I have a spare hornet or 2.
  7. Hello, I am looking for - motor stay for 750motor - front shocks -2 radius arms - battery holder I think shocks and radius arms may also fit from the re-re. Thanks!
  8. First Wild Willy. I already got a WW2 and wanted the original too.
  9. HI, I always wanted a Wild Willy and was offered one. What is a reasonable price for a still working runner with normal wear? Any help apppreciated. Thanks!
  10. I don`t think it will make as much sense to get one as with the bruiser. I got my Tamiya High-Lift for € 300,- from a shop not private seller. And the usually do not cost more than 400,-
  11. It arrived. Opened the box...it`s so nicely packed. Reminds me of earlier days.
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