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  1. I got one, which just sits on the trailer all the time. I may consider to sell it or maybe also do a swap, Here are some pics: .
  2. I started to build a shelf to store my cars.
  3. Looking for a DF03-Ra Chassis or complete Kit. Used or new.
  4. Soaked some old Cheetah tires in glycerol.
  5. Vienna, Austria. My first RC was a Robbe Presto, with the Suzuki body (still have it). The first Tamiya I got was the Porsche 959. I think it was 1986/87. My brother got a Marui Big Bear at that time and a friend had the Tamiya Ascona Rally. NIce memories.
  6. Yes, please tell us about the tires too!
  7. Are there any tires (hopefully rally tires) which will fit the yellow 959 rims? I noticed the hex is also way smaller than at "modern" tamiya rims. What tires can fit the original 959 rims? Which tire/wheel compo will fit the 959 after all? Thanks!
  8. Oh No. I don`t like the cuts. Glad that my Pajero has no cuts.
  9. Bought this for fun and because it was dirt cheap. I was surprised that oil-shocks, ball-bearings, tire-foam and a TEU-104BK were included.
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