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  1. or you do it like I always do.....if in doubt I get both...
  2. never driven outdoors - max is a short testrun indoors
  3. You can buy the Rock Socker from Tamico for € 219,99 atm.
  4. Tamico has them. 19803150 Tamiya AXLE GEAR SET (MB10, MB13 X2; MB11 X4) 18,99 € 19803148 CUP JOINT (MB13 X2). Tamiya CUP JOINT (MB13 X2) 10,99 € 19803149 WHEEL AXLE (MB14 X2) 9,99 € 9115480 RC R PARTS: 58660 31,99 €
  5. I really don`t know what to think about this MudMad. If I saw it out of context I would never think it was made by Tamiya. A real dissapointment for me.
  6. Thanks for all these ideas. I may try the easiest solution first and use some heat shield. Hope it works out.
  7. Hi! I am working on my MF-01X Jimny SJ30 but found out that the rear part of the body will be very, very close to the stock 540 engine. I think when the engine gets hot, that would not be good for the lexan causing it to warp or something similar bad. So my idea was to fit a smaller diameter engine. i.e. the 380. Which would also allow more runtime and make the car slower like the 1:1 ;-). Does anyone has put a 380 in the MF-01 X chassis? Any advise appreciated. Best Martin
  8. i got about 100 cars and kits stored somewhere the wife cannot find them. So don`t worry to get number 10 oder so.
  9. I got one, which just sits on the trailer all the time. I may consider to sell it or maybe also do a swap, Here are some pics: .
  10. I started to build a shelf to store my cars.
  11. Looking for a DF03-Ra Chassis or complete Kit. Used or new.
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