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  1. thank you so much!! Second time on the forum and both for wiring stupidity you guys are super stars 🎄🤩
  2. yes it’s flashing green and beeping even with the remote on and connected. Yellow to yellow but still not working.
  3. Need help. Noob builder. I have connected green (battery) to blue from the esc. Yellow from battery to yellow on motor and have also tried orange but no joy. Steering working fine. Can’t get power to motor for some reason. thank you in advance for any help!
  4. And yes I did it by the book so I had a good play with the servo before installing. In the photo I was steering left to show it worked!
  5. Omg. Thank you! For information the instructions definitely say yellow motor cable to red/orange esc. It is working. Awesomeness.
  6. Hi there, I recently purchased a Grasshopper as my first rc since I was a boy. Was thinking a bit of nostalgia and then perhaps a more modern one next. Unfortunately my confidence has taken a bit of a knocking. On building my Grasshopper I have installed the servo, receiver esc. Thought I would test it before doing anything else and the wheels will turn but they will not drive. I am not getting anything from the motor. Things I know/can see : wheels turn fine, battery is charged, receiver lights up, esc (Carson) lights up green when I press forward and backward, wires are seated correctly, there is a loose yellow wire from the esc, there is nothing plugged into the BEC port on the receiver(?), I have a brand new 540 Mabuchi motor but it is not turning or making any sound. What next please help!? Many thanks
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