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    First Timer - please help!

    And yes I did it by the book so I had a good play with the servo before installing. In the photo I was steering left to show it worked!
  2. Grasshopper123

    First Timer - please help!

    Hi there, I recently purchased a Grasshopper as my first rc since I was a boy. Was thinking a bit of nostalgia and then perhaps a more modern one next. Unfortunately my confidence has taken a bit of a knocking. On building my Grasshopper I have installed the servo, receiver esc. Thought I would test it before doing anything else and the wheels will turn but they will not drive. I am not getting anything from the motor. Things I know/can see : wheels turn fine, battery is charged, receiver lights up, esc (Carson) lights up green when I press forward and backward, wires are seated correctly, there is a loose yellow wire from the esc, there is nothing plugged into the BEC port on the receiver(?), I have a brand new 540 Mabuchi motor but it is not turning or making any sound. What next please help!? Many thanks
  3. Grasshopper123

    First Timer - please help!

    Omg. Thank you! For information the instructions definitely say yellow motor cable to red/orange esc. It is working. Awesomeness.