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  1. Baddon

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    I suspect its sniping software. I use it but it took me a while to sus out exactly how it works. You tell it what your maximum bid is (in your case £100 but better to make it say 102.11), then you forget about it. If you set it up to bid with say 5 seconds to go it will place your max as a normal ebay bid 5 seconds before the auction ends and eBay will take the minimum if needs to win from this as normal OR you get outbid. If your outbid then just bid on another. The one I use also lets me group so I can place bids on multiple similar items BUT it will ONLY let me win one, as in first winner will cancel all the others so I dont end up with more than one of what I want. The biggest advantage is that as soon as you find an item, set up the snip and forget about it. You will get a message if your outbid and also if you win.
  2. Baddon

    Madcap to SaintDragon conversion

    This was sent to me by @jonboy1 So a big thanks to John for these. i have since been able to pass on to another member @Affen I still have one left.
  3. Baddon

    Buggy tire clear out

    Bump, Bigwig rims and tires are sold. All others still available
  4. Baddon

    Guide Books 86 to 91

    @Tamiyabigstuff sent you a PM
  5. Baddon

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    My eBay experiences have been for the vast majority of buys and sells totally positive. I avoid anything that smells bad. When selling give as much detail with photos as possible and send a photo of the item as its being packaged, one all done up with name and lastly one when actually over the other side of the post office counter with the post label on it. This means they CANT depute it was posted. Most buyers seem to like this and reply with a thanks. I have struck up conversations and other sales off the grid with other collectors of the back of it and have steered some to join this very forum. I only started 2 years ago and I see a seasonal change in prices coming up to Christmas. I also have seen my own ideas on price change as I near the completion of my targeted collection (will pay more for the last few buggies than would have previously) Snipping tools (which I use myself) have lead to no real bids till the last minute of an auction. Its the same result just compacted into the last few seconds. I do like the put on your bid via the snipping service and forget. if it gets outbid I get a notification but always just let it go I left what I was happy to pay and wont go back. This means I put in a lot of cheeky snips that are WAY outbid BUT sometimes I get something at a cheeky price and its worth restoring or adding to my collection. Now Gumtree......thats a totally different ball game. Full of cons and scams - have contacted so many sellers and reported the same as very quickly smell sooooooo bad. No come back at all.
  6. My first Tamiya, a 2nd hand boomerang was lent to a school friend while we still at school. When I got back into Tamiya about 2 years ago I contact him through our mums who are still friends and like me is a hoarder. I had his old blackfoot and he had my old Boomerang, so a swap was organised and about 30 years later my old boomerang returned to me. its my profile picture. The returned Boomerang was in better condition that I remember with a new basher shell and a shock upgrade. It olny needed a few bits and a new shell and it was ready for the display case. I still need to fully rebuild it BUT not bad for a 30 plus returned car. My Thundershot and Pumpkin never left me so all I had to do was get them working again.
  7. Baddon

    Madcap to SaintDragon conversion

    A fellow TC member 3d Printed body mounts for me (thanks very much) He printed two with no holes in and then 2 with holes and sent all to me at that exceptionally good price of Good will. SO I used one with holes, I then drilled the two with out holes and managed to break the coner of one of them as I leaned to heavy!!!! SORRY. So long story short I have two of these going begging if anyone needs em let me know. If in Uk will post for the same price I got them. If further afield will just need to check post price. Now I just need to get round to painting and decals to finish it off so people stop asking "whats that one"
  8. Baddon

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    I put solar panels up about 6 years ago while there was still a decent grant and the buy back was reasonable. I reckon its all paid of now. BUT only because of the grant that gets me about £850 a year. We use the excess to heat the house water so for about 5-6 moths a year use no oil at all (out in the sticks so we are oil fired rather than gas) This has actually reduced our oil consumption by at least half as even in winter we have some energy into the hot water system their by reducing the oil we use all year. Would I pay for it now with no grant.....only if I had about 5K to spare as thats the modern cost. Cost has went down BUT so has the KW of panels you can put up. The reason is so many have them the grid cant really cope with the reverse supply. Some areas (typically rural) as farmers and their family's were quick to realise a decent investment turnaround and also due to rural people largely being owner occupiers. When we installed ours we did it as a family, mine, my brother and my father to help us get a better install price from the same installer. I would love a windmill but moved a decent distance from the house and a not so substantial one as to cause to much noise, the ones that rotate horizontally may be better for noise??? but are seen less frequently. They take up more room but are also not as tall. Again as I live in the sticks this may some day be possible. I recycle all that I reasonably can. We reuse and buy mostly 2nd hand (partly due to budget I admit) So I am instilling the same ethos in the kids. Bring on all forms of renewable as quickly as possible so we can keep the oil coming for longer as some things as yet cant be done practically any other way.
  9. Baddon

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    anyone any tips for name style cards, something low profile but so the name and date can be displayed for each buggy in a display?
  10. DONT let the kids loose with the Vintage restores, quick way to break them again. Happened with my Midnight Pumpkin (still not got the Pumpkin fixed) and Thundershot. Get a more modern buggy for them to learn with- I got 2 Madbulls that were virtually indestructible before upgrading to Traxxas bashers. We have 3 Stampedes now as they go anywhere and a lot tougher and faster than Tamiya's. But restore and enjoy the vintage ones gently or looking at them.... Oh and I was were you were about 2 and a half years ago. Its an addiction (hobby) for most of us.
  11. Baddon

    How has the hobby affected your relationships?

    Luckily my good lady who pre dates my re take up in RC is of a mind what ever makes you happy and apart from an occasional roll of the eyes at the amount of space I am taking up on the dining table has never uttered a -ve word. She was good enough to help me with the display cases as they were my Christmas pressie. We are both trikes so not considered main stream either.
  12. Baddon

    Recommended kit

    A lot of the answer depends on where you want to run it. I have always used 4Wd or big wheels as we run off road, parks gravel, BMX tracks etc. BUT if your running mostly on flat then 4Wd or big wheels are a waste. So where you intending to run it (oh and you will need 2,,one for him and one for you!!)
  13. Baddon

    Decal oopsie

  14. just as hard to find but Super Sabre will also fit and colour match. Other option would be to buy re-re Boomernag ones and paint them if your totally beat? Oh and Welcome to TC