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  1. strange as I know people group the Striker and SF together as Marmite, never liked the Striker while I always liked the SF, @taffer nice job on yours.
  2. I also dont have a cave. I have a few different areas for Hobby and home work... Double Garage - trikes housed Wood shed - for drying, cutting and storing timber and a few hobby bits and bobs (its for wood made of vented tin and is a lean to on side of the garage. I have 2 display cabanits in the main area of the house just to side of the dinner table, with a large table and shelves upstairs where I mostly work on the buggies when i dont take over the dinning table for a build. As was running out of room I then built the "fun shed" (kids named it!!) to store the caravan, the jetski, all the family bikes, and other boys toys. So as you can see the model/buggy is only one of many hobbies, hence I go quiet in the summer months as off doing things outside with larger engines mostly.
  3. If I was closer in terms of location (I am near Belfast so that big puddle gets in the way) would love to build one up just for bashing and come and join in. Good luck and looking forward to the photos
  4. Here is my list as far as I can remember:- Saint dragon- TBG body to paint and add the MCI decals, rest of it is done Vanquish - TBG body to paint and add MCI decals and a full strip and rebuild. Also add the correct tires which I have now sourced. Fire Dragon - change wheels and tires to originals, same for Thunder Dragaon and Thundershot then they are all finished as all had a full rebuild My old Boomerang needs a nut and bolt strip, clean and rebuild (no parts needed as I did a very basic sort last year, will add a better set of wheels and tires though) Midnight pumpkin (another of my old cars) needs a better condition original shell as mine is ........ed as let middle son play with it. Also needs some steering parts Oh and I want a Wild WIlly (2 most likely as will not pay price for an original) and an Astute. Then I will have no display space left.........unless I put up another case!!!
  5. Sorry been off here for a bit with summer other hobbies take over for a few months. Its an Ikea Detlolf with extra shelves to double the number of cars. I have two of them strapped together with the joining walls removed so the buggies fit it. Hope this helps. You can buy the additional shelf mounts off ebay as quite a few people 3D print them. I saved a search on Gumtree and picked up four of them locally for less than one new one.
  6. Wing looks well, glade to see it put to good use.
  7. I made some battery retainers for the kids ones from spares that are flip/pivot to open, so faster to change battery.
  8. WOW, HS2 and a SWB WW are both hard to come by unless your pockets are deeper than mine. Well done. BUT now what......you will make some excuse that its a bargain and then your off again with a new set of targets! been there and done that. My collection has been com pleated twice now!
  9. Not sure if the Manta are same as the ones I have as they are off the older 4WD buggies, they suffered madly from bump steer and I understand this part is one of the reasons. I also have a new parts tree part B from the Super Hot Shot.
  10. where are you? I have at least one pair of those new still on the parts tree. From both a HotShot and a SuperShot re-re
  11. look very like the seatbelts from the SuperShot, BUT it had a standard paring photo in the guide books (BUT the car was from the rear in the body off photo-- normally they are both facing forward) is that what you mean???
  12. Baddon


    +1 on MCI, If its not on his website email him. Nathaneal is VERY helpful and will do what ever you want/need. He created a sheet of helmet decals for me when I asked - I think its now available on his website. Will also do just the parts of a sheet to change a re-re sheet to a classic sheet if you ask. He is also related to TBG (do the lexen bodies for most Tamiya and other main brands) which is also based in Canada. They take decent holidays and if you contact him just as he is leaving you may have to wait 3 weeks on a response.
  13. Thank you. Better photo of the lower half of SHOT series buggies. From bottom: re-re Hotshot never run re-re Supershot never run with MCI classic decals Vintage Hotshot II, lightly used- Came from a TC user from France. My own 1st Tamiya my 2nd hand Boomerang with new shell (waiting on full rebuild) and new driver ready to install. The upper half is re-re Bigwig never run with MCI classic decals. My take on the Winger on a vintage Boomerang lightly used Super Sabre restored (bought in about 3 lots of eBay as very hard to come by) My Vanquish. Used with new wheels. I have correct tires and a new shell with driver to add when I get round to rebuilding this one. Came from a collector in Germany. The other side of the collection cabinets has the Thunder Shot series buggies. All with new bodies, some all fully nut and bolt restored some still needing work. I have new tires for them and chassis cover and drivers all still to do & add. The Thundershot is my original first build Tamiya and was the first to get a restore as well. As such it was the poorest done....ie restored to runner without the cleaning (no sonic cleaner at the time) and did not bother to rebuild the shocks, change the bearings in the gearboxes ( I now have bulk bought the two common bearings used in these cars and have loads of them so tend to change them all on the way back out on a rebuild) I have re-re tires and wheels to go on this BUT I do intend to leave the front suspension as I ran it back in the day. It has most of the Terra upgrades available, cept the top wishbones which I found fiddle and weaker with more slack than the solid plastic ones. This is what I set out to collect, just these 4...... I also have a MadCap in Shelf Queen condition, a Saintdragon I built from a lightly used Madcap and parts sourced from here and eBay. and my old Pumpkin in need of a body as its so mashed and a Lunchbox to keep it company.
  14. Finally finished the decals on the Super Shot and corrected the order of the 4WD buggies.
  15. Finally finished my Super Shot (its a re-re with MCI SuperShot decals), its been left with no decals for months now.
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