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  1. another vote for TBG with MCI decals thats whats on mine.
  2. BAD IDEA, I did what your thinking off with my vintage Midnight Pumpkin, Busted in about 5 minutes. Vintage plastics are NOT up to the hurting a child will inflict as they learn. My son ran it into the corner of my garage and broke the steering. I also FULLY restored my own Thundershot and after a massive roll, had to do it all again as I did some serious harm. If you want to bash (or get a child to learn) then get a re-re or a newer model (even 2nd hand) as this will have modern plastics that are not as easy to break. Also get a buggy that the parts are easily available. All the vintage stuff is great for nostalgia, looking at and GENTLE running.Otherwise you risk breaking it and having to get parts that are NOT easy to find. I find the newer buggies have no soul BUT they are much more robust. I tried a TT02-B in place of my Thundershot and WOW but BLAGH.....so now run a Traxxas Stampede as its hard to beat some massive air at a BMX track and wheelies all over the place.
  3. Madbull is a great one for kids, basically a grasshopper with big wheels, Both my youngest learnt with them and apart from steering which can be easily sorted nothing really goes wrong. Kids love the big wheels, they are a simple build /maintain and are great on rougher ground. normal wheels will struggle on all but the shortest grass. The lunchbox etc fall over a lot.....gets tiring after a bit. Upgrade the steering, change the pogo sticks to shocks and stick in a sport tuned as they get better and the fun lasts for years. My little lady still uses her's, while the 2 boys are on Traxxas Stampedes now. We have 5 bashers in the family fleet. I also started with a thundershot as my first kit back in the day and still have it and my Pumpkin. ( look up my thread on 4Wd collection) to see a bit more and where I am now from where you are, just 2-3 more years under my belt. Just what ever you get, enjoy them, keep fixing them and charging the batteries and get out the kids (little and large!!!0 will love them.
  4. Any of the Thundershot family (Thundershot, ThunderDragon, Fire Dragon and Terra Scorcher) are basically the same car with a few small differences MOSTLY the body, with exception of the Terra Scorcher which has all the differences mentions By Cy above. As he says parts that are unique to the Terra are a nightmare to find, hence the premium for the Terra in the family. I just sold one, think it was about £100 as it had ALL the Terra bits but it was welllllll used.
  5. I would agree its a Saab 900 and is possibly a Kamtec body if based in UK?
  6. Yes, they defo help, esp at things like shocks, as a clean yellow shock is the quick way to see if a car has been detailed properly.
  7. Welcome, I too got back into RC after the kids started to want to play with some of my old stuff (Mini Z) so then had me look out my Tamiya, then restored my Thundershot after watching some uTube stuff from Glenn Barkley (Tamiya Legands) and finding this forum. I then contacted a mate from school who I had swapped my old Boomerang for his Blackfoot and we swapped back, so my old Boomerang came back to me...... Then started restoring my own three and then adding a model here and there till I have 18 on display and 2 as part of the family fleet of bashers. The big change is the batteries......charge in 1 hr and run for 20+min of full power....and thats just NiMh. Then there is Lipo and brushless, OMG, the power that you can get if your hungry and able enough!
  8. I am UK based whats out there please?
  9. I have a very strong notion of getting one of these, BUT it appears I have missed the boat as they are not available. So if anyone has a lightly used one i am UK based.
  10. Finish and detail all the buggies I have and see if I can find that one buggy I want to fill the last gap in my display cabinet.
  11. Vanquish, got one early last year and have been slowly ( v....v.....slowly) restoring to book art.
  12. This is my new to me (litle used with new tires and rims all round) I added period servo, receiver, Sport Tuned motor and mounted wheels and tires. I now need to do the body, undertray and decals. Is the red the same as the firedragon?
  13. You know what, I only seen the photos on the phone and in the flesh its soooooooooo like new its unreal. HAPPY, HAPPY man. I am sitting here downloading the instruction so I can finish it off (wheels and tires mounted, wing mount (had to get 4 screws......from my spares box) now to fit a Sport tuned motor and a servo, then I will have to start on a body, undertray and.........oh thats it!! Anyone got an Avante they be happy to part with in similar condition...... a 2011
  14. Well this is really getting out of hand.... I have now added a WW2 to my Pumpkin & LB I have also managed to track down an Astute to add to my MadCap and Saintdragon (not painted as yet....decals look a nightmare which if I am honest it why I have not painted as yet) This will leave exactly ONE space in my display cases if I have the 3 wheelie trucks along the top....... SO I may give in and try and find an Avante, a 2011 is the most likely. JUST so there is no empty shelves. For no other reason.....at least its 4WD!! Honest.....
  15. and here is the car as it arrived. It was well packed.
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