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  1. Baddon

    How do you clean your yellow shocks?

    Cheat and strip them and then put them in the dishwasher. I use an ultraSonic cleaner with fairy Liquid, then finish with a tooth brush.
  2. I run Traxxxas these days as I found they break less, especially if there are 3 in close space and 2 drove by kids.......Tamiya's REALLY don't like head on's. I am not aiming to simply fill the display cases. I am attempting to display the Tamiya old school buggies I have. As a lot of you also find its a bit of an addiction and as we are in a position to afford it we do so. HOW MANY of you had the guide book as a kid and it was very well used with pages falling out and knew every single spec from all the ones we were even vaguely interested in? I also did this on Mountain bikes, then Motor Bikes and Then cars and Trikes. As we are in a position to now have MANY Tamiya cars in a relatively short period of time we do. ITs like letting that child from our youth free and if we still get a kick from it....then why not. As a bonus my kids all love the display and constantly change their mind as to what they deem to be their favourite.
  3. Its Ireland -UV exposure behind glass in a darker corner...... while it rains and we have the fire running in front room! Appreciate your idea and concern though and love the logic!!
  4. Baddon

    My Vanquish restore

    Added new wheels. Also a body is in the works for Box art with repo decals. Also intend to change tyres to correct pin spikes as well.
  5. Good lady is laughing at me as I try to justify (while being skint!!) buying another for my case. Just bought a HotShot re-re still in its box with just the body done (double win as thats the bit I dislike while I get to build it, the bit I like) Now I need a HotShot 2 (to complete the full set of 4WD from 1st to Fire Dragon) OH and 2 more shelves for the display case. I am DOOMED......DOOMED Of course I also had to order the decals from the Original as well.
  6. Good luck. Always fancied a Monster Beetle but just bought a HOTSHOT.
  7. Baddon

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Just bought and paid for a re-re Hotshot.....appears my 4WD collection will start with a HotSHot ( I will decal as original) **** need another shelf in display make that 2 shelves and a HotShot 2....
  8. Baddon

    Madcap to SaintDragon conversion

    Realised I have no way to attach the rear of the Saint Dragon body to the Madcap rear suspension tower. Looked up on Tamiya Base the instructions and I need this Has anyone either got this item:- 4035017 Kit part is listed as BP7 OR got a link to the like of shapeways or similar where I can order a printed version? It is only for a display model BUT would still prefer to actually fix/pin it in place properly. I am not precious about all being proper vintage so more than happy with a printed version. Thanks in advance. UK based.
  9. Has anyone either got this item 4035017 Kit part is listed as BP7 OR got a link to the like of shapeways or similar where I can order a printed version? It is only for a display model BUT would still prefer to actually pin it in place properly. Thanks in advance. UK based.
  10. Baddon

    Project clear out (UK)

    replied to your PM, thanks.
  11. Baddon

    King Cab Restoration

    Its finding those hidden gems that have not been listed correctly. I just picked up 4 front Madcap hens teeth from what i can understand. Listed as Super Gripper. There were others after them but obviously none as keen as me. They have still to arrive so still not sure of their actual condition! Look forward to seeing another King Cab restored to its full Glory. (Tires are the difficult bit if you want to go full original) I think I read somewhere the Blitzer Beetle ones fit and look pretty good on it as well.
  12. Baddon

    Madcap to SaintDragon conversion

    here it is sitting on my ThunderDragon The font body mount is the Thunder Dragon (forward) and would possibly sit better if you used the Terra Scorcher one (straight up)
  13. Baddon

    Madcap to SaintDragon conversion

    So with purchase of a dremel type tool to help me get those awkward front cut outs for the shock towers done a lot easier I have moved on and done the following:- Cleaned and fitted the red shocks. Added new rear tires Finished trimming the body Last night I also ordered the new MCI decals so sort of not much I can do till they arrive as need the window mask to paint the body.
  14. got this and finished the saint Dragon today, got those hard to reach front cut outs for the shock towers a lot tidier and with less effort than previously. Also quite good for tidying up body mount holes ( WITH EXTREME care!!) I was using on its slowest speed setting and it was fine but reasonable care is still needed.
  15. Baddon

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    My new multi speed Draper multi tool to see if it helps me get to those awkward to reach with scissors parts of the shells I have to do (Saint Dragon and Vanquish)