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  1. RC Kicks and Tamiya Legands
  2. @ThunderDragonCy has you all covered. With more development on this chassis than any other your in knowledgeable hands
  3. was it the 8.4V gold pack for the BigWig
  4. That roll bar is clever, does it do what its supposed to? The original tires come and go so quickly. I got 3 sets for my TS family as most are on something different. For running it its hard to beat the Ovals blocks for grip and wear.
  5. Tamiya instructions are generally great and the gearboxs of MOST buggies bulletproof.
  6. there should be a servo reverse function on the transmitter, just flick it and all will be right with your steering.
  7. ideally want to take a lot of that out, can you use washers?
  8. It wont mess up your kit as the front and rear ends are swappable, so you can try it both ways. If you only have one drive gearbox go rear wheel drive. We had 3 in the basher fleet at one point all RWD. There are SO....many upgrades that help these buggies. Mine had alloy higher shock towers with piggy back gas shocks, Larger wheels, Brushless power but still of NiMh. went great and drifted on gravel or dust so beautifully. Jumped well and was controllable in the air due to the large tires. I LOVED hitting a BMX track with it.
  9. It was a battered Madcap, that turned into a mint madcap, a very tidy Saint Dragon and a never ran Astute. I did add a lunchbox and a WW2 as well. Where will it end??
  10. Great starter buggy, rugged, go most places with the bigger tires, take em to a BMX track. Just do the steering mod as it will wear and start to jam.
  11. Great fun go anywhere kit, Go custom, its your buggy there are no RULES! As mention above the steering mod is the only one left you will want to do. We had three of these for the kids, 2 have moved on and the little lady still has her Pink with a Barbie's head. One oddity, the front wheels go a bit wobbly in reverse. And welcome to the slippery slope...
  12. lol, no worries, you know we all have a few bags of bits? I forgot I had a bag of suspension stuff in a jiffy bag in a drawer. Guess what was in there....lol
  13. Update - Manta Ray to Dirt Thrasher I have replaced the front gearbox casings, the front suspension tower, the front bumper, added a back bumper, battery retainer. I also fixed the front lower spring retainer on one of the front shocks (put one in were a stack of washers were) Added a TBG body with MCI decals for a Dirt Thrasher (NOT a fan of the Manta looks) Vanquish - removed wheels and put on a new set of supper gripper pin spikes. Give the plastic parts that stick out of the body a gentle rub with a wet wipe. Put on the TBG body with MCI decals. Here it is now. I also discovered I I have 2 full set of tires for the Thudershot family of buggies. So a bit more to do. Also the mini buggy boxes need done.
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