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  1. Thundershot at a guess back 87 or 88. AND I still have it..... Midnight Pumpkin in about 89 and I still have it then a huge gap till...... Restored my old Thundershot and then I was off again. 2 Nr Bush Devil 2 (one for me and one for the eldest lad for Christmas 2017) Bigwig re-re in 2018 done with vintage repo decals Super Hot Shot re-re 2018 done with vintage repo decals HotShot re re in 2019 Think thats it.
  2. hows about a pink Madbull with dolls head and the good lady dries an ambulance for St Johns so her WT-01 is in the middle of the family fleet pic (have since changed the other 3 cars to Traxxas Stampedes.
  3. Super HS is getting hard to find and a lot more expensive.
  4. go to u Tube and do a search on Boomerang (same car with diferent colour higllights -reds become blue and a different shell) Here is 2 options for you, Glenn from Tamiya Legands does a 3 part restoration. and Gavin from RC kicks does a 2 part restore Both these guys are Tamiya nuts who are a few years ahead of you and me...great way to spend time catching up on your old buggies, ones you wanted or ones you now want.
  5. Another fan of the series as the Thunder Shot was my first Tamiya kit (had a 2nd hand boomerang for a few months first) I did a full restore on it and then trashed it first time out (put in modern power & motor which made it insane and proceeded to wreck it, so fixed it and shelved it, started collecting them at this point)
  6. Terra Scorcher for exactly as @Saito2 said. Its a big step forward eliminating most of the accepted issues from the Hot Shot chassis, BUT you need the A5 brace or similar. If you dont need the ground clearance a more modern 4WD will leave it for dead. If your after the nostalgia, pick the one you love the look of most as you will forgive its shortfalls for the smile factor you get. I fully restored my Old Thundershot, put modern electics, motor and battery in it and ripped off corners, tires, broke chassis all on hte first run. So vintage stuff just not up to modern expectations. As long as your expectations are realistic then pick what you want to play with most and enjoy. Spare are available for all your options so bash em, break em and fix em. (to this end the Thunder series is easier to fix) Defo the Terra upgrades from the original Thunder Shot make it the best option for use (Esp the bearings and front UJ shafts) I did ALL the upgrades to my Thundershot back in the day as they became available. Even making my own front shock tower for lager front shocks that I had in spares.
  7. Me and the kids were on the front door step, BUT as we are out in the sticks I think I heard one other wooping as no one would hear clapping. Still we were there, not so dramatic when its just the three of us..
  8. @topforcein a new A parts was £11 posted so its now ordered. Cheers for the offer though.
  9. Bought a mangled Manta Ray for the missing slot, BUT cant face doing as a Manta as I REALLY dont like the body, while the Dirt Thrasher is rather fetching so I have the following to do Manta to Dirt Thrasher (TBG body and MCI decals have arrived) also need an A5 as the front shock tower wont stay fixed even for a display model. I have a set of pin spikes that used to be on my Thunder Dragon which now has correct wheels and tires added. Astute (TBG body and MCI decals have arrived) and need to add a motor Saint Dragon (TBG body already cut out and MCI decals to add) Vanquish - (TBG body and MCI decals to return to box art) Also have a set of original pin spike tires to add. My old Boomerang needs a full tear down and clean/rebuild with checking bearings on way. Sounds like I have lots to do if we have to self quarantine.
  10. @topforcein its for a display model only. I never thought to look up what the part would cost, so will have a check on Tony Tamiya parts.
  11. While the debate raged on this topic, three of us quietly got in touch with each other and placed an order with both TBG and also with MCI and had all posted to one of us, it was then repacked and sent on to the two others. So savings:- Group larger order allowed us to negotiate a decent price reduction. Also two of our orders were not of high enough value to have attracted the free post from MCI so again group buying saved here. 1/3 of all group post (customs fee was incurred but split according to value) With value of posting each of the three orders and the handling fee applied to custom charge I reckon we all saved a reasonable amount. The local leg was £11 split 3 ways so no big shake there. So for those who may do this again in the future it may be worth ignoring the bulk of what ended up posted in this thread for the cost savings. I now have 3 bodes in need of trimming, 4 in need of paint and decals. So my (assuming its coming) enforced quarantine will at least give me a chance to complete the bodies of my remaining Tamiya's which will fill all the slots in my display cases. One of the bodies is for an Astute that I would NEVER have paid going rates for a vintage body/wing/undertray. The car was expensive enough without them but was in little to barely used condition and included original tires still not fitted to original rims. One for a Vanquish to return it to box art- mine is currently blue One for a Saint Dragon - again never would pay the going rate for a vintage as mine is a madcap converted by buying red pogo's and a fellow forum member supplied 3D printed rear body mount. Lastly was for a Manta Ray (sorry but REALLY don't like the look of these) that I will re-body as a Dirt Thrasher. My display had already 7 new TBG bodies (Boomerang, Winger, Super Sabre, Thundershot, ThunderDragon, Fire Dragon, & Terra Scorcher) in it already so as you see I have NO issue with non Tamiya parts. TBG & MCI has enabled me to return what in most cases were tired, different or battered bodies to catalogue (well with my limited talents as near as I can) condition. 3 of my others are re-re, only 2 are vintage and thats due to the fact they arrived to me in really good condition - Both sourced on this forum from fellow TC members (Hotshot 2 and Madcap)
  12. Not in the least jealous..........honest
  13. @Jonboy1, you from Belfast? I understand that happened to a kid from a local school here.
  14. I never really thought about the HS2, I had slowley picked up most of the HS series buggies, some vintage like my own Boomerang and a Super Sabre, some re re like the BigWig, HS & Super HS. Added a re-bodied Boomerang as a Winger and suddenly the only car missing in the family series was a HS2. So started a search and a fellow TC offered me a good condition one at a reasonable price and my family series was completed.
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