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  1. Ignore this bottom bit cant remove it. Sorry.
  2. yes , way to easy. must try harder to make them a bit more obscure
  3. I have 2 fleets, one bashers. I livein the country, enjoy bashing the heck out of my RC's with jumps, obstacles at speed. Unfortunately, after spending time and money restoring my old Thundershot I soon discovered Tamiya is not up to modern standards in terms of toughness and had to rebuild it again. BUT for me the pleasure gained from my Tamiya shelfers is not diminished as its about the nostalgia while I get a thrill of using from my Traxxas. With more spare money than BITD I have continued to add to my Tamiya shelfers, all on display next to the dinner table in our open plan hall, As such they are seen every day by anyone in the house. Still make me smile and the kids constantly tell me which one is their favorite. At the end of the day its what makes you smile and what you enjoy doing with your spare time (again about making you smile) Never worry about what others are up to, waste of time, effort and it sill certainly not make you smile if it upsets you.
  4. @ThunderDragonCy where did you get the chassic cover (need 4!!)
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