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  1. Any advise on collector sites to offer them for sale?
  2. Built my re re last Christmas and loved the styling. It and the SuperShot are my favorite of the re-re's
  3. I was in the same boat till I started my collection (4WD buggies from my first car the Boomerang till the end of the Thundershot family) but then I had a few shelf spaces to fill and added a BigWig and SuperShot re re as just love them both and were out of my league back in the day. Then had to get a HS re re and suddenly I only needed the Super Sabre and HS2 to make the entire family.....and then I added the Winger as in black its just well you tell me?
  4. updated with more info and a picture
  5. Anyone on here collect technic? My Son has about 20 sets and wants to sell them. He has the following NOTE- all are built with no bits missing BUT unboxed, All built into their main model with exception of Bulldozer but we have spare parts needed for it. Container truck (blue one) 8052 from 2010 no instructions Mobile Crane 8053 from 2010 no instructions Quad Bike (orange) 9392 from 2012 with instructions Logging Truck 9397 from 2012 with instructions Mini Backhoe Loader from 2012 with instructions Excavator 42006 from 2013 with instructions Moto Cross Bike 42007 from 2013 with instructions Construction Crew 42023 from 2014 - this is a 3 model set with instructions Container lorry (yellow skip one) 42024 from 2014 with instructions Desert Racer (green dragster) 42027 from 2014 with instructions Bulldozer 42028 from 2014 with instructions currently in B model but we have spare parts to make the dozer and could rebuild to original if wanted There is one other we dont have instructions for that I cant find model number for a medium size red racer. Also two of the models have the Power block?? with motors, currently fitted to the logging truck and the blue container truck. If anyone interested let me know before they go on EvilBay. Obviously he is looking as much as possible, have checked them on EBay so have a reasonable idea what they are going for. Thought I would try here first (OR if any of you know a better collector site to offer them on?) We are UK based. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  6. Just my personal wish list, no idea as to what goes on at Tamiya HQ Vanquish (so I can actually build and run one as soooooooo wanted to as a kid) Astute - as above and it would complete the set as I have the MadCap and SaintDragon a 959 on a better chassis so we can run them! How about a WIld Willy or even a WW2?
  7. Built both recently, I prefere the upgraded DNA for the SuperHotShot, BUT if you have to build one to run get a Boomerang as the open tub is soooooo much easier to work on and the steering is not just as bad. OR go to the next generation and any of the Thundershot family as its even more sorted straight from the box. Parts for all are easy enough to get as there have been multiple re-re in both families. Mine are a mix of my own vintage buggies (ones with obvious mods) re-re new builds (HS1, SS, BigWig) and vintage finds with some restore work. Did my own Thundershot to blast but after rolling it and undoing a lot of my work I now shelf them and just collect them for the nostalgia and blast with Traxxas
  8. no fear gents, no scrapping, just looking to trade up, will sell this on evilbay if I can find something a bit tidier
  9. I run NiMh as we have a family fleet of bashers. As such i want fast easy changes as the 3 littles all run to me to change their batteries. Madbull's (was 2 in fleet now just 1) have been modified so they have a simple over center flip to retain battery. They are actually front shock mounts from Thundershot series. WT-01 (used to be 3 now only 1) no mods as work ok Traxxas Stampede's now 3 in fleet all had to be modified so I can change the battery with ONLY......removing 1 R clip, I have on all 3 trucks extra R clips in the body posts so WHEN I loose one at a battery change it does not interrupt play. SO for me I want a fast change with a reliable retainer IDEALLY with nothing to remove that is easily lost.... JUST realised if I use a cable tie on the traxxas battery R clip I can stop loosing them.. back in 5 min!
  10. LOVE the Max Max Blitzer Beetle.
  11. washed ready for paint with masks installed then below is after the first coat of paint (did same colour as the Fire Dragon) Then ready for decals to start going on cut out and ready to apply and done
  12. @Problemchild yes I did use the MCI window masks.....let me see if I still have the photos. I did about 7 bodies over the Christmas holidays and took loads of photos, here it is yes there is a rear window in the window mask.
  13. For the ultimate in mods to this chassis see @ThunderDragonCy as he has taken the evolution of this to the extreme.
  14. It was Autoglym....let me look it up Autoglym tire dressing and leave that permanent wet look on them.
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