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  1. Colmac, you will not believe the differences modern electrics and a motor and decent NiMh can make, JUST be very careful it may so fast the first time you take it out will also wreck it. LiPo are even faster and lighter so make the acceleration just unreal. I fully restored my vintage Thundershot and totalled it first time out, had to totally rebuild again and its now a shelf queen. Old plastic and modern power is a bad combo if you want to have fun.
  2. Personally, a restored car is a thing of beautiful nostalgia, dont matter where the parts came from. Enjoy the buggy for what it is. Value only matters if you wish to sell..
  3. Firstly the Traxxas (have 3 2nd hand Stampede's in the family fleet as bashers) is not a kit, its a RTR that you ONLY work on if upgrading or fixing. Its not a kit you build and its not particularly easy to work on. BUT its as robust as. Brill for bashing and bashing. Tamiya trucks will not handle anything like the Traxxas. I replaced Tamiya bashers that did not handle particularly well, did not do well jumping, rolling or crashing with the 3 Stampede's which are just BRILL fun. Fast, handle well, jump fabulously, and crash with impunity. The two lads actually ran head first into each others trucks at full chat on 8.4V with 550 motors........both trucks spun away and then drove off, nout broken.
  4. sorry been so busy, but this is the vanquish now.
  5. Thanks, lost my RC mo jo so have done nothing for about 6 months or more. keep debating welling then someone will come to the house and chat about them and it keeps me from parting with them.
  6. Ignore this bottom bit cant remove it. Sorry.
  7. yes , way to easy. must try harder to make them a bit more obscure
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