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  1. I put a wanted add on here and had two responses. I now have 4 new bodies to finish my collection (so far!)
  2. Its interesting AND frustrating. I picked a BigWig up for a good price just before they started to head up again in price. SuperHotShot and HotShot both picked up 2nd hand from others (yet to be built but with bodies done, luckily that's the bit I like to do to do and the bit I dont like done) I picked up a clean Vanquish about a year before the shock re-re (which I would not have paid the asking price on as my vintage was expensive enough OR so I thought) but as I now have all the buggies I was hankering after AND filled all my display case space I have sort of lost my mo-jo........for now. I know a lot of people say it comes and goes in cycles - as such i am reluctant to sell of anything other than spares i have that I know I will not need. I know from some hard lessons that Tamiya vintage models are NOT to be bashed the same way a modern buggy can. As a speed and jump freak they will just get destroyed. As such they are to be enjoyed for what they are, a link to my childhood that I spent hours pouring over the Tamiya Guide Books, and videos at the
  3. +1, started mine on 2nd hand Madbulls. Painted the little ladies pink with a barbi head. Also added a bit of hose pipe behind trigger at the start to limit throttle. they are great at a BMX track or just in the park or garden. They are REALLY robust. I just repainted the shell its not a new one. Got a sheet of stick on vinyl to add some go faster stripes.
  4. got the bodies done by outsourcing as I realised I would NEVER get to them as hated the last batch I did so much. Bough the buggy to fill the last space and body done as above, just need to repair the buggy ( I have the parts I hope I dont need anything else) and then its just small items (except for my old boomerang which needs a total tear down and rebuild and clean)
  5. SHOULD have done the TunderDragon......then they would have re done all 4 in the family. Makes no odds to me as I have all 4 already (with TBG bodies though)
  6. About the start of lockdown (in UK and Ireland) I offered to build a stable for the good lady so she could rescue a couple of mini Shetland ponies. OH BOY..........I have just yesterday finished sheeting Part 1 (cant do part two till a tree that is in it is cut down which as I want to use the timber as fire wood sooner rather than next decade I need to wait on the leaves dropping off - any week now as some are already down) Shortly after this we took on some hospital urgent contracts so my free time disappeared and my feet have not touched the ground since......... I reckon this stable project is well over 300 hrs of my time and about 80 hrs for my eldest lad who is only with me every other weekend. (not exactly what a teenager wants to do at his dads I can tell you!!!) Cost is WAYYYYYYY over my original idea and I still have another 2 bays to do........... I would add photos BUT turns out my flicker needs upgrading. RC - whats an RC????? Oh I know its something I look at in a display case as I have not got near our family fleet due to a stable!! Holidays away in the caravan to de stress.........2 weekends, one at good ladies parents and one to a mates house. ALL and I do mean ALLLL other weekends taken up by that **** stable. Jetski - out about 3-4 times over the summer as guess what I was doing with my free weekends? OH and went to take it out Sunday about 3 weeks back and started it up and it revved up high and would not stop..........so after pulling kill cord, nope still running, then the spark plugs......seriously its still running.......then the fuel line and FINALLY it runs to a stop. Have I just cooked my engine? so its in with a man that knows at the minute and I am expecting a bill that will be sever hundred AT LEAST. Mentally I am knackered, physically I am knackered. BUT the stable looks good and I do get a warm glow every time I look at it --now I dont have to work on it every free minute I have! Opps spoke to soon, it still needs doors, electric and a water drinker! As to my display collection. I realised I was not going to do the last 4 bodies as its the part I hate about the build process (cutting painting and decals just a torture for me and more difficult as eyes are not what they used to be) so I put an add on here and sent them off to someone who likes doing the part that i don't! they are now all done and should be winging their way back to be added to their chassis. I just have one knackered Manta ray to tart up ready for its Dirt Thrasher body. I also have a small list of to do's to leave each buggy finished but in reality unless I get a lot more free time it will likely get nout done till Christmas holidays. anyone else?
  7. I have TBG bodies with MCI decals on over half my collection (including ALL the Thundershot family)
  8. not sure which is rarer, My used vintage Vanquish is reasonable condition (all working no broken parts as I can tell - I have new re re tires on it. Or my unused Astute but no body ( I have a TBG one being sorted at the minute to give it a finished feel. Those are original NEVER run tires.
  9. not to my eye. BUT we are all individuals and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  10. A lot of QD's (Quick Drive) are advertised without being specifically noted as QD's. - bit disingenuous or lack of knowledge. As mentioned they were a smaller more toy version and are collectors items in their own right, so if i were you I would advertise it for what it is and then get yourself a re re (re-release) Pumpkin Beware as most of us know Tamiya vintage is a slippery slope and most of us are a lot further down it....... See you near the bottom.
  11. +1, Had a family fleet of bashers made up of 2 Madbulls and 3Nr 2WD WT-01. As we kept wrecking the WT-01's we have changed 2 of them and one of the Madbulls to Traxxas Stampedes. NOT indestructible but soooooo much more robust esp with more power and speed.
  12. Sorted, shells away to have the magic added.
  13. It was my sons wanting to play with my old RC cars (Kyosho mini Z first then the Tamiya's) The mini Z were more recent and worked with no parts needed (but very limited indoors) The Tamiya buggies all needed a few parts and to my absolute amazement were all still available. A few google searches later and a look at Glenn Barkleys display cases (on his utube videos) and I was like a kid in a sweet shop OR to be more accurate I was transported back to those days spent looking at the cars and watching the Videos in the Model Shop in Belfast. First I fixed up my old Pumpkin, then my old Thundershot and got in touch with an old school friend who had my old Boomerang to see if he still had it and it was suddenly winging its way back to me. He has his own collection with a Wild Willy a 959!!! and a few others including his old cars. Then with a few more £££ available than as a teenager my collection started!!! As did the family fleet of bashers - all Tamiya to start with. I now have two display cases (same as Glenn did/does) and they are filled with the buggies I wanted as a kid. Each person collects what they want (mostly what they wanted as a kid with some changes accounting for changes in taste or style) and makes them feel good. Sometimes we go through a flat spot where we loose interest until something draws us back in again....
  14. Is there anyone on here who is so in love with the body work that they would consider doing 4 for me? I have 4 TBG bodies with MCI decals to finish my collection for now. All wanted in Box art and I have paint for most if not all. Saint dragon (already cut out and mounted badly - rear body mount hole is a little on large side) Astute inc undertray - my pristine one came with no body work at all. Vanquish (mine is wrong colour and I do love it in black) and lastly a Dirt thrasher (love the body on this and NOT a fan of the Manta Ray which I should have to complete the 4WD buggy side of my collection but just cant bring myself to do one) I suspect when I check I will not have enough red of white left for these all so some additional paint may be needed. The decals are all here as are the bodies. If wanted I can do a very quick rough cut out to allow me to find the mounting holes and do them so there is no danger or damaging a finished body with my poor finishing skills. anyone interested drop me a PM. I would expect to pay for all costs and also some fee for the work. While you may love doing it for yourself doing it for another is not the same thing. I am not in any particular hurry so months not weeks would be fine as well. Thanks in advance.
  15. The last time I did bodies I binged I think 6 Boomerang, Bigwig, Winger, Thundershot, Thunder Dragon, Fire Dragon, Terra Scorcher (nope 7.......) over a Christmas holiday. The cutting I had done over the previous month the painting was ok, BUT the decals.........I did one a day after the first two nearly made me blind. So unfortunately with human nature to avoid what we dont like, I have now collected 4 more to do. Saint dragon, Astute inc undertray, Vanquish and a Dirt Thrasher. This will complete my display cases (for now) and as I have lost my Tamiya mojo (most due to these bodies needing done) suspect it will see things stop for a while till the bug bits me again.
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