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  1. Baddon

    Thunder Dragon info

    Most of mine still need work, Thundershot needs cleaned up.....shocks stripped and re-built and the chassis cover and drive painted and installed. Correct tires and rims fitted. Thunderdragon - chassis cover and driver again, wheels and tires again... FireDragon - Wheels, tires and chassis cover, some over painting cleaned up. Terra - chassis cover and over spray sorted out. I have stalled in all things Tamiya (cept for browsing eBay....)
  2. Baddon

    Thunder Dragon info

    I started same place as you did only my old Thundershot was first up, then a Terra Scorcher and a Fire Dragon and lastly a Thunder Dragon. but then it started to get out of hand as added all the 4WD buggies prior to them as well. Most of my shells are TBG and all the decals on them are MCI
  3. Baddon

    A little love for Parma

    I have a couple of there motors as well from way back when.
  4. would love a re re vanquish
  5. That (and the buggy) look so smart. Can I ask is that the Avante driver? Was considering (once I get all my other bits done.....!!!!) putting one in my Vanquish (you know once I actually get round to doing the body!!)
  6. Baddon

    Does anyone recognise this motor?

    going rate for old brushed motors unless its a Technigold is £5-10. I am on a FB group that collects em as I have about 5 old brushed hop up motors including 2 Demon ones.
  7. Baddon

    Does anyone recognise this motor?

    I think I actually have one of those, came in something I bought
  8. Baddon

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    not done anything Tamiya related in ages but with rain suspending summer activities I started to decal the Super Hot shot (as a Super Shot of course) did the driver, rear wing and shock tower. Just the main body to do. Boy oh boy does red and black on silver look good.
  9. Baddon

    Hilux monster racer motor

    Lucky Boy
  10. Baddon

    When a car sneaks up on your affections

    All the ones I dident own back in the day that i now do.....esp the Super Sabre which I did not rate back then as it was released at the same time as the Thundershot which was just so much better as it was the NEW generation in its a sneaking favourite, hard to find and my own was bought in about 5 different auctions.
  11. Baddon

    WT01 Big wheel project - problems

    Servo mounting screws were always working loose on ours.
  12. Baddon

    WT01 Big wheel project - problems

    This also happens to my good ladies WT-01, never happened on our other two. I assumed it was due to a slight buckle in something.
  13. Vanquish will be coming soon...........we hope
  14. Baddon

    New member

    Welcome to the top of the slippery slope....see you near the bottom.
  15. Baddon

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    I suspect its sniping software. I use it but it took me a while to sus out exactly how it works. You tell it what your maximum bid is (in your case £100 but better to make it say 102.11), then you forget about it. If you set it up to bid with say 5 seconds to go it will place your max as a normal ebay bid 5 seconds before the auction ends and eBay will take the minimum if needs to win from this as normal OR you get outbid. If your outbid then just bid on another. The one I use also lets me group so I can place bids on multiple similar items BUT it will ONLY let me win one, as in first winner will cancel all the others so I dont end up with more than one of what I want. The biggest advantage is that as soon as you find an item, set up the snip and forget about it. You will get a message if your outbid and also if you win.