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About Me

I got a second hand Boomerang as a teenager for a Birthday present, Then got a NIB Thunderhot, heavily modded it and still have it along with a Midnight Pumpkin again modded. Raced the Thundershot with a few school friends (have recently bought and restored their buggies as well as my own) Then got a Traxxass T Max a few years later but was never great with the nitro mix and found it a pain to get running correctly. Still have it as well....(sold now to fund my Tamiya addiction) Then in my mid 20's started racing Kyosho Mini Z F1's then Mini Z touring cars (still have them as well). Got into trikes and never looked back till this week (Nov 2017)....now in my 40's and two boys are looking at my RC cars and started playing with mini Z kits.....


I know the Tamiya kits are WAY more fun so went on Gumtree and bought a Neo Scorcher, ordered 2 new batteries and a ballrace set.....here we go again I think......

Little did I realise how addictive this hobby can be. less than 6 months later and I have added

Terra Scorcher (needed a refurb which I am part way through)

A Terra Scorcher in lots of bits and no body, a fire dragon body - most parts I need to rebuild ordered so TBC as a FireDragon.

I/We (the family) now also have 3 monster WT-01 trucks (one converted to an retro ambulance for the good lady as she is a St John driver and all round ambulance nut. Also 2 Madbulls for the littles, so five trucks in all.

So must get rid of the Neo Scorcher as its now of Zero interest and having stolen the radio gear, motor, ESC its also stripped to a roller.

I have also set up my "hobby desk & storage/display area" at the top of the stairs where the kids know if they cant find me in the living room I will be working on RC cars......

Move on a year and I want to know is there a meeting for addicts? I now have about 20 cars, some to build a lot to restore and a few to strip and sell parts to help fun other projects.....like really when will I have the time to actually do that?? I have got to my original target of all the 4WD buggies that I want for my display and just need to get them all finished and sort out a display for them as well.

6 months later and there is now a display case with 3 full nut and bolt rebuilds and a new build BigWig. 8 new body shells and 4 more buggies.

scorcher avatar.jpg

new hobby area.jpeg


More updates

Added a Madcap (ended up with three so converting on to a Saint Dragon to keep the Madcap company) Added a re-re Hotshot, Super HotShot and after some effort a Hotshot2 from another TC member. Also added a lunchbox to add to my Pumpkin as cant have it on its own.....best things come in pairs after all! I now have all the tires, wheels and bodies to finish this collection off. I just need to get em done.



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