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  1. when the car has no input it may do random things, you need to ALWAYS turn the car off first (switch OR better yet unplug battery - then turn of the controller. The older radio gear is not great and a modern 2.4 set will be 30-40
  2. so basically I am after E parts tree - this should be same as for Manta Ray, Terra Conquer and a single D1 which should be common to a load of buggies. Anyone have a rumage in parts bins in Uk who can help me please?
  3. ok so will have to play with what i have to see if i can get the angle correct. Its WAY to flat now.
  4. wonder whos that is......lol, put it in the display case last night and have to say first time I have been unhappy with MCI. On the whole ( I have at least 10 buggies with MCI decals Boomerang Bigwig to change from a re-re to vintage Hotshot re-re to vintage Superhot shot to change to SuperShot Super Sabre All 4 of the Thundershot family (thundershot, Thunder Dragon, Terra Scorcher &Fire Dragon) Saint Dragon & Astute. Vanquish and this Dirt Thrasher. Also some specific helmet decals he did for me. On the whole he lets people like me who are not purists look at a tidier version of our old beat up buggies without trying to find vintage originals. Keep up the great work Nathaniel. An oddity I have come across is that both him and the TBG crew family seem to just disappear for weeks at a time.
  5. 1st up BIN the tranny and get a modern one (under £40 for a decent one have a look at Absima - may be worth changing to a wheel if you can manage it its worth it) and a modern speed controller. No interreference, more range more precision, more power and fully controllable. I may have the front suspension part you need drop me a PM (to remind me as kids in bed so cant go up and look now) and will have a look in my parts bin/store. These( Super Sabre) are now rare and not been re-released YOU may want to consider buying a used re-re boomerang etc and restore yours as the older plastic is not up to what we tend to do today (esp if you give it to the kids as they will find a tree or kerb to re design the buggy) This is exactly what happened to my Midnight Pumpkin and Thundershot, both are now on shelves along with about 18 others that have joined them..........welcome to the slippery slope. I have since done several builds with my sons now and we have a fleet of bashers.
  6. So an update ( I have been insanely busy with work and building a stable well 3 actually and a hay loft in an existing building- hay loft finished at last but I am a stable and a half done - but thats a whole diff build thread!!!!) Astute Calling that done, this is a NEVER used buggy that was missing the shell so its had a TBG body added with MCI decals. The wheels and tires were still in the packet!! Saint Dragon DONE - found a set of barely used tires (it was another Madcap that i converted after finding the red pogo's on evilbayand a 3d printed rear body mount from a member on here) Vanquish still need to add the now painted TBG body Boomerang unchanged from above Busted Manta Ray front gearbox and suspension tower rebuild and new body added and its now on display but needs the following if anyone uk based can help: rear bumper - 1 Nr front spring bottom carrier for a shock, Battery retainer for Motor side and correct wing mount for a Dirt Thrasher? Lastly I got about 12 of the mini boxes to display with the bugies BUT they are time consuming and eye straining (least thats my excuse for only having done one of them. They do look sooooooooo goood though. Here is my Madcap with its mini Box. If anyone is interested they are from a guy in the UK and his selection has increased massivly. They are supposed to be mini versions of the full size so I believe they differ in size like the real ones - not checked as I have only made one up as yet. i
  7. now after doing the B parts I have noticed a few other things not quite right So I am in need off the following used in reasonable condition is fine. UK based. rear bumper as my buggy does not have one and with 3 crew holes I assume there should be one? E5 A front shock bottom spring retainer (the black bit that seats the bottom of the spring) D1 Correct wing mount for a Dirt Thrasher as the Manta one leaves it looking WRONG, way to flat with no tilt. E3 Battery retainer for motor side of the buggy. E11
  8. I used to use a WT-01 but now its a Traxxas Stampede....wow
  9. Super Sabre Hotshot 2 Thunder Dragon Madcap Astute
  10. Yes, it let me restore both my Midnight Pumpkin for the boys and my Thunder Shot for myself and as you all know its a slippery slop..........23 buggies later!!
  11. We (me and 2 lads) have 3 2wd Stampedes. all picked up 2nd hand they are great reliable go pretty much anywhere bashers. Great fun on a BMX track.
  12. Started with Tayio Jet Hopper then a 2nd hand Boomerang, a NIB thundershot and then a Pumpkin. Then got a Traxxas T Maxx a few years later as was FED up with short battery life.... NITRO was a total pain and barely ran at all BUT that truck was awsome. Raced Mini Z about 10 years later for a few years. Fast Forward another 10 years and the boys started asking about my old buggies and mini Z and could they use them and when I looked realised I could still get parts for the Tamiya's due to the Re-re and I was off again. I now have over 20 vintage or re-re Tamiya with a family fleet of Bashers made up of mostly Traxxas monster trucks.
  13. Without which you would not have found this though?
  14. you want a fast charger that lets you do two packs at once. That is programmable and charges all the main types of batteries so its future proofed for LiPo and LiFi. Modern NiMh packs want to be fast charged in 1Hr, with a twin/dual charger you can do 2 packs at once. I have 2 kids as well so we charge up about 6-8 packs in a morning or evening then go bashing.
  15. Sami, hello and welcome to the slippery slope that is vintage Tamiya. I started out to restore my old 3 buggies (Boomerang, Thundershot and Midnight Pumpkin) and now have a collection of over 20 on display. For modern batteries go for NiMh, they last about 15-20 minutes for a Tamiya buggy. Also get some modern electronics as they have better range and virtually NO interference. A simple no nonsense electronic speed controller will also be a must if your going to use them regularly. On your profile if you add what part of the world your from (useful when buying and selling)
  16. My blue Rewaco RF1 has a 1600 ford Zetec matched to a Ford fiesta Zetec 5 speed gearbox. (its mid engined) so better centre of gravity and lower as well. Its sort of the sports car of trikes. On a smooth twisty road this is jus the best thing on three. Think of it like an BMW M3 The yellow Boom Muscle has a 1600 Ford Duratec gearbox mated to a VW 4 speed box. Its rear engined and needs to have ballast added to the front to counter this. So its heavier. The suspension is an older setup BUT its also more rolley in the corners. BUT on a bumpy poor road or just out for a cruise this is my preferred ride. Think of it like an old Jag. No to towing caravan, but yes to towing (both our trikes have tow bars) we tow the Jetski or the trailer tent. Towing capacity is low so you need to be careful. very noticeable on increasing breaking distances.
  17. In UK, you NOW need a bike licence (but not if you have like me been riding one and have insurance continuity) You dont legally need a helmet OR a seatbelt unless your going into other countries. IF like ours its a three seater the passenger's (if not in line with the rider) must wear seatbelts. There are 2 very different types of trikes - bike based which can be very heavy to steer IF not set up correctly (so be careful of home builds) also most wont have reverse. Car based - if production (not home build) they can be very expensive, are easier to handle as they are very well set up and easy to steer and change gear. They do have reverse. The modern ones are just a joy to ride. There is a third type -much less common in the reverse trike (hammerhead) these are interesting to ride. The one huge advantage is you CANT forget what width is behind you. A few things to note - All but the Rewaco have the gearstick on the side of the chassis, so you cant see the lever and have to learn and memorise the gear box pattern. I learned on a VW trike and then moved to a Rewaco so can easily ride both. On all the common trikes (wider at rear) you HAVE to learn the width of the trike so you dont hit things with the back end. So pick a wide road with cats eyes and gullies and move slowly to one side till you feel or hear the cats eyes/gullys. Till you have it comfortably keep the front wheel in the centre of your lane. They attract a LOT of attention. So they are not for the shy. Join a group of trikers and get them to let you see their trikes till you find what you like/suits you. Also get them to help you find a suitable trike so you dont get a lemon OR pay a silly price. (see it all the time a new member joins our group and says look what I got !!!!!!!!!) Your never to old IF you have decent vision, co-ordination and reasonable strength. We have an over 80 year old and 2 years ago a lady joined and got a trike as her present to herself for her 50th. (Family bought her a sportscar when she asked for a trike.....she sold it and we helped her to get her first and 2nd trike) If in doubt ask (PM me with any questions) Where are you based? Go for it.
  18. Triker ( 2 family 3 seater trikes so we can all get out together.) also have a trailer tent as we can head away for the weekend. The blue one is my Third trike and the Yellow one is my good ladies 2nd trike. Jetski'ing with tow behind toys to keep kids entertained. (its an oldie but a goodie) Caravaning with family
  19. I put a wanted add on here and had two responses. I now have 4 new bodies to finish my collection (so far!)
  20. Its interesting AND frustrating. I picked a BigWig up for a good price just before they started to head up again in price. SuperHotShot and HotShot both picked up 2nd hand from others (yet to be built but with bodies done, luckily that's the bit I like to do to do and the bit I dont like done) I picked up a clean Vanquish about a year before the shock re-re (which I would not have paid the asking price on as my vintage was expensive enough OR so I thought) but as I now have all the buggies I was hankering after AND filled all my display case space I have sort of lost my mo-jo........for now. I know a lot of people say it comes and goes in cycles - as such i am reluctant to sell of anything other than spares i have that I know I will not need. I know from some hard lessons that Tamiya vintage models are NOT to be bashed the same way a modern buggy can. As a speed and jump freak they will just get destroyed. As such they are to be enjoyed for what they are, a link to my childhood that I spent hours pouring over the Tamiya Guide Books, and videos at the
  21. +1, started mine on 2nd hand Madbulls. Painted the little ladies pink with a barbi head. Also added a bit of hose pipe behind trigger at the start to limit throttle. they are great at a BMX track or just in the park or garden. They are REALLY robust. I just repainted the shell its not a new one. Got a sheet of stick on vinyl to add some go faster stripes.
  22. got the bodies done by outsourcing as I realised I would NEVER get to them as hated the last batch I did so much. Bough the buggy to fill the last space and body done as above, just need to repair the buggy ( I have the parts I hope I dont need anything else) and then its just small items (except for my old boomerang which needs a total tear down and rebuild and clean)
  23. SHOULD have done the TunderDragon......then they would have re done all 4 in the family. Makes no odds to me as I have all 4 already (with TBG bodies though)
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