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    So, What Have You Done Today?

    +1 on the Stampede
  2. New only used on a Display model:- Egress set of 4 tires only(2 wide 2 narrow) currently on my Display vanquish but have just bought the correct old school spikes Also a set of 4 wide version suit a Avante etc but on Boomerang style rims, currently on my Display Thunder Dragon (again sourced correct tires) can sell tires only in pairs if wanted. Set of 4 WD tries and rims star dish type not sure of name with mini spike tires, Currently on my Fire Dragon will be changed to originals now I have them. Vintage BigWig wheels with tires (tyres are very good barely used, still soft, no cracks. Rims have a odd scuff ) Oval blocks in various condition, suit Boomerang, SS etc with and without rims. UK based seller. If you need any of these drop me a PM.
  3. BUMP-Anyone a link to a 3d printed part?
  4. Has anyone either got this item 4035017 Kit part is listed as BP7 OR got a link to the like of shapeways or similar where I can order a printed version? It is only for a display model BUT would still prefer to actually pin it in place properly. Thanks in advance. UK based.
  5. UK based, I have two instruction booklets for the MadCap. 1 is A condition (barely used and paper in very tidy condition), other is B+ The photos below are from the B+ as am listing on eBay this evening.(used with a small mark on cover but page is not torn) I am UK based. B+ for £4 plus P & P and PayPal fees if G & S (happy to use F&F) as long as UK based and a regular forum poster. A condition is £8 plus P & P and PayPal fees if G & S (happy to use F&F) as long as UK based and a regular forum poster. I also have two boxes, would let one go. One is A+ condition. Other is very tidy but faded/yellowed. Cost on PM. Can get you photos if needed. Mark is just above the front shock towers on the bottom half of the front page. Mark is not through page BUT can be seen on the inside front page.
  6. I have picked up loads of bits to do my MadCap and Saint Dragon and now they are done I have loads left so if any of this of use let me know. UK based:- 2 boxes-- Both SOLD 1 Instruction booklet SOLD New on part tree (loads try me)- quick change gear box cover, front shock tower, rear shock tower, front shock mount, LOADS MORE. - ALL SOLD Used but still in decent order plastic parts. Rear wheels and a new in packet set of rear tires. SOLD Lightly used front wheels and tires. SOLD Full buggy used with a red/orange shell in decent operational condition. SOLD PM with me with anything you need or want.
  7. Tires now all gone, most of the new parts as well. Only the used but serviceable parts left if you need anything let me know.
  8. Baddon

    HotShot 2

    Anyone got a Hotshot 2 in really tidy condition OR one with no body? Not intrested in Box, instructions or RC gear/speed controller. Based in UK Thanks, Andrew
  9. I have found a buggy I want to complete my 4WD Historic collection (for Now!!!) and the guy has a very tidy example BUT no PayPal and wants a bank transfer. Seems genuine but not willing to gamble £200 on it. Is there anyone near that area that could do me the MASSIVE favour of going and collecting it and I will pay them to post it to me? I can pay him with bank transfere once I know its real (though he has sent me the photos I asked for so I have no doubt he has it. Its just the no back up thats scares the ........out of me) He is on the Tamiya Legands page on FaceBook and have about 5 other buggies for sale. Thanks in advance, Andrew (Belfast)
  10. Butler, appreciate the offer, will contact seller to see if he is about at lunch time. If so will come back to you by PM.
  11. Baddon

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Madcap as I have just bought a load and now have on the shelf a MINT MadCap & a VERY tide Saint Dragon.... Anyone needs any bits for either let me know as I have ended up with TONS of spares.
  12. Thats a really tidy WildOne....with it being vintage it should be worth a decent amount, a re-re of the same car will be more robust if using with a littler one as its sure to get a prang or four. My son wrecked my vintage Midnight Pumpkin, drove it into the corner of the garage......needs more parts to fix that its now worth!!!
  13. Baddon

    Random boxart thoughts again

    used to love going into the local model shop to see the boxes stacked with top one showing a full frontal.....there were two in Belfast and next door to each other as well. spent hours wondering between the two on my rare visits as a kid. Also the old videos playing on loops in windows of both....SO wanted the Vanquish or at least the Bigwig. Oh and the Guide book thumbed till it fell apart!!! Now I have most of what I watched/looked at in a display case beside me as I type this.....ALWAYS makes me grin looking at it.
  14. Will need to have to get them out, will send you a photo tomorrow.
  15. How about A team livery, Mr T would definitely approve as the more wheels the better.
  16. Just back from our first weekend away this year in the caravan. GOOD family time and knackered. Its like a mini holiday every time out.
  17. Baddon

    Vanquish Body Alternatives

    TBG eBay shop is closed BUT their new web site should be opening shortly. In the mean time you can contact them using the link on the MCI site. Link attached. Its where I got most of my bodies (TBG) and decals from MCI. including for my Vanquish which I still have to do. I have a SuperShot and HotShot and a Saint Dragon to finish first though.....
  18. Baddon

    Project clear out (UK)

    Thanks for my HotShot, arrived, VERY well packaged and love that I get to build it and dont have to do the body!!
  19. As some of you know I am collection the 4WD buggies from my youth.From Boomerang to Terra Scorcher. Well at least I was till this popped up locally on GumTree for a good price. Told myself I was buying no more buggies till I had the ones I have finished. You know that lie we tell ourselves and the boss. It came with a box instructions and loads of bits and bobs, in full running order as it was raced. Ok so its not got the right wheels, or tires, the body is BRUSH painted inside and OUT!!!!!!! badly round the decals. BUT it was only £60 and came with Hi Caps and 2 Tamtec cars with it. The Tamtecs are already with a new owner, the wheels, original blue shocks and near bald tires and body are on their way and the money from the Tamtech's paid for for the car and the bits so its basically free.....This hobby pays for its self!!!!!! OH the lies we tell ourselves and our other half's. NO MORE until I have finished all the work on the ones I have. UNTIL that MUST have bargain comes up cause you secretly really fancy a (oh lets be honest anything Tamiya that looks good - **** thats just about most of the back catalogue!!!!!) It started with- I do LOVE the look of the MadCap and the Astute so if they ever came up at the right money.....And a Nissan King CAB, oh and a monster beetle, a lunch box (OK all the monster trucks really) maybe a FROG or a FOX as well BUT only at the right price.......honest!! **** who invented eBay you have a lot to answer for. SO what have you bought cause you found it at the right price rather than went looking specifically for it. Show us how you found it and how it finished up (basher or display)
  20. Baddon

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Collected from work most of the Soldering kit to enable me to put new connectors on 2 ESC that I have put into the boys traxxaas bashers so they can run the 8.4V NiMh rather than just the Tamiya 7.2 packs.
  21. Bump, will eBay if no takers. UK based.
  22. I have a brand new never run set of Egress tyres on my Vanquish that I want a set of Pin Spikes aka original. they came on the Vanquish & Supershot and were a hop up (still are) UK based anyone interested in a swap OR do you have a set of Pin Spikes in decent order not needed?
  23. Look what the postman brought me today...courtsey of @blakeatron.....This is an idea kit for me as the bit I dont like doing (The body) is already expertly done. So I get to build it and when I do -I just add the finished body.......YOOOOOOO Also arrived are the Decals for my Siant Dragon and SuperShot as well as a set for the Hotshot so I can make the shell match the original rather than the re-re.