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  1. Oh ok great news , thank you for all the help , took facebook 41 comments to come up with the conclusion it wasn’t a re-release i will get some better photos and put it on my showroom this week.
  2. Thank you for your help , i do have more photos to post of it but they are above the 4.88mb limit , the thing that confuses me is the bar code on the side of the box near the date stamp that reads “tamiya ©1984” but apprently they are not supposed to have a barcode , it is an english version though not sure if that makes the difference. I paid £65 posted for the grasshopper and acoms remote bnib , in my opinion it was worth it. I will take another look at it but i am a bit stuck at the moment. thanks - James
  3. Hello , i recently purchased this tamiya grasshopper nib kit , i believe it is not a re - release but lots of people on facebook have been telling me otherwise , what is this ? Thanks for your help
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